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Sleepovers, shrinky dinks, golf and puppies!

This past weekend was a time of fun for McKayla and Chris. 

McKayla went to Aunt Leslie's to spend the night with Ly. It was the first time McKayla had spent the night away from home, without Mommy and Daddy and no reason to (i.e. we didn't have plans). They made bracelets from shrinky dinks. They colored the charms and then watched them bake. Aunt Leslie forgot to punch holes in the charms to string them, but hopefully she'll figure out a way to do that so McKayla can bring hers home.

Law came over here to spend the night with Chris. The boys played two rounds of golf at Sir Goony's. My dad and brother tagged along and we had a blast. Law was a little violent on his first couple of tries, sending the ball flying every which way. Luckily, he quickly got the hang of it and we didn't have to watch for flying balls.

Chris and Uncle Bryan


Rawr! Dad is standing behind
the dino. You can see the
height on this sucker.

Law, Uncle Bryan and Chris
pondering what to do.

My phone started dying so it cut off the flash. I still think these pictures came out fairly decently even withOUT the flash.


Chris waiting for us.

Law looking for his ball.

Chris and Law.

And now for the puppies! My sister-in-law had a little Beagle female show up at their property awhile back, she seemed somewhat cared for (except for roaming about a bit). After some checking, they discovered her owners who said they couldn't keep her at their house. Well, as intact bitches are known to do, she got pregnant and decided it was safer to have her pups at my sister-in-laws house. Yippie! She ended up having 3 puppies under the trailer. At first, she wouldn't have anything to do with them and was snapping at anyone that came near her. My sister-in-law ended up taking the 3 pups inside and feeding them formula the first night and day. Thankfully, they were able to get Little Joe to start nursing and they are doing wonderfully now.

My brother-in-law had been talking about wanting a little mini-farm, so Kat decided to name the puppies Cow, Goat and Chicken. LOL

It sure was a busy, fun-filled weekend!


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