Thursday, January 19, 2017

4th Cheerleading Game!

(I seriously need to be a little more creative with my post titles but I guess it works LOL)

Tuesday was, as the boring title states haha, McKayla's 4th game to cheer at. Generally, as most 2nd/3rd grade games go, not a whole lot of nail biting but wow, Tuesday was an exception! It was insane!

Caught her mid-kick LOL

The girls started out getting their butt kicked as the other team starting racking up points and leaving us in the dust. 0-8 and the end of the 2nd quarter. Ouch.

Halftime "show"

After halftime, we started catching up. 11-16.

And catching up some more but no more pictures b/c I couldn't take my eyes of the game! And I'm not a sports fan. Never really watched sports but Tuesday's game was intense. We tied 17-17 at the end of the 4th quarter (our score board is in serious need of replacing so I'm not sure if our score is 11 or 17 in the pic above but pretty sure it's 17), which put us into overtime. We tied THERE at 19-19 which put us into double overtime. Then WE WON 22-21 on the BUZZER!!! M made the shot and the ball hit the basket a second before the buzzer sounded!!!! It was crazy! Our girls had a blast cheering and actually started to start their own cheers instead of waiting for the coach to call out a cheer.

Great game girls!!!!

McKayla liked the other team's cheers LOL

The boy's game wasn't as intense as the girl's game and they won 20-10! Go boys!!

The only comment I have about the boy's game is the behavior of some coaches. These are 2nd and 3rd grade girls and boys. Kids. Apparently one of the coaches (not our school) wasn't thrilled with the ref's call and started screaming at her. Then a parent behind the coach yelled at the coach that they were just kids and to not yell at them, to which the coach replied that she wasn't yelling at the kids but at the ref. Well, that yelling match caused a penalty shot for our team. Why yell? Why get angry? That wasn't the first outburst this coach had this game either. I just don't understand it. I mean, I understand being competitive and wanting to win but they're kids and they do it for fun.

I do have one more comment and that was about one of the refs. She was awesome. Explaining to the kids why she called the things she called, tied shoes if they came untied and helped the kids out during their game. She was smiles the whole time (even during the coach yelling at her). THAT's how you're should handle these games.

Ok, off my soapbox. We have another game tomorrow night and then a break for a few weeks before the last game of the season.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fitbit 7-day Challenge ~ Accepted!

I go from barely blogging to 2 posts in one day! What sorcery is this!?

Ordinarily, I wouldn't post twice in one day but I got this 7-Day Challenge from Fitbit today and for the sake of my sanity, I need to post it the day I start it LOL

I really like this idea and hope that it goads me into doing better fitness and weight wise. My biggest crutch is no motivation and I'm hoping that with these prompts, I'll do better. Also, in setting more achievable goals, that should give me more incentive to reach them......duh, that's why you make achievable goals so that you can actually accomplish them LOL

So the 7-day Challenge on the app started off asking where I'd like to start (pics below).

I selected "Not sure, I'm just curious".

In this section, I selected "Lose weight" and 

"Reaching/maintaining goals has been tough and I need to try something new".

This is already looking promising!

My original step goal was 10,000 that was automatically set by Fitbit as the daily recommended average. If anyone paid attention to my Fitbit Stats, I rarely reached that goal. According to Fitbit, my average is 5,081, so 6,000 is a more attainable goal.

Weight has always been a touchy subject with me (I know I'm not alone there! haha), so I wiped out my goal weight, but it's an attainable goal if I keep everything else up.

I ended up selecting all 5 of the goals below b/c they're ALL good goals to have.

So, goal #1 is 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. That's should be feasible, even if it's just walking. LOL

Goal #2 is to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Looks like I can manage that. 😀

Goal #3 is 15 minutes of activity per day, that could be during commercials......aim low LOL

Goal #4 is to log food daily. One thing I struggle with, maybe with this challenge, I can do it.

Goal #5 is 64 oz of water per day. I'm averaging about 32 oz (I know, pathetic but I honestly just don't get thirsty but when I am, I drink water).

So, there are my 5 goals for my 7-day challenge. I hope this is an ongoing thing b/c I think that'd help me complete these goals. I love a good challenge. 😉

Wish me luck!!!

Never Listen To A 10 Year Old's Directions

As I alluded to on Monday, Saturday McKayla had a game to cheer at and then afterwards, we (as in me, McKayla and nephew) headed to the Park for a few hours to kill time. My nephew had a specific place in mind where he wanted to play in the creek, so we headed right from the playground. We walked and walked and walked. Turns out he was heading towards another playground that was actually in the opposite direction we were heading in. Alrighty. So we turned around and backtracked and headed in the new direction. That'll teach me to listen to a 10 year old. 😅

We eventually found the spot he was looking for, which made me realize I should have parked at the other playground and it would have been a lot closer to walk but it was good for us and the day was beautiful.

After a couple hours of walking and playing in the creek and on the rocks, we headed back to the car to go to Dad's new house (he finally moved in! Yay!). He was having problems with his septic tank, so I spent the rest of the evening being a gopher. Gopher as in: gopher this, gopher that haha. It was a pretty productive day.😊

Boring Fitbit Stats:
(won't see this every post but just wanted to note the activity for my sake)
  • 1:14 pm 52 minutes of walking (walking in the wrong direction, backtracking and eventually ending up where we meant to be in the first place), which burned 273 calories
  • 2:44 pm 24 minutes of walking (which was back to the car), burning 131 calories.
  • Went past my 10,000 step goal for the day with 11,157 steps
  • 4.5 miles walking for the day

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3rd Cheerleading Game!

McKayla's 3rd game was this past Saturday (1-14-17). Still loving being a Cheerleader, not too happy about practices but LOVES cheering at the games LOL

Girls Win 12 - 11!

Boys Win 18 - 12!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fitbit Weekly Stats ~ Jan. 9th - Jan. 15th

So I edited the Fitbit App but didn't edit the Fitbit dashboard (which is were the below graphic comes from to my email). That should all be fixed now and only show me what I want to see. Pretty happy with Saturday's stats. That was a pretty busy day with a basketball game and then trip to the park, but I'll talk about that in a separate post. 😊

Best Day ~ Saturday! 11,157 steps
(basketball game and walking track for several hours)

For the Week
Total Steps ~ 33,126 (13,647 more than last week)
Total Miles ~ 13.38 (5.51 miles over last week)
Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,943 (141 cals. over last week)
Total Active Minutes ~ 102 (102 min from last week
Exercising This Week ~ 1 of 5 days (1 day since last week)
Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 7hrs 55min (0 hrs 3 min lower than last week)
Avg. Hours with 250+ steps ~ 6 of 14 hours (2 hrs over last week)
Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ Same as previous week (not monitored with Alta
Weight Change ~ Same as previous week (haven't weighed myself lately)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Furry Friday ~ It's Exhausting Being Cute

About a week after Christmas while at Walmart, John and I discovered their Christmas dog toys and dog sweaters on clearance. Like 75% off kind of clearance. We snatched up quite a few of them b/c we don't care that they're themed and the dogs certainly don't care either LOL

Zoe is a toy hoarder. She absolutely LOVES toys (a whole new post of it's on LOL) and was beyond thrilled when we brought home the goodies. She wasn't so thrilled with the sweaters but tolerates them.

The one toy that was bought specifically for Rio (due to the size of it) was this giant Santa Caterpillar. I know, that sounds weird but I'm not really sure how else to describe it. Basically a Santa head with alternating red and green sections below each other (kinda seen in the pics below). Each section has a squeaker and BOTH dogs go crazy over it.

I say it was bought for Rio but Zoe has claimed it for her own. She'll spend hours working at a seam to pop it loose so she can destuff it (thankfully, she doesn't swallow the stuffing, just spits it out). Apparently she wore herself out playing with it one night b/c the below pictures are how John found her. Sacked. Out. COLD. 😆

You know you've played hard when you fall asleep while playing. LOL

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ Cheerleading Pictures Sneakpeak

Semi-Wordless haha Today was picture day for the cheerleading squad. Can't wait to see the professional shots!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read about my furry life! I'd love to hear from you! Hope to see you next time. :-)