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5th Annual Bark in the Park!!!!

Saturday, Oct. 13th is the 5th annual Bark in the Park at Heritage Dog Park in Chattanooga, TN!! I absolutely LOVE this event! It's such great fun. You get to meet a lot of new people with the same minds AND it's great socializing for the dogs! Fun activities and great vendors, it's just plain fun!

Quoted from their event page:
"Bring your dog in costume and join our "Spooky Pooch" parade at the annual Bark in the Park, the premier event for dogs and dog lovers. This free event includes an adoption fair, rabies clinic, vendor market, "Dogs at Work" demos, face painting, a "Pet PAWlour", contests, great food, live music and a real fire engine. Bring a dog food contribution for our many participating rescue groups. Proceeds will be used to provide paved wheelchair paths at Heritage Dog Park. Presented by Friends of East Brainerd, Chattanooga Parks and Recreation, Brewer Media and The Ark."

To make it even better?! Three. Yes, three! of "my" rescues are gonna be there this year! I LOVE these guys (gals?) and what they do!

Dames for Danes Great Dane Rescue. Here's their FB page.

SHARP (Safe Haven Animal Rescue Program). Here's their FB page.

Pit Happens Pit Bull Rescue (That link is to their FB page.)

(For whatever reason, the FB links I posted can't be viewed unless you're signed into FB {except for Pit Happens}.....but that's a simple fix; just log in! LOL)

Other rescues (who are just as equally awesome as "my" rescues :-D), vendors and activities going on this year:

Chattanooga Parks & Recreation
Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy
McKamey Animal Center
DOGood Chattanooga
Westie Rescue of Tennessee
For the Love of Dogs
Pet Placement Center
Noah's Bark Animal Rescue and Rehab
Greyhound Pets of America
Road to Recovery Rehab and Rescue
Emily's Friends Rescue

Four contests (with prizes):
Owner Look-Alike
Best Costume
Best Trick
Ugliest Dog
And of course, the Spooky Pooch parade.

Food is being provided by Boy Scout Troop 69 and proceeds go back to their troop. There will also be a Shaved-Ice vendor, and he is giving a portion of his profits to the Boy Scouts.

Dogs-At-Work demonstrations:
Chattanooga Police K9 (Police Dog)
Hamilton County Sheriff K9 (Drug Dog)
Georgia K9 (Advanced Obedience and Narcotics)
Golden Rule (Obedience and Retrieving)
Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy (Wheelchair Assistance and Therapy)

Vendors (as of today 10-4), still confirming new vendors:
Let Me Out!!!! Pet Sitting Service
Hot Dawg!
Bid Daddy Biscuits
Just Doggone Cute
Scarlett M'Lady
Pampered Paws and Yard Dawgs
Jane Morrow Charms

Live Music (Various Artists, including Chattanooga Songwriters Association, First Choice Entertainment and Nota-Rioty Quartet from 11:00AM-3:00PM

Doggie Pools for the dogs
Face Painting
Pet PAWlour (hair bows/nail painting/paw prints)
Animal Balloon Maker

Sponsors will also have a lot of give-aways, and we will have dog treats and frisbees to give away at the gazebo. Taking dog food donations (for the rescue groups) and plastic grocery bags (to refill the pet waste stations in the park).

Bark in the Park is always the second Saturday of October. Current weather forecast that day is mostly sunny, high of 71 degrees. Perfect pooch playing weather!!

Heritage Dog Park is a fee-based park ($25 per year per family - up to four dogs) but during Bark in the Park the large dog side will be open to the public. The annual fees go back to McKamey Animal Center and the Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy (which trains wheelchair assistance dogs). The park is access controlled with a proximity card to enter and leave the park. You must provide card to enter and leave the park. You must provide current rabies certifications for each dog, and they receive a special park tag for their collar.

If you're in the area come on to Bark in the Park! Would love to meet you!

If you CAN'T make it, be sure to check back here as I'll post about all the fun things that went on and I'll probably have a major photo dump too. :-D


11:00 ~ Roaming Dog Fashions (by Beehive Hair Studio)
11:30 ~ Chattanooga Police (K9 Demo)
12:00 ~ Sheriff (K9 Drug Dogs)
12:30 ~ Owner Look-a-Like
12:45 ~ Best Trick Contest
1:00  ~ Best Costume Contest
1:15  ~ Ugliest Dog Contest
1:30  ~ GA K9 (Obedience/Narcotics)
2:00  ~ Golden Rule (Obedience/Retrieval)
2:30  ~ Goodwill Assistance (Wheelchair/Therapy Dog

Opening Ceremony/Events
10:00 ~ Welcome - Craig Downs (Bark in the Park)
10:05 ~ Greetings - Jack Benson, Larry L. Henry, Larry Zehunder & Missy Crutchfield
10:25 ~ Welcome - Jennifer Dobler/FOEB
10:30 ~ Dedication of Park Benches (donated by FOEB/Hubfest...Jack Benson/Larry L. Henry
10:35 ~ Presentation of U.S. Capital flag (donated by Rep. Chuck Fleishchman.....Jack Benson/Larry L. Henry)
10:40 ~ Presentation/Dedication of flag pole (donated by Boy Scout Troop 69 and Dan Carmichael
             Flag Ceremony by Boy Scout Troop 69
             Star Spangled Banner & God Bless America by Nicholas Hickman
11:00 ~ Spooky Pooch Parade (led by Heri the hound and Mirabelle)
11:10 ~ Nota-Rioty Quartet
11:35 ~ Nicholas Hickman

First Choice Entertainment And Chattanooga Songwriter's Association Present:
11:50 ~ Abigail Blake
12:20 ~ Justin Yates
12:50 ~ Leslie Marshall
1:20   ~ Mary Katherine Shields
1:50   ~ Anthony Quails
2:15   ~ Hana Paper (Classical Guitar with a twist)
2:40   ~ "A Man Called Bruce"

(I apologize for any errors in spelling as the print is rather small.)


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