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Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Lights

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. It's a good day to be thankful for a lot of things but it's important to be thankful the other 364 days of the year too.

The family came to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. John's Mom and Dad, my Mom, step-dad, Dad and brother. Dinner was about 6 b/c Bryan (brother) had to to work til 5. We cooked the turkey and made potato salad, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. Mom and Sonny brought broccoli casserole and sweet potato casserole. Dad brought collard greens and green beans. John's Mom and Dad brought pecan pie and homemade banana pudding. And of course we had rolls and cranberries.....shit! I just realized we forgot to open the can of cranberries, oh well, we forgot about the ambrosia in the fridge too LOL

The spread:
I love our island. It's perfect for big dinners and even has a power strip built in for warming plates.

Waiting for the food to be ready:
Didn't have long to wait as most was ready and just needed warming up.

McKayla waiting with Uncle Bryan and Grandpa

Playing with Grandpa

Time to dig in!!:
Nom nom nom!

Katie politely mooching LOL

After-Turkey comas:
After full bellies and sitting around, it's hard to stay awake LOL

Playing with Meme

Mom was laughing that there was something
very wrong with having to reach as far as you
could to pet a dog that was beside you

One very happy and very full little girl.

Following tradition, on Friday, we took McKayla to this house for their Christmas light display. Every year they put on a spectacular light show complete with music. On the first night, they have a bonfire with chairs around and people walking in and out of the garage, but we figured it was family visiting......turns out we were wrong! As we are sitting in the Jeep listening to the music and watching the dancing lights, a lady (the owner of the house) invites us to the garage for hot chocolate, apple cider, cookies and popcorn. 

I tried to take pictures and video, but they just didn't turn out right (Santa needs to bring me a new camera for Christmas hint-hint LOL), so these are from their website:

This family is just amazing in what they do for our community. The whole display use to take up their whole yard and people would have to park on the side of the street (not a busy rode btw), but neighbors started complaining about the traffic. Instead of just stopping it all together, the next year, this wonderful family graveled a new driveway through their yard and people now park in their yard to see the display. They also have a donation box right at the end and all the money goes to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Here's their website: Bradley Lights for fun FAQ about all that goes into setting up this display and their FB page to see the set-up process.

What are some of YOUR family Thanksgiving traditions?


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