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Fitness Friday ~ 14th Week

Well, I flopped again. I really should quit saying things like "next weeks the week" or "I know I'll do better b/c I'm feeling it" because nothing happens. It's almost like I psych myself in the other direction, idk.

Saturday 25th ~ I'll count this as an exercise day as we took the kids to Gatlinburg, TN and as anyone knows with kids and amusement parks, you're running, running, running all day long. We spent about 4 hours there and we were all thoroughly worn out when it was all said and done.

I'm getting the feeling that I'm losing my momentum on this Fitness thing. I'm still paying attention to what I eat, how much I eat and when I eat, but not really exercising to add to it.

Gatlinburg Trip

John won 4 tickets to Dollywood's Splash Country, so we decided to take the kids and spend the weekend in Gatlinburg. We picked up Chris from school on Friday and headed up.

Fitness Friday ~ 13th Week

Well, it's a step in the right direction.

Monday ~ 10 each of leg lifts and knee bends. About 30 minutes of Yoga. Started getting the shakes and queasy stomach. Baby steps. Baby steps.

The rest of the week sort of flew by with real no thought to exercising. Was helping my step-dad and then getting things ready for our Gatlinburg trip.

Next week I see some promise b/c I'm "feeling" it again.....if life would just slow down a tad. :-)

Flooring Remodel

I had been dreaming for years to rip up the carpet and replace with laminate, hardwood or something similar. The carpet was 30+ years old and was looking pitiful. Years of foot traffic, kids and dogs had reeked havoc on it. It was time to go!

John took a week off from work and we got started ripping up the carpet and foam. Our living room, dining room and kitchen is one big great room shaped like an L, with the kitchen and dining room on the long part and the living room on the short end.

McKayla enjoyed helping. She'd pull the carpet back for us, bring us the dust ban and broom or anything else we needed. I think her favorite was helping paint the baseboards. :-)

As with all projects, especially large scale, we hit a few snafus. Rain made it difficult to cut boards. We hit a brief snag in the kitchen when we discovered the flooring was raised on an extra layer of plywood to make the linoleum even with the carpeting. Unfortunately, that flooring went underneath the cabinets, and …

Digitally Drawn Pet Portraits

A friend and fellow Dane lover has started a new business. You email her a photo of your pet and she digitally draws on it and emails the new one about 3 days later. Her fee is nominal and the portraits can be added to anything of your liking for an additional fee.

Fitness Friday ~ 12th week

Well, still not much of a Fitness post.

Like I thought, making these posts is a good kick in the ass. I'm getting tired of having blank FF posts and I can't just stop, so I have to start working out again. Besides, my Mema gave me some of the CUTEST sundresses!! I WILL fit into them by next spring. I WILL!

I attempted to do some Yoga yesterday, but didn't get very far. Just wasn't feeling it and McKayla wasn't being cooperative (read: bedtime battle).

I tried again today and succeeded in doing 1 mini workout but started feeling "off". I guess I need to work myself back up again.

Here's to hoping next week has more progress. I just need to get in the groove again.

Wish me luck!

New Glasses

I bought my first pair of glasses the other day from I don't wear glasses. I don't like how you can see out the sides and top and bottom. I much prefer contacts....having worn them for years. BUT sometimes I just don't have time to throw my contacts in and wanted a pair of glasses for those such occasions. 
A friend claimed an offer one day on FB, so I thought I'd check it out. Pretty cool deal they had. I paid $35 for these glasses, shipping and all and they would have been about $140 without the coupon code. They also came with a glass case, cleaning cloth, cleaning solution and a screwdriver (that tickles me, but I don't know if that's the "norm" when buying glasses).
I'm really liking them. They're black and purple and I think look really good. I'm horrible when it comes to buying sunglasses that "fit" my face right and was a little concerned buying these "sight unseen". They have a virtual fitting roo…


They told me the big black Lab's name was Reggie, as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill and the people really friendly. I'd only been in the area for 6 months, but everywhere I went in the small college town, people were welcoming and open. Everyone waves when you pass them on the street.

But something was still missing as I attempted to settle in to my new life here and I thought a dog couldn't hurt. Give me someone to talk to. And I had just seen Reggie's advertisement on the local news. The shelter said they had received numerous calls right after, but they said the people who had come down to see him just didn't look like "Lab people", whatever that meant. They must've thought I did.

At first, I thought the shelter had misjudged me in giving me Reggie and his things, which consisted of a dog pad, bag of toys almost all of which were brand new tennis balls, his dishes and a sealed letter from his previous owner.

See, …

Bike Ride and Riverfront Concert

Saturday was a rare day that John was off and the weather was nice (read: not 100+degrees or raining). We decided to take the kids out to the Greenway for some bike riding and to play on the playground.

Pool Time!

Rio says no water is needed tho. LOL

Bedtime Battles

I love this girl to death but these nighttime battles are getting old, seriously.

"I need to pee." You did, right before we came to your room.

"I need to put my cup in the sink." Why didn't you put them in the sink when I asked if you had any cups in your room when I was loading the dishwasher?

"I need to tell Chris night-night". You did when I told you it was time for bed.

"I need to give Chris a hug." Why didn't you hug him when you went to tell him night-night a sec ago.?

"I want you to read to me." We just read 4 books and you read 2.

"I want you to scratch my back." For a few minutes.*insert snoring mommy*

"I want you to fix my covers." I KEEP fixing your covers! Stay in bed and they wouldn't get messed up!

The list goes on.

Fitness Friday ~ 11th week

I give up. My fitness regime has fallen by the wayside. All I'm succeeding in doing is filling my blog full of nonsense.

For whatever reason tho, I still feel compelled to DO a Fitness Friday blog post even if I have nothing to blog about. Maybe in the hopes I'll start back up, keep the momentum, so to speak.

Please forgive me blog readers.......

Gonna keep truckin'

I had stated on FB that I don't have an exiting life. I don't travel to far away exotic places, hell, I don't travel much at all. I don't have a "cool" job or have exciting adventures. The extent of my "adventures" is shopping for the necessities, with a few "fun" trips thrown in. I'm just your run-of-the-mill stay-at-home mom. I take care of the kids, the house and the critters and that's about it. I don't make anything. I don't bake. And I don't train anything.

So it makes me wonder if I should even continue blogging. If anything, it's with fits and starts. The only real consistency is my Fitness Friday posts and I can't expect people to want to read that garbage.

I'm gonna keep trucking along tho. Maybe more people are lurkers than commenters. Someone is bound to get enjoyment out of it, even if it's only me keeping a journal.


Anyone that is owned by a Dane or knows someone owned by one, knows all about Dane Related Injuries. Their feet, their smart bump, their tails. Hell, their whole body is a weapon.

I've had a busted nose, black eyes, covered in bruises and scratches. People probably think John abuses me and usually eye me with suspicion when I tell them it's my dog.

Men should wear cups and all should wear full body gear when in the company of Danes.

When they say "gentle giant", they mean in temperament b/c these giants are all BUT gentle in their lovings.  :-D

What are some of y'alls DRI's?

Riverfront Concert

Every Saturday throughout August and September, downtown Chattanooga holds a free concert series. They have several vendors, activities and the biggest kicker for me; it's dog friendly!! They have the "Dog Pound" which is soley designated for dogs. They have bowls of water, a wading pool and treats. Saturday, they had a couple vendors selling collars and they also had a mobile vet out.

(I didn't take a single picture this time. Gasp! The horror, I know! Next time I promise to do better.)
My friend Jacqueline and her niece (along with Oscar, her dachsund) picked McKayla, Rio and I up (John had to work) and then we met Terri and her son and their dog Peanut. Finding parking was a nightmare, but after circling what felt like hours, we scored a fairly decent spot.

The walk down was fairly uneventful. Quite a few comments about the little dog and big dog. Rio did get slightly spooked by the giant "dogs" pulling carriages (he'd never seen a horse before), but…

Fitness Friday ~ 10th week

Here it is Sunday night and I'm just now making a post, I'm getting really behind now. Oops!

No fitness to speak off, still moving, moving, moving, so at least I'm being active. I DID, however, measure and weigh myself today and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I've gained 2 lbs since last weigh, obviously I'd rather lose but I'm still happy I didn't gain more.
Bust ~ lost 1/2 inch
Waist ~ lost 1/2 inch
Hips ~ lost 1 whole inch

Woohoo! SO relieved to see a difference even withOUT doing my exercises. I'm not stopping them by no means, but it's nice to see that improvements are still happening and I don't feel quite as guilty for not doing them. Just imagine what I'd accomplish if I kept up with the exercises.....that's incentive enough.


Hello, my name's Jennifer and I'm addicted to Pinterest. I wasn't able to pin anything for awhile as my laptop died and no matter how easy they make phones surf the internet (altho, they have done something lately to make it easier pinning from the phone), nothing beats an actual computer. I absolutely LOVE it, altho I probably won't do half of what I've pinned, it's still nice to dream, right? :-)