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Traveled 3ish Hours to Eat Barbecue

Last month, (May 30th to be exact {look at me not back posting lol}) John, McKayla and I picked up Uncle B (not my brother, but John's brother-in-law) and "tried" to meet Aunt L, K and the kiddos at White Water. I say "tried" b/c we didn't succeed. Oh, we did make it to White Water but we got as far as the parking lot.
I'm getting ahead of myself tho, so let me back up a bit and bore you with all the details. 😁 
My brother-in-law had texted us about a month or so before, telling us to take off work the 30th b/c we were going to White Water. My sister-in-law (L), friend (K) and the kiddos would be in Florida the week before that, stopping to pick up K's niece and nephew on their way home. Brother-in-law (B) would be in Kansas that same week and instructed us to pick him up at the rental car place Tuesday morning, so that we could meet K and L at White Water.
So that's what we did. We met B at the rental place at 8 am Tuesday morning and started…

Weekly Fitbit Stats ~ June 12th - June 18th

⍟ Best Day ~ Tuesday! ~ 4,937
For the Week Total Steps ~ 26,386 (▼ 2,552 fewer than last week) Total Miles ~ 10.65 (▼ 1.04 miles below last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,851 (▼ 43 cals fewer than last week) Total Active Minutes ~ 18 (▼ 99 min since last week) Exercising this Week ~ 0 of 5 days ▼( 1 days since last week) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 7 hrs 27 min (▼ 0 hrs 3 min lower than last week) Avg. Hrs with 250+ Steps ~ (▲ 1 hr over last week) Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ -- bpm (same as previous week) Weight Loss ~ 2.0 lbs (same as previous week)

Furry Friday ~ Furry Entertainers

On Wednesday I had a few errands to run after work and ended up on my friends side of town and decided to pop in for a few minutes (it actually turned into a 2 hour visit, oops). I work with her and we're both animal lovers, so we're constantly showing off pics of our babies. She has the 2 cutest little doggies; Daisy and Molly and they were quite the entertainers!

These two gals were the biggest reason I stayed as long as I did (not that I didn't enjoy talking to C and her son lol), I just got a kick out of watching them play.

This & That ~ Birthday, Water Slide, Family Fun Day and Bike Ride!

Sunday before last (the 4th) McKayla came home from Camp L's (her Aunt's - she's been staying there pretty much since a week or so after school let out) so she could spend time with Daddy for his birthday (on the 5th). I picked her up from church and we ran to Wal*Mart to grab Daddy presents (a ball cap, pair of blue-jean-looking pj's and a new wallet) and stuff to bake him a cake. We came home and baked the cake, then I had to run by work real quick but figured I'd still have time to decorate the cake before Daddy got up.
Daddy had other plans.
When we came back home an hour later and walked in the door, Daddy was up! So we rushed to grab the icing and we're rushing to get the cake iced when Daddy comes out of the bedroom. McKayla and I both yell "No! Go back! You can't come out yet!" 😂 Daddy was obviously a little confused but was a good sport and stayed in the bedroom until we allowed him to come out.
After we gave him permission to come out,…

Weekly Fitbit Stats ~ June 5th - June 11th

⍟ Best Day ~ Saturday! ~ 6,773 (hitting step goal on Thurs as well)
For the Week Total Steps ~ 28,938 (▲ 2,968 more than last week) Total Miles ~ 11.69 (▲ 1.20 miles over last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,894 ▲( 43 cals. over last week) Total Active Minutes ~ 117 (▲ 107 min since last week) Exercising this Week ~ 1 of 5 days (▲ 1 day since last week) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 7 hrs 30 min (▼ 0 hrs 8 min lower than last week) Avg. Hours with 250+ steps ~ 5 of 14 hrs (▼ 1 hrs lower than last week) Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ -- bpm (same as previous week) Weight Loss ~ 2.0 lb (same as previous week)

Good week, more green than red which is always good. Saturday's step count goal was thanks to John's company picnic. A LOT of walking, more than my Fitbit actually counted b/c part of the day was spent at the water park (post to come as soon as I get pics edited and posted). Sunday was a pretty active day too with a 2 hour bike ride. We traveled 4.2 miles but it was a lot of stop and go…

Furry Friday ~ Just Hanging Around

I have a bird feeder that hangs just outside my kitchen window. A little furry friend has discovered it and visits several times a day. It wasn't exactly the visitor I had in mind when I hung it but it still works. lol

I saw this little guy (gal?) hanging out on the side of my house when I came home the other day and he was too cute not to snap pictures of.

Some people might not like squirrels, calling them Tree Rats and the like but having had 2 as pets years ago, I have a soft spot for the cute little guys.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Who Needs a Car When You Have a Lawnmower