Monday, April 27, 2015

Lock down

No, not us.


Rio is on official lock down.

Well, not lock down per se but he's not allowed outside without supervision.

Remember that post I made a few weeks ago? The one where he gave me the finger?

Oh, you haven't read it yet?

I'll wait......

Ok, are we up to speed now?


So that's happened several more times.

What was once only an occasional freedom run has turned into a daily thing.

He would ask to go outside, you thinking he has to potty and he'd run out the door and straight over the fence. Other times, he'd actually do his business and then jump the fence.

He's even attempted to jump WHILE ON LEASH. Really? That knowledge* bump isn't working for your buddy.

So he's being leash walked outside until we can extend the height of the fence.

Bad dog.

{Side note: How frustrating to have a fenced in yard and still the need for leashed potty walks. Grrr}

*The knowledge bump is called the occiput. It's a normal part of a dogs skull but is generally more prominent in larger breeds. AKA "smart bump", "brain bump", "bruise bump".

Friday, April 24, 2015

This Cat.....

I don't really know what to say about Peaches.

For the most part, we hardly ever see her. If the weather's nice, she's outside and only comes in when she's hungry or the weather isn't nice.

She's a snugly kitty too but not very often. When she IS in a snuggly mood, she turns into a hard lump of fuzziness to move. I swear it's like her whole body turns to velcro and no amount of peeling or pushing can remove her.

The other night, she was in one of her clingy, snuggly moods and started out on my chest. That in itself wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't so dang fuzzy and has to be literally in your face. I mean up close and personal. Whiskers and fur tickling your face. See? Up close and personal.

She eventually had to be moved when I desparetly needed to use the potty (TMI? Everyone goes, it'll be ok. ☺) and when I came back, she was like this:

Again, with any other cat, this wouldn't be a problem but with Peaches being the velcro lump of fuzziness she is. She. wouldn't. budge. I had to climb over her and squeeze in between her and John to go to bed. Then I got to enjoy the fuzzy and whiskers AGAIN plus the added "bonus" of a paw or two in my face.

Sleep well Jennifer! LOL

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday ~ The Good of a Bad Trip

This is a Throwback Thursday cheat of sorts as this only happened back in January. It's also going to be a slightly jumbled mess. Hope you can keep up. :-/

As some may know, I lost my Mema earlier this year and we had to make the trek to North Carolina for the funeral.

The drive was actually really nice with sunny skies and smooth sailing.......a little at odds with the reason for the trip but at least it made the trip a tad enjoyable.

There was snow on the mountains and I tried my best to get shots of them while speeding down the interstate (I was a passenger, so no worries of unsafe cell phone use LOL).

When we came up to "our" welcome center, I had to stop to see it. Thankfully, John understood. We've met my Grandparents at this rest stop for YEARS. It's the halfway point between us and we'd meet there for summer breaks when my brother and I would spend the summer with them and we'd also met there a couple times a year for just a picnic. It was kind of bittersweet; no more picnics, no more swaps. :-(

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the welcome center had gotten a good dusting of snow and I, of course, had to take pictures.

Then I had to see "our" picnic table. The one we ALWAYS sat at.

We didn't stay too long as it was getting late and we needed to get going. It was nice to take a walk through memories but sad too, knowing that we'd never meet Mema and Papa there again.

This video coming up next was of the weirdest traffic intersection I have EVER seen. It twisted you to the wrong opposite side of the road to a traffic light and then brought you back to the right side. Just bizarre.


I didn't take any pictures while actually at Mema and Papa's. Not much to take pictures of. :-(

Heading home, we wanted to try and make this a slightly fun trip and Gatlinburg wasn't TOO terribly far off our path, so we decided to spend the night.

$5 set included hat, scarf and mittens b/c they were in
the system wrong. Win for us! And the cashier is the
one who pointed them out to us! :-)

Can I just point out how handsome my husband is? :-D

After spending the day in Gatlinburg, we headed home. It was a nice end to what started out as a crappy week.

Monday, April 20, 2015






All words that adequately express what I feel every. single. dangblasted. time I reply on a blog and receive a "delivery status notification {failure}" email.

Every time.

Doesn't matter who's blog or what time I comment or the length of the comment.

It even happens when I reply on my own blog!

Grrrrr is another good word.

(Wanna know what's equally annoying??? When the flipping picture REFUSES to stay centered!! Ahhh! To heck with it. I'm done fighting with it. OCD me will just have to get over it.)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Furry Friday ~ 4 Years Old

My lovable, goofy, sometimes annoying but always handsome boy turns 4 years old today.

Weather is too nasty for a trip to the dog park today but we'll still have a fun day to celebrate turning 4 years old with a trip to the pet store for treats and toys instead.

Happy Birthday Rio! Love ya buddy!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Furry Friday ~ Camping With Rio

In order to try and minimize the plethora of photos in my Fall Creek Falls Adventure posts and b/c I needed photos for Furry Friday, I figured I'd just save Rio's pictures for today. ☺ Some may be duplicates, but that's ok, I know you don't mind. :-D

First up is the VERY uncomfortable looking position that he put himself in when we were first leaving. When he had half of the back seat to lay on, comfortably. I'm not sure why he choose to lay THIS way.

This was our first stop after setting up camp the first day.

Then we went to the playground for McKayla to play a bit. Most of these next pictures are of Rio watching his girl play.

Then we had our cold night of camping and waking up to a shivering Rio, who was then covered with several blankets.

Then we have proof that he DOES in fact, know how to lay on the backseat correctly. LOL

Then we have pictures from our walk to the Fall Creek Falls overlook and the hike around.

Now we have proof that my big, strong, boy is in fact a wuss. We were at the playground on our last day and we'd been hiking and walking all day. We'd decided to have a picnic and couldn't get Rio to relax and lay down. He kept trying to get up on top of the picnic table and would look miserable just standing. John tried to get him to lay down but he'd only sit for a few minutes and then get back up. So, I asked John to get Rio's blanket out of the car. And wouldn't you know, that as SOON as I laid that blanket down, Rio immediately laid down on it and actually sighed LOL Wussy dog.

Now we have two pooped pups. Rio actually laying in the seat right again, and McKayla, dangerously, using Rio's butt as a pillow. ☺

Last Rio picture from our camping adventure. These two turkey's were, in fact, looking directly ahead at me, that is until I picked up my phone to take their picture. THEN they both decided to look away. Brats. Both of them. LOL

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read about my furry life! I'd love to hear from you! Hope to see you next time. :-)