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I feel like I'm failing my blog. I've had nothing of real importance to blog about. Instead, I've loaded it with Great Dane standards and other things, which is OK if you like stuff like that, but it's not really about me or any adventures we've had; which was the whole point of this blog.

This time of year kinda makes those adventures hard to come by. When the weather gets cold and icky I'm a bit of a hibernator in that I hole up in my house with a blanket and hot chocolate. I only go out if absolutely necessary. That leaves a decided lack of things to blog about.

Now I sit at home, getting ready for Thanksgiving and the chaos that comes with having a ton of people in your home. After that is Christmas decorating, shopping, sending out Christmas cards and trying not to pull my hair out. Trying to decide what to get everyone and wishing, yet once again, that I had started my shopping in September (but it's really hard to get in the Christmas spirit when we're still wearing shorts and t-shirts).

So bare with me, I'll have things to blog about once again, but in the meantime, don't be surprised to see me blog about something that has absolutely nothing to do with me or my family, but that I find interesting or inspiring. See it as an intermission of sorts and then once the weather likes me again, we'll have more adventures for me to blog about.


  1. It is for exactly this reason that I detest the holidays.

    1. It's a love-hate relationship for me. LOL

  2. Jen, the blog shouldn't be a chore, it should be an outlet when you want to use it. I enjoy all the posts, boring, factual, and fun filled!
    As far as the holidays, I have had a total life re-evaluation as a result of illess and aging. ;) I told my son that this is the first year I feel, absolutely no pressure, and will enjoy the holiday. He pointed out that 'they' never had an agenda, the stress always came from my own feelings of what I had to produce.

    This year we are doing minimal gifts, as the boys are older and most of the items they want are adult (costly). We are focsing on food and time together. The boys are helping me cook this year - and for the first time I feel I have it under control. We always have a huge brunch, and then do a TON of appetizer food in the early evening.. through the middle of the night. We usually buy the movie which was the big hit of the year and watch it as a family as we eat.

    We always go to Christmas Eve 6:00 services, and then come home and eat chili and cheese biscuits in front of the fire while playing dominoes. When the boys were young, we would load them up for a late night ride to see Christmas lights, or walk the square in Woodstock with the dogs. Now we all drink, lol, so we stay home and party/laugh together.

    Blessings to you during the holidays! Whatever you write on your blog is enjoyable for me... the selfish one over here watching from afar. <3

  3. Aww Court, I never thought it was a chore, I actually really enjoy doing it and glad you enjoy reading it. :-D And I do love the holidays, most of the stress I feel is b/c *I* do it to myself LOL I'm a bit of a perfectionist and stress over stuff working out right, it usually does tho. :-)

    We have the family over here for Thanksgiving dinner and then we all load up and head to this house that puts on a spectacular light display, complete with music.

    As far as Christmas is concerned, we concentrate more on the kids. We usually take a trip downtown to see the window display units....a tradition we started when Chris was born :-) John and I have Christmas morning with the kids and exchanging gifts and the the family (grandparents) come over that afternoon for food and gifts.

    Love you Court! <3


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