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Just as the title says, this is a teaser of a blog post to come about this adorable little guy that came to our house today. Hope the suspense won't kill ya. ;-)

Sleepovers, shrinky dinks, golf and puppies!

This past weekend was a time of fun for McKayla and Chris. 
McKayla went to Aunt Leslie's to spend the night with Ly. It was the first time McKayla had spent the night away from home, without Mommy and Daddy and no reason to (i.e. we didn't have plans). They made bracelets from shrinky dinks. They colored the charms and then watched them bake. Aunt Leslie forgot to punch holes in the charms to string them, but hopefully she'll figure out a way to do that so McKayla can bring hers home.
Law came over here to spend the night with Chris. The boys played two rounds of golf at Sir Goony's. My dad and brother tagged along and we had a blast. Law was a little violent on his first couple of tries, sending the ball flying every which way. Luckily, he quickly got the hang of it and we didn't have to watch for flying balls.

Skunk Impression

Rio is a wuss. A wimp. A scaredy-cat. I've exposed him and exposed him and exposed him but he still freaks out over some things.

This particular time involved a helium filled balloon, that according to him, was alive.....

He's lying on the love-seat eyeballing this balloon as it dips and rises in the air. Barks getting louder and louder. Hair on his back rising. Going from laying to standing on the couch. Never taking his eyes off the evil balloon. Meanwhile, Katie is positive he's alerting to an intruder in the yard and is barking HER fool head off at the front door.

John is tired of listening to him, grabs the balloon and starts heading down the hallway. Rio, feeling brave, proceeds to follow John, arching his neck out to sniff the balloon. John turns quickly around (balloon still in hand) and Rio does his Scooby impersonation as all 4 legs go in opposite directions. He finally gets his legs to cooperate with him and dives for the couch. We're cracking up and then i…

Chattanooga Kennel Club Dog Show

(MAJOR Photo Dump)
This weekend  (9/15-9/16) was the Chattanooga Kennel Clubs dog show held at Camp Jordan in East Ridge, TN.
I wasn't able to make it on Saturday as I was helping Sonny at the market, but I did get results and pictures.
Judge: C C McGowan. 2 pts Dogs & Bitches
WD: Davinci's Barber of Seville RWD: Blackstone Jerdans Otto Be N Pictures WB: Aileron-Thorncrest's Sky Of The Tomka RWB: Dundane's Shooting Star At Skylark WB went BOB over Specials to finish! BOS: Davinci's Barber of Seville SD: GCH Jay's Icon Rule The World SB: Moonriver N Danedvor You Take My Breath Away


Privacy has become such a hard thing to hold onto lately. So many places ask for your name, telephone number, zip code and address, next they'll start asking for your social security number. Has privacy gone out the window?

All these social media sites ask all kinds of information; where you went to school, where you work, where you grew up and where you live now, etc. I understand that for places like FB (which is the only social media site *I* use), they ask you those questions so you can "connect" with other people that went to your school, where you work, where you grew up or where you live now BUT at least FB gives you the option to leave that blank.

Maybe I'm just a paranoid person, but I don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry to know everything about me or how to contact me. So why can't these other sites give you the option to keep some aspects of your life private, IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO! and not force you to share every little thing. Isn't there a h…

Grandparent's Visiting Fiasco

(Just a warning. This is quite the novel.)

A visit from my grandparents causes a marathon house cleaning. Clothes, dog toys, kids toys, sweeping, mopping, dishes, etc. My house looks like any other household with kids (a husband) and animals BUT, my Mema is a clean-FREAK! (She used to make me brush my hair outside over the porch railing so as to not get any hair in the house......guess no one told her that you shed constantly LOL. She also made my mother strip on the front porch {they lived in the country with no neighbors}, take a shower and then come and pick the hair off her clothes after riding her horse before she did anything else............just to name a few of her "quirks"). For obvious reasons, I like to have my house presentable for their visit, if anything so as not to give her any cause to notice any "filth" (now, filth, in her mind, could be a washcloth out of place). So that caused me to go into a cleaning frenzy until about 5 in the morning o.0.


Ain't Happening

Some of y'all will be happy to know that I'm 'cancelling' the Fitness Friday posts. There's no point in keeping up with them when I have nothing to say. At first, I was hoping that by doing the posts, it would help keep me motivated....and they did at first....but just that one week of NOT doing any fitness snowballed into many weeks of nothing.

And before you ask, I haven't given up completely on my fitness. It's still in the back of my mind and I WILL start back up at some point (hopefully) in the not so distant future. I'm still paying attention to what I eat, so it's not a complete loss. I have a few sundresses that I'm DYING to get into, and I'm hoping I could reach that goal by next spring/summer.

So, you're welcome (LOL). No more Fitness Friday least not until I start doing them again.

Ad Designing

My mother use to be an ad designer for a newspaper publication. She's worked in that department for years, so she has "skills" building ads. She's retired now, but misses doing things like that and has decided to set up "shop" and build ads for anyone that would want one.

Here are a couple examples. Granted, these are for Danes but she can do any kind of ad, from cars, to homes, to businesses.