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I Came, I Saw


Oh it was sooo much fun!!! So many great vendors, rescues, people and dogs!

We got there about 10 (an hour earlier than I was shooting for.....I was actually early for once!!! LOL) and stayed till about 2.

First was the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America sung by Nicholas Hickman. Now let me tell y'all something about this boy: he had one ROCKING VOICE!!! He sang both songs superbly and I had chills and actual tears during the entire performance. Absolutely beautiful!

Then came the Spooky Pooch Parade, led by Mirabelle and her servants, I mean owners. :-

I then decided to let Rio run around in the dog park to burn off some energy. I think we might pay the membership ($25 a year) to go there, it was lovely! (The grass is really lush and green, but my cell phone just doesn't pick it up.)

NONE of these dogs belonged to this guy LOL

Then it was time for the Halloween contest. Rio was a mouse. :-D Dad had told me that I should've named him Mouse b/c of his coloring and b/c of how big he would get, LOL. We didn't win, but that's ok, we still had a blast!

We're beside the "cow family"....A...DOR...ABLE!
I look rather thrilled and Rio looks bored LOL

This is my new favorite pic of him. :-)

His mouse-trap I made.

This little dude was the contest winner. I think he
deserved it!!

These are just random shots of people, dogs and vendors there. It was a little difficult snapping pictures with my phone that takes forever to focus and then having a Dane "leading" the way at times LOL

He got tired of Mom jabbering away. Note the "I'm
not looking at you" pose he's got going. LOL

Rio seeing some Dane friends again.

Tory and her handsome boy with her foster
pup in the background.

This poor puppy! LOL

This is my friends Pit, Nina.

Rio behaved fairly well until he saw Harley, then it
was ON! He LOVES playing with him.

This was HALF of the vendors there.

The free book vendor in the foreground and more
vendors in the background.

This little Pom was just too cute!

Harley and new "sis".


Here's a couple shot of my "goodies". Only one item was paid for and that was my purple Pit Happens t-shirt, the proceeds went to helping them out.

  • 2 t-shirts
  • 2 frisbees
  • 3 free books for McKayla
  • A calendar
  • A portable water bowl
  • A Gentle Leader
  • A clicker
  • 3 sample bags of 3 different foods
  • $25 off at a hair salon
  • A green bandanna for Rio
  • A hairbrush/mirror combo (perfect purse size)

Oh it was so much fun! I'm already looking forward to next years event! :-D


  1. GREAT photos! Thanks for coming out and sharing your stories and photos with us! Looking forward to seeing you again next year. LOVED the mouse trap, didn't see it on Saturday, fabulous! ;.)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I enjoyed myself immensely (if you couldn't tell LOL).

      Yeah, the mouse-trap was a last minute touch and I wanted him to "wear" it on his tail, but it wouldn't stay. I ended up carrying it, along with his "nose" LOL It wouldn't have mattered too much anyway, he got bored at the contest and ended up laying down, so no one would've seen it anyway LOL


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