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Foothills County Fair

This past weekend was our local county fair. Saturday was their dog show and pet contest. They had the normal contests; shortest dog, tallest dog, cutest trick and owner look-alike. It was $5 per entry and the money went to a local animal rescue center.

The shortest dog was won by a 4 week old puppy that had lost its mom and the local mobile vet was nursing it.

The tallest dog was my friends 4 year old Dane, Daisy. We entered Rio but lost by a few inches. (This isn't losers nitpicking ..... Daisy wins no matter what BUT they measured all wrong. Instead of measuring from shoulder to floor, with a straight leg, they measured from the head to the ground. Kinda doesn't measure right when the dogs head can be at numerous heights LOL)

Cutest trick was won by a puppy (the only entrant) for.......being too darn cute. LOL

Owner look-alike was won by my friend and her dog Fezzig.

Fitness Friday ~ 9th week

Argh!! I don't even know why I bothering blogging about nothing at all as far as my fitness is concerned, but I still feel compelled to.

Still running, running, running all week and bone tired by the time I'm done, so all I wanna do is go to bed.

Haven't been using my fitness app BUT I'm still paying attention to my calories. Be interested to see what my weight and inch loss is in a few days.....I'm curious to see if there's a difference (and hopeful a loss -- but I'd be happy with NO change too) with no exercising but staying so active.

(Hopefully Mom comes back from visiting my Grandparents soon (she's been gone about 3 weeks) so I can be done with helping my step-dad and get back to doing my Yoga.)

Fitness Friday ~ 8th week

Here's another lack of Fitness Friday blog post.

No excuse, other than I've been extremely busy. Been running every day nonstop. Errands. Helping my stepdad at his produce shop. Taking care of the normal household chores, that by the time I'm finally stopping, it's crashing in bed. I don't have the energy to workout.

I haven't been keeping up with my fitness app either BUT I pretty much eat the same stuff all the time so I know roughly where I've been calorie wise. I'm also figuring that since I've been so much more active this past week, knowing what I can eat to stay in my calorie range and getting good sleep, I should be doing alright.

I'm not making any promises for next week as I seem to break them, but the thought is still there.

Fitness Friday ~ 7th week

This post should actually be labeled lack of Fitness Friday. Besides Saturday and Sunday, I. did. absolutely nothing fitness wise. I just wasn't feeling it. I'd wake up, go through my daily routines, having in mind my workout but when the time came, I just couldn't do it.

I did, however, continue with my calorie counting app. I stayed either under or right at my calorie limit except for 1 or 2 days, so at least I have that going for me.

Saturday, 7th ~ Swimming and hiking around island. Shopping for anniversary.

Sunday, 8th ~ Swimming

Monday - Friday ~ Nothing

I plan on hitting it hard next week. I'll keep my Saturday "lazy day" but definitely plan on starting back up at least on Monday.

Mystery Shopper Scam

Let's face it, the economy sucks. People losing their jobs and their homes. Families struggling to feed, clothe and house themselves. And scam artists are at the front, preying on the weak, the desperate, taking advantage of our desire for money.

One such "company" will contact you with a letter saying you've been choosen as an employee. They'll "hire" you as a Mystery Shopper and your task is to go shopping and rate your experience. They'll provide you a check ($2,000 +) and instruct you to deposit it, contact your coordinator and then wait a few days for the check to clear. You're then supposed to go to Western Union or Money gram and send X amount of money (usually in the $1,000's) to one of a number "clients" on a list. You're then instructed to call your contact, inform him/her of who you sent the money too and the ID #. Then they instruct you to go to Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, Macys or Dillards and spend $100 (you keep the me…

RIP Lennox ~ Shame on Belfast

I'm disgusted. Full of disbelief. Lennox's only "crime" was the way he looked.

(I may add later, but I'm just thoroughly disgusted to the point I'm making no sense right now.)

5 Years

5 years ago, today, (yes, 7/7/07), I married a wonderful man (that sounds generally don't marry someone that you don't find wonderful LOL).

I had been married in the past. Call it puppy love, dumb love or naivety, but I shouldn't have married him. I was young, thought I loved him, so I married him. The few years we were married were more like a roommate situation than a marriage. I was his live-in housekeeper, chef and nanny. Verbal abuse was present and it looked like it was heading towards physical abuse. Needless to say, I was done and left him.

Fast-forward to meeting John. He is the complete opposite of my ex. Night and day. Sunshine and clouds. He shows me on a daily basis how I should be treated. I don't expect to be puton a pedestal, but treat me as your equal. John does that and more. He's my best-friend. He's my confident. I wish I had met him sooner in my life, I feel in some ways that I've lost time with him, but maybe if I had met …

Fitness Friday ~ 6th Week

Woohoo! I FINALLY made a Fitness Friday post on a Friday!! Go me! LOL

That's about the only positive note about this blog. I've been horribly bad this week. Only worked out one day. No excuse other than John is/was on vacation all week so there wasn't much time spent at home, we were doing a lot of shopping, swimming and when we were home, it was marathon house cleaning. I did, however, keep up with my fitness app and kept count of my calories. Since I pretty much figured the workouts weren't happening, I made a point to keep that in mind when choosing foods.

I did have one FANTASTIC Tuesday tho, when I weighed and measured myself. Such a relief and a sense of accomplishment!

Leg lifts ~ 10
Leg bends ~ 10
Push ups ~ 10 (and not the "girlie" kind either LOL)

And of course, an hour of Yoga.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!
I don't think we're doing much of anything celebratory wise today, but we did go to the park for the fireworks show yesterday. To me, it was the epitome of the American tradition (well, at least for MY family). We sat around on blankets and chairs in the middle of a field, listening to the orchestra, talking and watching the children play. We had homemade spinach dip, sandwiches, coke and watermelon.
Not often, will you find sooo many people, virtual strangers, hanging around each other, talking and laughing, for hours and hours, in the beating hot sun, just to watch 10 minutes of fireworks. That's true American Spirit, and I can't wait till next year!


Weighed and measured myself today and compared it to a month ago (6-31).

LOST 9 lbs!!
LOST an inch and a half in bust.
LOST half an inch in waist.
Stayed the same in hips.

I'd call that a success! Obviously, I'd like to have lost more, but I'm not complaining! Woohoo! *Doing the happy dance* (wonder how many calories THAT burns LOL)

Bee Haven Acres Blog

Bee Haven Acres is a wonderful and delightful little blog showcasing beautiful flowers, scrumptious vegetables, and furry and feathered animals. If you long for a country life, but can't quite make it happen, you can live vicariously through Beverly's adventures.

She's currently holding a contest thru July 7th (this Saturday). It's simple to enter, so why don't you hop on over and check it out and while you're there, tell her I sent ya. :-)

A Bad Day Turned Good

We sat out today (Monday) to do quite a few things. I had a dentist appointment. Needed to set up an appointment to have Rio neutered. Get McKayla a dentist appointment set up. Get new car insurance. And shop for cheap blankets for Rio's crate.

The only thing we accomplished was getting new insurance.

First fail. We head out for my dentist appointment several minutes late. We're driving down the road only to discover that the road is closed and we're made to do a U-turn. (This town is notorious for giving NO warning whatsoever of road closings until you're right on top of it.) So, we backtrack a bit and turn to go another way, only to get caught in a traffic jam (presumably due to the previous mentioned road block). I end up having to call my dentist to reschedule for next week, as it would've taken as an additional 30 minutes to navigate around to make it.