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North Carolina Trip

Last Tuesday (Oct. 23rd) John, McKayla, Mom and I (Chris couldn't go b/c of school and he was with his dad) headed to NC to visit my grandparents. It was McKayla's first visit to their house and her first long trip period. I had been trying for months to get up there but John's work schedule made it damn near impossible. Luckily, he had taken that particular week off so I could go to the Dane Nationals in KS and since I couldn't make it for that, it seemed perfect to go to NC.

Granted, I've lived in TN (and pretty much the same area) my whole life so I could be somewhat biased, but I love it here. The mountains are absolutely breathtaking, awe-inspiring and humbling. Seeing them tower of you with their majesty just sends chills down my spine. They're especially beautiful in the fall. God's paintbrush at it's finest. Sadly, I couldn't capture the artwork.

We arrived about 6:30 Tuesday evening. It's normally about a 6 hour trip but we made it in 5 hours and that was with two 'pit-stops'. McKayla did absolutely wonderful on her first long distance trip, no complaining or crying and she only napped for about 45 minutes or so.

That "star" in the center is actually the doorknob.

My favorite room growing up; the sun room. I'd spend hours
in here reading.

The 'blue room' and our room for our stay.

The window valance in the 'blue room', I just love it.

The green room valance.

Neighbors horses

This go-cart has seen quite a few miles. It was bought for
my brother and I when we were younger. Kinda cool seeing
my kids riding it now. :-)

Great Mema and McKayla checking out the horses.

On Thursday we took a trip to see Mema's sisters, Betty and Lill. They live about 45 minutes away and it was a beautiful drive to their house. McKayla was her usual shy self but once she discovered Betty's 'bunny room', she quickly came out of her shell and spent the rest of the visit playing in there, with 'visits' back to us to tell us about the bunnies. :-)

Great Aunt Betty and Mema

These pictures were taken the day we were leaving. I actually had a moment of panic and thought 'I've hardly taken any pictures! Get on the ball girl!' I also had this irresistible urge to photograph the whole property; the house, the yard, the rooms, all of it. I won't bore you with all of those tho :-)

McKayla and Ms Lucy

Papa taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. :-)

Whenever she sees me taking pictures, she HAS to have her
picture done and I'm happy to oblige. :-)

My mom had my cousin make these pictures for my grandparents. The top pic is the house my Papa grew up in and the other is where my Mema grew up. The trees and grass are all painted but the houses and such are all raised/3D. There's a swing and flower pot on Papa's house and a swing and butter churn on Mema's house.

We left about 3:30 Friday afternoon and got home about 9:30. While we were gone, I had my sis-in-law and her brother-in-law taking care of the dogs. Apparently it wasn't enough b/c we came home to pure chaos. They had messed in the floor, gotten in the garbage, and counter-surfed. The biggest hit was my chewed key fob. We had left the Jeep key in case Leslie might need it and apparently it got knocked into the floor. I had set the alarm before we had left and that was our only key fob. The key that we have (that was NOT chewed) is, I think, the valet key b/c it doesn't disable the alarm. John tried several different things he'd read online to try and manually disarm it, but apparently that model ('98) can only be done at the dealership. Good news; John found 2 key fobs online for $13 and free shipping, bad news; it'll take a week or so before they get here, so I'm home-bound until we can get the new fobs programmed to the Jeep (which means we'll have to have it towed to the Jeep dealership, ugh.).

Even with the fiasco we came home too, it was a wonderful visit. It wasn't racked with confusion like their last visit down here. Mema didn't freak out over having extra people in her house, McKayla was on her best behavior and John didn't freak out too much being stuck 300 miles away from home with my family LOL

And here's some parting shots of the mountains on our way home. Did I mention how much I love them? ;-)


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