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Word Play

My family is notorious for messing up words or making up our own. I thought it might be fun to make a list of sorts to showcase them all.

Popping The Mush ~
Years ago, when my mom worked at the Quality Shopper (a local newspaper), she'd also clean the offices after hours to make some extra money. At the time, we were going to the walking track after work. On this particular evening, I was helping her and asked if we could go when we got done. She looked at me and said "Jennifer, I'm tired. I've been popping the mush all day and I just want to go home!"
Translation ~ Pushing the mop

Embryo's ~
My brother was going to start playing soccer and told my parents that he needed a pair of embryo's for practice.
Translation ~ Umbros

Ides Are Rosey ~
As all teenagers are prone to have bouts of melodramatic actions, I've had my fair share. On this particular time, I was mad at my mom (reasons unknown now) and went storming out of the house, hell bent on running away. Slamming the door and all. It was winter and had just recently rained. I started slipping on the road and decided that maybe this wasn't the time to strike out on my own, so I came back home. Mom, in her wisdom just smiled and asked what was wrong and I told her the ides where too rosey.
Translation ~ Roads were Icy

Pimples ~
My brother was talking about the doctor putting drops in his eyes to make his pimples bigger.
Translation ~ pupils

Crackanack ~
My mom, brother and I were heading up to visit my grandparents one year and my brother wanted to wear his Halloween costume to show it off. We stopped a few miles from their house so he could put it on, but was having some issues with it. He said he had a major crackanack, which then turned into Senor Crackanack.
Translation ~ Crack Attack

Fleetwater Sweamarket ~ We were heading home from a trip to the mountains visiting my grandparents. My mom and step-dad were in one vehicle and I was riding with my dad. Mom called to ask where we were and Dad told her we where passing the Fleetwater Sweamarket.
Translation ~ Sweetwater Fleamarket

Ca-now-ma-nit ~ A high school friend lived on a Dairy Farm and we decided to go trucking through the field to go to the creek one day. Right at the gate, the ground is nothing but a sludgy mixture of mud and manure. When we were heading out, I was having difficulty navigating the sludge b/c the suction was so great. In fact, it was SO great, it actually pulled my sole completely OFF my boot. It was rather humurous so we were telling people how bad the cow shit was. I went to tell my mother and trying to clean it up a bit told her the canowmanit was so bad.
Translation ~ Cow shit to cow manure

Macoola ~ My husband was playing with our daughter one day. She went running off to her room and he yelled Macoola to get her back.
Translation ~ McKayla

Memapa ~ My brother was talking to my grandparents and as all children are prone to do, kept repeating their name, only this time it came out Memapa.
Translation ~ Mema + Papa

Dramastically ~ One of mom's coworkers came up with this word accidentally but it's another one we like so much. We use it regularly.
Translation ~ Dramatic and drastically

Surbubs ~ Mom was trying to explain to one of her coworkers that Ooltewah was a surbub of Chattanooga.
Translation ~ suburb

Diabetty ~ My Mema was telling my parents that she thoughts she was diabetic. I told her that she wasn't diabetty, she was diamema.
Translation ~ Betty is her sister.

Fart pit ~ My cousin was dating her now husband and they went to the part store to get a part for her car. While they were working on it, she walked in and asked if the fart pit.
Translation ~ Part fit

Clinked ~ You're on the computer and you clink.
Translation ~ Clicked a link

Frickets ~
This isn't one of our personal mess ups, but one we like and occasional use. A radio DJ was announcing they had frickets for an upcoming concert.
Translation ~ Free Tickets

Cdingles ~ A radio show was having a contest. The 10th caller would win a Cdingle.
Translation ~ CD single

Sometimes you have people that say words that are mispronounced, but they think they're correct:

DEB-riss ~ My mom's mother-in-law was talking about all the debriss they had to clean up after the tornadoes in Alabama.
Translation ~ Debris

Threadmill and Cartridge ~ Again, my mom's mother-in-law was going in for a stress test, but she couldn't walk on the threadmill b/c she had no cartridge in her knee.
Translation ~ Treadmill and Cartilage

These aren't messed up words per se, but just cute little things:

Mom! I can't draw on my head! ~ When I was 3 or so, I was caught drawing on my mother's sewing machine. Of course, she got mad and yelled at me saying "Jennifer! Use your head!" In which I replied, "Mom! I can't draw on my head!!"
Translation ~ I obviously took it in the literal sense LOL

Papa, sun's open! ~ When I was about 3, I spent the week at my grandparents. I slept in the bed with my Papa and I woke him up the next morning, telling him the sun was open.
Translation ~ sun's up

Butt's cracked ~ McKayla was running around playing one day and fell down on her butt. She started crying and my mother, trying to get her to laugh it off, told her "Look! You cracked your butt!" McKayla went around the rest of the day, saying her butt was cracked.

I hope you got as much of a chuckle as we did when we said them. :-D


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