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Fitness Friday ~ 5th week

Well, this is a milestone week. This marks the longest I've done exercise consistently. I've always had motivation issues and I guess I just wasn't 'into' the whole idea before. Now, I'm more committed. The last two days I haven't exercised and I feel guilty about not doing them. I've actually felt 'blah' all day too, which I feel is somewhat related to me skipping the exercises. Anyway, I think working on this Fitness Friday blog is helping me tremendously too. The fact that I feel like I have to keep up the entries to be consistent (TOLD y'all I thought my OCDness would be beneficial here LOL) is a good 'kick in the ass' when needed.

Leg lifts ~ 10
Leg bends ~ 10
Crunches ~ I think I'm just gonna have to give up on these, EVERY time I try, I get nauseous. I'm not too concerned with it tho as the other moves along with the Yoga are working my stomach.
Push ups ~ 10
Hour of Yoga

Wordless Wednesday ~ Mornings

A Nice Day

Decided to take the kids to the playground today (Tues.) about 7pm, as it was the only nice day of the week at 88° when the rest of the week is gonna be 100° and higher. Decided to take Rio too as he'd been cooped in the house all week.

It was a lovely day. A little warm, but in the shade it was comfortable with the breeze blowing. Kids had fun, Uncle Bryan and Grandpa came to visit (and brought pizza) and Rio was a perfect gentleman.

McKayla was a "big girl" climbing the play area all by herself....and so proud! She is a pure doll! She delighted people by walking Rio (with me holding the leash 'just in case') and informing people that he's a Great Dane and his name is Rio. Even if she wasn't right with me, if she saw me talking to someone, she'd make a beeline straight to us to tell the people about Rio.

Fitness Friday ~ 4th week

(I'm resigned to the fact that my Fitness Friday posts won't actually be posted till Saturday....I can't seem to make it before midnight....)

It's the same ole, same ole boring stuff. I'm having a really hard time with motivation. I'm just not enjoying it as much any more and nothing else sounds appealing to me right now. I think it's partly due to the fact that I'll be weighing and measuring myself on the 29th of this month and I'm just not very hopeful there are any "changes". I know, I know, real work takes time, but still.........

Leg Lifts ~ 10 (different variations)
Leg Bends ~ 10
Crunches ~ sometimes 5 and sometimes 10 (still having issues with getting nauseated)
Push ups ~ 10

Wordless Wednesday ~ Nap Anywhere

Raw diet

I'm starting the dogs on a raw food diet. Right now, they're just eating chicken backs and chicken necks. After a week or so, to give their tummies time to adjust to the new food, I'll add another "flavor" to the mix.

Tonight, they got 2 chicken backs and 2 chicken necks each.

They LOVE eating now. It's such a joy to see them actually excited about eating something. When they see me head to the kitchen with their bowls, they start dancing around in anticapation.

Riverbend Festival 2012

The Riverbend Festival is a musical event held in Chattanooga, TN every June. It's a 9 day event holding 6 stages with over 100 musical artists ranging from classical rock, jam bands, country music and even bluegrass. There's a childrens exhibit, mobile exhibits, food vendors and a fireworks finale. It's reported to bring in over 650,000 patrons annually.....a pretty big affair!! This year's closing musician was Lauren Aliana,  the runner-up from the 10th season of American Idol, who's from Rossville, GA (a hop, skip and a jump away from Chattanooga).
I haven't actually been IN Riverbend in years, however, I've made it to see the Fireworks every year for 14 years now!! In my opinion, Riverbend hosts the BEST fireworks display in my area. They usually last about 6 minutes or so, and don't actually start till 11pm, but sooooo worth it to watch them.
My Mom, Dad,  my brother, McKayla and I went Saturday night to enjoy the fireworks display. We found a nice …

Fitness Friday 3rd Week

This weeks fitness recap. (Technically it's still Friday for me as I haven't gone to bed yet LOL).

I'm discovering also that Yoga is helping with my back issues. I've been suffering with lower back pain for quite awhile now. I didn't really think about Yoga helping me with that, until I went 1 day without doing it and the back pain was back again.....that's incentive enough to keep up with the Yoga.

Leg Lifts ~ 10 (different variations)
Leg bends ~ 10 (different variations)
Crunches ~ 5 (tried doing 10, but I'm pushing it with 5 as I start to get nauseous.)
Push ups ~ 10

Wordless Wednesday ~ A New Friend

True Disney Magic

They say that Disney World is a magical place and if I didn't believe that before, I would now.....

Ben is autistic. His favorite ride was Snow White's Scary Adventure's in the Magic Kingdom. It was slated to be demolished May 31, 2012. Ben rode this ride thousands of times (they counted!) and Ben's dad, Ron, details the story about his final goodbye in his blog. It's a touching story, sure to make you cry....I did.
(Thanks Jen, for sharing this amazing story.)

Fitness Friday 2nd Week

(A day late, AGAIN! I really don't need to get in the habit of doing a "Fitness Friday" on Saturdays, b/c frankly, it doesn't make a lick of sense.)

I'm proud of myself as I have kept up with most of my routine. There have been several nights that I didn't make it walking, but truth be told, I'm not really sure how much actual exercise I'm getting with doing that as it's slow going with McKayla in tow. I HAVE, however, started doing Yoga for an hour a night.

I downloaded the app Myfitnesspal and it's really helping me along. It's almost like I have to answer to it and seeing the calories I'm consuming plus the calories I'm burning is a really good motivational tool for me. My dear friend, Kristin, has also been a big motivator. She's been blogging tips and know-hows about dieting and exercising. She's a HUGE inspiration as she's lost 200 lbs in just 2 years. (WTG Girl!!!)

With using the Calorie counting app now, I'…

Dear John

(No, it's NOT one of those kinds of letters, my husbands name just happens to be John.)

One should advice you, that if you're going to borrow my Jeep after just getting it back after being in the shop for 3 weeks (maybe more on that fiasco later), one should REALLY take care of said Jeep. Having sticky Coke all over my passenger seat, dash, door, window AND headliner isn't quite the way to to go about me letting you borrow it again in the future.

Scenario: He rolls down his window, McKayla's window and apparently just cracks the passenger side window. He then notices the McDonald's drink in the cup holder (and I'm assuming trying to keep the Jeep looking nice after it being detailed), proceeds to toss it through the passenger window into the bed of his truck, CLEARLY forgetting that he hadjust cracked it.

Guess what he gets to do when he gets back home.....

Wordless Wednesday ~ Soooo Big!

Puppy Fever

I "warned" readers who may have a case of puppy fever or may be susceptible to it to use caution while reading my blog about my trip to WI. I should've heeded my own advice.....I have come down with a case of fever.

They do it on purpose you know, with their big, sweet eyes, their bumbling antics, their cries.....they're just BEGGING to be cared for. Oh and that puppy breath! *sigh* Sometimes I wish that smell could be bottled (now hush, don't get all 'Ewww! That's disgusting!' B/c I'd just about bet you feel the same way deep down LOL.......there's even a candle that smells like it :-p).

BUT, I have an antibiotic and his name is Rio. Whenever I come down with puppy fever, all I have to do is look at the damage he's done.....baseboard chewed, swing cushion shredded, couch pillows mangled and the list goes on.

Rio may be 100 + lbs but he's only 14 months and as far as Danes are concerned, he's still puppy and will be until he's…

Fitness Friday (A day late) 1st week

A recap of this weeks weight loss agenda.

I'm doing this as a way to make sure I keep up with it as I have motivation issues and I'm hoping that by "requiring" myself to do a "Fitness Friday" every Friday (this is taking advantage of my OCD LOL), I will hopefully keep up with the walking and exercises and add to them.

I have made sure that I didn't eat after 8pm (Friday being the exception as I went out that night). I'd generally wait 30 minutes or so and then would start walking. I should also add that walking with McKayla isn't constant, with a lot of stops and starts BUT there is some occasional carrying her and walking backwards up hill.

2 laps around the neighborhood equals almost 1 mile. Generally walking 30-45 minutes.

Leg lifts ~ 5 each and 5 together (different variations)
Leg Bends ~ 5 each and 5 together
Push ups ~ 5
Crunches ~ 5 (2 different ways)

Tuesday 29th ~ 1st time. Walked 2 laps.

Wednesday 30th ~ Weighed myself in the mornin…