Tuesday, May 17, 2016

1st Grade Awards

Today was McKayla's 1st Grade Awards day at school.

They started out with all 4 classrooms parading around the gym showing placards with different accomplishments. This one was McKayla's and when I picked on her saying that there was no way she could count 120 and beyond, she proceeded to prove me wrong LOL.

They then all sat down and waited until their names were called to walk up to get their awards.

McKayla ended up with 3 awards:

All A's in 1st Grade (the whole year...I think her "lowest" grade was a 98), 

Superior excellence in Music,

and superior particpation in 1st Grade,

After awards, we went to her classroom for pictures with friends and her teacher (excuse the creepy, blurred out faces);

and of course a pic with Grandpa (she wanted a picture with us too but it was so hectic, it never happened :-( )

Parents could sign out their children if they wanted to after the awards and while McKayla was telling her teacher (Mrs. T.) bye, Mrs. T asked McKayla what she was supposed to do with McKayla leaving and how was she supposed to know what she was supposed to do next if McKayla wasn't there to tell her. Apparently McKayla is quite the "helper" in her classroom. ROFL

After pictures and hugs, we took Daddy home to sleep and for Grandpa to get his truck and follow him to a house he's buying to measure the property lines (soooooooo excited to have my Dad living closer to me!).

Once we were done helping Grandpa and he headed to work, it was time for girls day out!

We headed to Cracker Barrel for lunch:

Can't take a "good" pic without taking a "goofy" pic too: LOL

And shopping to celebrate her good awards. She made me take her to Target and 2 Wal*Marts to find Shoppies (dolls that go with Shopkins if anyone cares to know LOL) and she succeeded in finding 2 she wanted in the last Wal*Mart.

We had a great afternoon and I'm soooo very proud of this girl and her academic achievements and that she enjoys school so much, I just hope her love of school continues throughout her schoold "career".

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Strawberry Parade

Last weekend was the annual trip to watch Chris march with his JROTC class in the parade.

I was a bad photographer this year and only took 3 pictures but I just wasn't feeling it this time. It was hot, we couldn't find a good shady spot to sit, we'd forgotten chairs and let's face it, you can only take so many parade pics before they start looking the same.

Plus, this parade gets worse every year as far as the procession goes; First, it was supposed to start at 1, when it actually started almost at 2pm. Yeah, I understand that when you have a large number of vehicles, people, floats and animals, it takes a little bit to coordinate it all but maybe meet sooner? Second, it lasted almost an hour and NOT b/c of that many particapants but b/c there were HUGE gaps in between "floats", I'm talking such large gaps that it would almost appear that the parade was over kind of large gaps. You'd see the "last" group go by and then nothing and think it was over, only to look up the street to see another group a couple blocks away, until THAT group passed and another gap and so on and so forth. Really annoying.

Anyway, I took a couple pictures of Chris marching (but only sharing 1 b/c you can barely see him in the other one LOL):

and this really cool giant buggy (or shopping cart, depending on what part of the country you're in LOL):

After the never-ending parade was finally over, we headed over to the carnival. I was going to ride a few rides with Chris but the ATM in town close to the carnival wouldn't work......one account showed a $0 balance (when there was money) and the other showed the balance but wouldn't let John withdraw any money, so we just watched Chris ride a few rides and again I failed at photography and took a couple pics but since they were of the same ride, it looks like identical pictures LOL

And since I'm done telling the story, that's all I have to say about that. LOL

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My sweet girl made this card for me for Mother's Day and of course I have to share. :-)

To make it easier, I'll add what she wrote under each picture (complete with fixed spelling and commentary :-D).

I love you


All About My Mom
Her name is Jennifer
She is 45 years old (thanks McKayla, make me older LOL)
She weighs 160 pounds (I could handle this and it's not that far off LOL)
Her hair is brown
Her eyes are blue

Her Favorite Things
Color: Pink and Purple
(notice how the whole book is done in my favorite colors?)
Food: veggie link
Drink: grape fanta
Movie: Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2
Song: Why Do You Have To Be So Rude
TV Show: Scrubs
Book: Chapter books and Scooby-Doo Books

My mom is special because:
She is pretty and nice and kind and lovely and beautiful to me.

I love it when my mom:
Loves me and hugs me and kisses me and cuddles with me.
(She even drew us doing each thing <3 )

To relax my mom likes to:
Cuddle with me.

I wish I could buy my mom:
a little puppy dog.
(she knows her momma LOL)

It bugs my mom when:
I interrupt her on the phone.
(complete with illustration LOL)

When my mom is driving she:
Sings to the radio and she sneezes.
(didn't realize I sneezed enough to make it noteworthy LOL maybe b/c I mention how much I HATE sneezing while driving haha)

My mom always says,

When my mom is at work she:
Cooks dinner at her apartment.
(I do home health care and one of my tasks is fixing food for my clients.)

My mom is really good at:
doing laundry.

I like to help my mom with:

My mom's favorite song is:
Let It Go
(Only b/c I've heard it so much, it gets stuck in my head LOL)
She sings like a:
Bird and a princess.

About the Author
My name is McKayla
I am a girl.
I am in first grade.
I am a good girl.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Whether you have 2 legged or 4 legged kids. I hope your day is full of love, light and laughter.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Betsy Ross Attends a Board of Education Meeting

Last week, McKayla brought home this letter from school:

Our school has been asked to present a short program at the beginning of the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, April 14th at 5:30. We will be sharing about our "Leaders for Life" program and are asking a few students to recreate their "hero" roles they shared on student-led conference night.

We would love for McKayla to share her portrayal of Betsy Ross!

What this means is that she would need to be at the Central Office on April 14 by 5:15, dressed as her character. The entire program would last no longer than 15 minutes, so we would ask that a parent stay during that time. You would be welcome to watch the program.

Please let us know as soon as possible if this is something she would be able to do by filling out the form below and returning it to the school. Thank you!

Holy cow! How cool is that!?

So tonight, Betsy Ross made an appearance at the Central Office. :-D

They'd picked 8 kids from the whole school to represent the program. Along with Betsy Ross, they had Fred Rogers, Albert Einstein, 1940's woman baseball player Maddy English, Queen Elizabeth I, Jane Goodall and Helen Keller.

Betsy Ross, Fred Rogers and Maddy English waiting to be called.

Betsy Ross, Albert Einstein, Fred Rogers
and Queen Elizabeth I

I have to admit, that I was a little worried that McKayla would have stage fright and not say anything and while she did freeze momentarily due to the crowd (the room was PACKED and it was tiny), she unfroze and said her lines flawlessly.

It was such a great experience for her and once again, I'm so very proud of her. This school has been so amazing for her confidence and has allowed her to open up and expose her to so many new things, which is what school is supposed to do. :-)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Living History Musuem ~ Betsy Ross

Another student-led conference at McKayla's school has rolled around and once again, she's picked to portray a historical figure of her choice.

Last year, for Kindergarten, she picked Pocahontas and said very little: "Hi! My name is Pocahontas. What's your name? I live in the wild and it's very cold here." Almost all in one breath and where you could barely hear her LOL.

This year, after searching different historical women (and it had to be a woman b/c she's a girl and can't dress like a boy LOL), she decided on Betsy Ross as her historical person.

And I panicked. How on EARTH was I going to make her a costume to look like Betsy Ross??????? I had a few ideas for a dress and hat from that period but didn't really know where to find any that looked authtentic and I knew I couldn't make one.

So, off to Google I went, again. (What did we do before Google?! LOL)

Most of what I found was cheesy red, white and blue Halloween costumes and everything else didn't really "scream" Betsy Ross but instead, just nondescript dresses and outfits.

So, I called Party City (again) and asked if they had any Betsy Ross costumes. They did. And only for $10. I couldn't have made her an outfit cheaper than that. So John went and bought it and an American Flag (and yes, the costume was cheesy but cute LOL). She tried it on when he got home and it fit PERFECTLY!

I bought a pair of wire-rimmed glasses at Dollar Tree, popped out the lenses and then found an image showing the original 13 colony stars and printed 2 out and taped it to her flag over the 50 stars.

And whala. Done. And less of a headache than last year. LOL

We then started researching facts that would be easy for her to remember that she could recite and we came up with this:

"My name is Betsy Ross and I was born on January 1st, 1752 on a farm in Pennslyvania. In 1776, I was approached by General George Washington to design a flag for the new nation. I died in 1836 at the age of 84."

I had wanted her to say a little bit more but didn't want to overwhelm her or bore anyone with a long drawn out speech, so, we stuck to the facts; birth date, what she was known for and death date. Plain and simple.

And she ROCKED it! We only practiced her speech for about a week and she had nailed it. She was also AWESOME at actually giving her speech loudly and clearly. So proud!!

While giving her speech, there was a woman with a camera walking around taking pictures and writing down names, turns out it was a reporter from the local newspaper! She took down McKayla's info and her picture was in the paper! It was her backside, but STILL! :-D

At one point, after McKayla gave her speech, someone asked her what her real name was and McKayla's teacher told me later that she'd overheard the question and started panicking thinking she was the teacher and should know Betsy's real name, thinking maybe it was a nickname, only to realize that the person was asking for McKayla's real name haha.

I'm beyond proud of this girl (but y'all know that anyway b/c I'm always saying that haha). She's been picked 2 years in a row now and she fights against her shyness and does it.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Furry Friday: Moochers

Whenever we're eating, we have an audience. I'm sure any one with dogs knows the feeling LOL

We don't often give them any of our food but they never know when we might so they have to stare us down, hoping.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read about my furry life! I'd love to hear from you! Hope to see you next time. :-)