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Dec. 11 2017

Today is the one year anniversary of losing my Dad.

It's been hard. Super hard. I was a Daddy's girl, still am, always will be. My Dad was my rock. Talked to him daily, sometimes several times a day and saw him at least once a week.

I still find myself about to call him to tell him a funny thing I heard, read or saw. To tell him about my daughters games, concerts and achievements. Or just to talk to him. Every time it's a punch in the gut when I remember he's gone.

I start to dwell on that day, one year ago. The fear, the outright anguish, the praying it was a dream, the helplessness, the sorrow b/c I couldn't tell him goodbye (he died before I got to the hospital) but also the love and compassion that was shown with  my family and the hospital staff. I tried to go visit him that day, he'd been there a few days but he said he wasn't feeling up to company.........I think he knew.

I'm not sure how I'll be. On one hand, it's just another day, but i…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Kindness Rock

McKayla's classroom decorated rocks to place around town as a kindness project. Hers is in the bottom right corner.

And she found the perfect place to leave hers. Can you see it?

Wordless Wednesday ~ 1st Day of 4th Grade!

Rio Turned 7!

My handsome blue boy turned 7 on the 17th! It doesn't seem possible. It wasn't that long ago that he took that long trek from Texas to Tennessee with Vanessa.
He's officially a senior now but thankfully hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.
Happy Birthday Rio!!
(He wasn't cooperative for pictures so these are the best I could get lol)

River Trip

Peaches ~ Mighty Hunter?

Peaches. Mighty Hunter.

errrr maybe not? 😆

Living History Museum ~ Dian Fossey

McKayla portrayed Dian Fossey at school last Friday for the student-led conferences. So very proud of how well she did. This is her 3rd year doing it: she was Pocahontas for Kindergarten and Betsy Ross for 1st grade. Thankfully, he picked her person to represent, which saved me a LOT of headache! lol He chose Dian Fossey, so we checked out her book "Gorillas In The Mist" from the library, found a $1 gorilla and borrowed a button up shirt from her cousin. Tada!
So very proud of how well she did. You can tell she's getting braver with each "show". This time was even easier since her teacher gave her a paragraph to read, so she put that inside her book where it looked like she was reading from the book. 😁