Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wow. I Have A Big Dog

That sounds like a resounding DUH coming from a Great Dane owner but surprisingly I tend to forget that sometimes. LOL

Yeah, I know he's big.
(He has "Great" in his breed name after all. :-D)
I realize he's a giant breed.
and I know he is NOT a lap puppy......
even if he thinks he is.

He can reach the counters and sinks without tip-toeing.
I can pet him on the head or back without bending over.
He can take up my entire couch.
and he can easily scale a 4ft fence.

But occasionally it dawns on me how big he is:

When I see him around a large breed dog (that I used to think were big dogs),
he towers over them.

When he sits beside me on the couch, I see he's taller than me.

He comes in the bedroom and his head is even with the mattress
(and *I* have to climb in bed it's so tall LOL).

And then I think:

He is NOT a lap puppy
and having 100+ pounds sitting on you is NOT comfy, let me tell you.

He can counter surf and drink from the sinks without so much as a paw lift. (That means anything you don't want him getting is placed either in cabinets or on top of the fridge LOL.)

He's so tall that I can reach his back without moving.

He's so big he hogs the whole couch.

He jumps my fence with ease when spooked.


I don't just have a big dog, I have a GIANT dog.

And guess what?

I want another. :-D

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ Weally Wio?


Rather fitting for a Wordless Wednesday as I truly have no words.

How is this even remotely comfortable Rio? You have a good portion of the backseat you could lay on but you insist on twisting and contorting yourself into the most uncomfortable position imaginable.

Weally Rio?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

McKayla Stories

I know all Moms have stories about their kids. Funny stories. Sweet stories. Awwww stories.

I thought I'd bore you with a few McKayla stories ☺:

1). One of McKayla's favorite places to eat is Fazoli's. If you don't have one near you, it's a nice Italian fast food chain with a twist. They bring your food to you on REAL dishes, with real silverware and have the most amazing garlic bread.

Anyway, we were eating there one afternoon and McKayla was chowing down on her spaghetti with meat sauce, when she came across a small piece of tomato. She asked what it was and when we told her, she promptly spit out "Yuck! I HATE tomatoes."

We started laughing and then informed her that her spaghetti sauce was made with tomatoes.

She slowly set her fork down. Slowly leaned back in her chair. Then said "You're blowing my mind, man!" with the calmest look on her face. She then shook her head and resumed eating.

2). She went through this faze were she was adamant that she never actually went to sleep at night but instead was awake all night, every night.

When I questioned her about it, this is what she informed me;

"I haven't slept since I was 3 but even tho I don't sleep, I still grow taller and taller. So even tho I LOOK 5, I'm still really only 3."

If that was the case, I'd look a lot younger too! ROFL

3). We went out to a new restaurant one night. It's one of those that has all kinds of things hanging on the walls, similar to Cracker Barrel.

This particular restaurant had a Caribou head mounted on the wall. When McKayla saw it she said "Aww. Bless his heart!".

Can you tell we live in the South and she hears that a lot? LOL

4). While playing in her room one day, she yelled "Daddy" but I thought she'd called me, so I answered her. There was a bit of a pause, then she yelled "Well, ok. I actually called for Daddy but that works."

5). According to McKayla;

God built the world first. Then He made the trees and plants. Then He made construction workers so they could build our houses and stores and stuff.

Makes sense. How else would we have all these things? LOL

6). In a case of misunderstanding, Daddy and McKayla were discussing places up North that get a lot of snow. John was pointing out the different states and when he got to New Hampshire, McKayla pipes up and said "Oh! That's where all the houses are made with new hamsters!"

Wait. What?! Well ok then dear. LOL

7). John called me a shorty one day (it's true, I do good to reach 5'2" LOL). McKayla heard him, smacked him and then informed him "No. Mommy is NOT short, she's medium! I'm short, Mommy is medium and you're big."

Haha. I can handle being called medium. LOL 

She's a pistol, that's for sure. She's constantly saying off the wall things that just have us rolling. Maybe she'll be an entertainer? ☺

Friday, March 20, 2015

Furry Friday ~ Cold and Wet Kitties

When I let Rio out yesterday morning, Peaches and Cameo bolted out the door too. It's been nice, spring weather the last few days but they didn't see the weather report before heading outside: wet, rainy and cold.

They stayed outside while I took McKayla to school and stopped at a few stores.

When I arrived home, they both greeted me at the car and followed me right to the back door, meowing the entire time.

They were a little perturbed that I wasn't quickly letting them into the warm, dry house, instead, I was taking pictures. LOL

They spent the rest of the morning giving me evil looks and cleaning. Not my fault you didn't pay attention to the weather! LOL

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Write A Mediocre Blog

A simple Google search on how to write a great blog will throw up thousands of different links.

You'll find out how to gain more followers/readers. How to gain more commenters.

You'll find how to cater to your targeted audience. How to pick a specific topic. How to generate a lot of traffic and even how to make money off your blog.

Today I thought I'd share how to write a mediocre blog.

One that doesn't necessarily cater to your audience with a specific topic but more or less whatever crosses your path.

One that averages decent enough traffic with about 10 views per post, with a scattering of comments here and there.

One that makes NO money off random topics and sporadic posts.

That's the key here; blog what you want, when you want. That way, your readers/followers never know when you'll publish something new.

Some may be curious when you finally hit publish that they're drawn to your blog OR they may just give up all together and never even take a glance at it again.

You also need to make sure you never share your posts on social media. You don't want anyone running across your link and reading it and <gasp> , maybe even enjoy it.

You also just want to lurk on the blogs you follow. Don't bother commenting b/c that could then cause that blog owner or their followers to go to your blog to start following and commenting.

Don't even think about blogging about the same ole boring thing over and over either. Don't bother with picking just one topic that might interest people i.e. horses/horse riding/horse training etc. (I use that as an example b/c that's the majority of blogs in my feed LOL).

Jump all over the spectrum with funny posts and sad posts. Posts about flowers and/or trees. Posts about trips you've taken, or things your kids do. Posts about animals or posts nowhere remotely related to animals or get the picture here....all over the place.

And then of course, write sporadically. Publish a new post every. single. day for a week or two but then drop down to one or two random posts a week or every other week. Keep your limited audience waiting with bated breath for a catchy, thought provoking or inspiring post and then bash their dreams by telling a story they can't relate to.

Or just take the easy way and do only Wordless Wednesday posts b/c they don't take much effort.....afterall, you don't even have to type anything witty, it's called "wordless" for a reason! ☺

And that's it!

If you follow these simple things, you too, will have a mediocre blog to be proud of. LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ Missing Katie

He's snuggling with Katie's sweater he took out of
the basket. :'-(

Friday, March 13, 2015

Furry Friday ~ Introducing "Tabby"

We have apparently aquired a new cat.

She's been hanging around our house for the last several weeks. We catch glimpses of her from time to time but it's usually the back view as she bolts away.

Peaches and Cameo are tolerating her, which is odd for them b/c they normally patrol the yard and chase away any unwelcome visitors.

Peaches, more so than Cameo, tolerates her. You'll find them outside in close quarters, amicably enjoying each other's company....a lot like an old married couple; sitting together with no awkward silence.

Cameo isn't quite as ready to accept her into the fold. She watches her like a Hawk almost with distrust or maybe curiosity. 

Tabby suns herself on the front porch and sleeps in the basement on cold nights. I've taken pity on her and figure since she's been here so long, I might as well feed her.

If you don't surprise her, she'll actually stay within sight, talking to you. I'll sit outside occasionally and talk to her and she'll answer back each time with a meow.

I'm hoping, that with time.....since she appears she's picked our house as home....that I can befriend her. I'd love to be able to pet her and then maybe eventually let her come inside for the comforts of home (and also so I can have her spayed, don't want or need kittens). I say "eventually" for 2 reasons: 1) While Peaches and Cameo tolerate her outside, they may not be so forgiving for her to come INside and 2) One word: Rio. While I don't think he'd intentionally hurt her, he acts like he wants to eat her when he sees her in the yard. Of course, that could be just pure frustration on his part b/c he wants to say "hi" and she runs away every time. LOL

Tabby cats, especially those with white paws, have always appealed to me. So I'm kinda happy she's picked my house as home. ☺

And I guess 1 more mouth to feed.....and a small one at that....isn't too big of a deal. ☺
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read about my adventures! Hope to see you next time. :-)

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