Thursday, October 20, 2016

This Girl Is On Fire!

Well, not literally of course LOL

This past Tuesday, McKayla's school had cheer leading practice for 2nd and 3rd graders. 20 kids showed up.

I wasn't sure that with the girls being so young if they'd ALL automatically get in or if it was truly TRY-outs. They told us that the county only allowed 8 girls to be on the squad. The coaches had a daughter each that automatically made it, which put the number to only 6 could join. So that answered THAT question.

They did stretches and moves and worked on a few cheers and trying out movements.

McKayla rocked it! She was front and center. Loud and proud. I was so proud of her effort and told her so.

They practiced for about 45 minutes and said they'd post the names of the girls who made it on the school door in an hour.

One of McKayla's friend's moms offered to call me as she'd be staying at the school and we had dinner cooking. So we went home and waited with antici..........

pation :-D

McKayla's friend called about an hour later, asking to speak to McKayla and when she told her the news, McKayla didn't believe her at first. LOL

SHE'D MADE IT! SHE'S A CHEERLEADER (but you knew that already haha)

We ended up running back to the school so I could take a pic of McKayla with her name and she kept saying she couldn't believe she'd made it. <3

BUT there's a bit of confusion. Remember when I said that there were 20 kids trying out but only 6 would make it? Well, when we looked at the list, there were 14 names total on the list. They HAD made the comment that they were going to see what they could work out about having MORE girls on the squad b/c so many had done such a good job, so I'm assuming they'll just take turns cheering. 

That also means that out of 20 kids, 6 DIDN'T make it. :-( I feel awful for those girls.

First practice and parent meeting is Monday, so  we'll get more information on uniforms, practice schedule and game schedule.

(Update: The girls will be cheering for the girls AND boys Basketball teams, so the thought is to have 7 cheer one day for both games and then the other 7 cheer the next day for both games. That way, all 14 will get to cheer and gives us parents a break instead of having to go to 4 games. LOL)


(And not as detailed as the above haha)

McKayla had choir practice last night (Wednesday) and they had auditions for the Christmas Play. McKayla auditioned and got Part 7!!! Now, granted, I have NO clue what Part 7 is or does but we'll find out eventually. LOL

(Update: There WAS an audition and she DID audition for Part 7 but there were also OTHER kids who had auditioned for that part too. We won't know until next Wednesday if she got it BUT I DO know that she'll have SOME part in the play as ALL the kids will have a part, it may be just a speaking part.) Either way, I'm thrilled she tried something that ordinarily she'd have been too shy to do.

(I don't see much time for myself in the near future between cheer leading practice, basketball games she'll be cheering at and choir/play practice. LOL)


Friday, October 14, 2016

Cop Cutie Rant

Took McKayla costume shopping the other day. (Side note: I soooooo wish I was the type of Mom who made all her costumes like MY Mom did but sadly I'm not.)

So anyway, she didn't have a character or costume in mind, so we just went looking for ideas and inspiration. She picked a few but they were ones she'd already been and then she found the one she wanted. A police uniform.

They had two versions: 1 with pants and one that was a dress. I bet you can't guess which one my girly girl picked. LOL

So why did I title this post "Cop Cutie Rant"?

The name tag says "Cop Cutie". (They have since changed the name of the costume.)

I'm not really sure WHY that bothers me. Maybe it's b/c that she's a girl cop, in a dress, she's automatically "cute". I want my daughter to be more than just "cute". I want her to be intellectual, loveable, caring, resourceful, talented, etc. Not "cute" just b/c she's girl. I don't want her labeled b/c of her looks but b/c of her heart, brain and actions.

I'm probably just over reading but it just struck a chord. I DO plan on making a new name tag tho. :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ Bed Hog

(McKayla doesn't sleep in our bed often but when she does, she hogs the entire queen size bed LOL)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Country Fair Time

It's Fall time in the south and that means county fairs can be found almost every weekend. 

We went to one this past weekend, one I had heard about for years but could never make it. I think I know why: it took us 30 minutes to cover the last mile b/c of so much traffic. LOL

If we go any slower, we'd be
sitting still. LOL
It was insanely busy (as I mentioned previously), with lots of vendors selling homemade crafts, information booths, food vendors, demonstrations and tractor know, typical county/country fair type deals.

First stop was to find food. We'd gone to church that morning and rushed home to change and let the dogs out and then head to the fair. The only thing we could find that McKayla would eat was chicken tenders and fried okra. Sadly, it wasn't very good (I ordered some too) but with a little salt and pepper added, it was slightly improved.

After eating, we do what we always do: start at one end and work our way up and down each aisle checking out the vendors and taking "notes" of where we want to go back to buy. McKayla found her two places: face painting and balloon animals but I never saw anything that struck me.

We then headed across the street where they had the tractor and car show, petting pen (it was a kennel with 2 piglets, that was it LOL), pony ride (sad ponies walking in circles, pratically asleep :-( ) and a "train ride" (pictures of which you've seen throughout LOL).

Then we headed to stand in line for an hour for face painting. Yes, you read that right. An HOUR. For face painting. But you do what makes your kids happy and it wasn't like we had anywhere else to go.

It was definitely a long wait (I ended up having to go sit down for a bit) but the smile on her face was worth the wait.

They had a full length mirror with a box of accessories and you know my little diva had to pose.....

And pose. :-D

A must do at any county/country fair is to get Funnel Cake. A MUST. So we found a vendor and settled in the shade to chow down. John said it wasn't cooked long enough, too doughy for him but I thought it was perfect.

Let's take a selfie!
After about 4 hours spent at the fair, it was time to head home.

We had a blast. 

The weather was fantastic.

The vendors had awesome items (wishing now that I had bought a couple things).

Ready for the next fair! :-D

And check out this "keepsake" :-D

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slim Down Sunday ~ Oct. 3rd - Oct. 9th

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I know these specs do nothing for you but I find it fascinating to look back on. :-)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Furry Friday ~ More Napping Cats

More napping cats for this installment of Furry Friday. Once again, they have no trouble finding a place to curl up in a ball or full out stretch out for a snooze.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Slim Down Sunday ~ Sept. 26 - Oct. 2nd

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