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Playing in the dark

The only decent picture I got.

Yesterday was such a nice day that I decided to take Rio out for a playdate. Even though I have a house to get ready for tomorrow and Christmas presents to finish, I couldn't pass it up. We got started off late as John had asked if I could pick up some chips for a company lunch.....of course he asks right as I'm leaving. So McKayla and I head to Walmart to sit in line for 30 minutes for 3 measly bags of chips. I race back home to pick up Rio and call John to tell him I'm on my way, only to discover that this lunch was actually for next Tuesday! Thanks hun!

By the time we were finally ready to leave, it was getting dark and I still had about a 30 minute drive to pick up Jessica and her pit, Layla. I was game for playing in the dark and so was she, so we said what the hell. I had never been to Jessica's house before and of course, I ended up passing her house and had to loop around to get back to it (she lives on a busy road so there was no U-turning). It had been awhile since Layla and Rio had seen each other (Bark in the Park), so we thought it safe to let them greet before tossing Layla into the Jeep. As soon as they saw each other, Rio play bowed and so did Layla.....I think that went pretty well LOL

We get to Collegedale Dog Park at dark, not really surprised to see it empty and let the dogs run and play. I think it was pretty even between the amount of time they spent sniffing the park and actual playing, but they were panting at the end of 30 minutes and my toes were going numb ( I protest winter as long as possible by wearing flip-flops LOL), so we figured it was time to leave.

We then decided to head over to Petsmart before we headed home. Rio immediately announced himself when he saw another dog and started barking and jumping. I actually had to tell customers that he was indeed friendly, but that he thinks any dog he sees is a playmate. Rio got the normal comments "you forgot his saddle", "He's only 19 months!? How much bigger will he get?" and so on. Poor Layla was ignored even tho she'd walk up to people who were petting Rio. I don't understand it, Layla is the sweetest, gentlest dog I've ever seen, was even allowing McKayla to walk her, but people avoided her like the plague because of her "breed". 'Tis sad really.

(Apologizing once again for the crappy photos, still only have my phone but hope Santa gets me a good camera for Christmas :-D )

Ahhhh! Zombie dog!!

Looking at Layla, who he had
just booted off the seat.

Giving him the stink-eye for
booting her.

"You scratch me and I give kisses, win win!"

It was a great afternoon/evening. Even tho it was dark and chilly, the dogs still enjoyed themselves and that's all that matters. We're gonna shoot for getting together on Friday too, hopefully we'll make it before dark this time LOL


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