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A Dane Christmas Poem

A Dane Christmas Poem

T'was the night before Christmas And all through the house, Not a creature was stirring; Even the Dane on the couch.
The stockings were hung so frickin' high in the air, In hopes our Dane couldn't get up there. The neighbors were nestled feeling safe in their beds. While visions of big Danes zoomed in their heads.
With gizzards and chicken and bones going SNAP, The Dane hoovered dinner and prepared for a nap. When out from the crate there arose such a clatter, The Dane had to go out and empty his bladder.
Up from the floor he flew like a flash, He tore out the door and peed on the grass. He stood there so tall with a big head and lips, He blocked out the moon like a total eclipse.
When what to my wondering eye should appear But a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny danedeer. With a little old driver so lively and quick I yelled to the Dane "quick come in Rover!" He ran up the stairs and knocked me right over!
And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof, The prancing and …

DOL Secret Santa 2012

I signed Rio and Katie up for DOL's Great Dane Forum Secret Santa gift exchange. We had done this last year also and even though our gift came after Christmas (don't know what happened, but the person that got our name never sent our gift, so we had a substitute send us our gift), we had a blast watching the dogs check out their new toys.
Today was this years scheduled opening party. McKayla said she had to help them open their gifts b/c they didn't have hands and fingers like us and they couldn't open them with their mouths. They got two horking pigs, bully sticks, a rope/bone tug toy, another tug toy and a bag of yummy treats. I got a flash light for those late night potty walks and some mint chocolate. Thanks Tarheelchick! We love them!
Just a warning, this is ALL 55 pictures I took, so I wouldn't blame you for not going through all of them, but you'd miss seeing some really great shots if ya did. ;-) LOL

Christmas Puppies

We're days away from Christmas and you might be scrambling to find that "perfect gift". A puppy sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong!

Puppies aren't a good gift. Puppies are a commitment. They take time and effort and thought. Sure, puppies are cute, but they don't stay cute and cuddly forever (unless you get one of those froo-froo breeds LOL).They grow. They eat. They mess in the house. They chew up things they're not supposed to. They take training to become well behaved pets. You can't just throw them outside and expect them to be trained. The commitment is an ongoing thing. Buying a puppy should involve hours, days, even months of thought and care. Buying a puppy shouldn't be spur-of-the-moment kinda deal.

If you're really wanting to buy someone a puppy for Christmas, make them a coupon of sorts. Then, after Christmas, take them to your local shelter (or a responsible breeder) and let them pick one out. You could even give them a grab bag of…

Christmas Window Displays

On Sunday, John and I took McKayla to Chattanooga. We picked up Grandpa and Uncle Bryan (well, more like we went to their house and took Grandpa's truck) and headed downtown to see the Christmas window displays.

This is a tradition that started when my brother and I were little. Every year, our parents would take us downtown to see the window displays and then go searching for Christmas lights. We have continued the tradition by taking MY kids downtown. Chris, at 14, isn't as thrilled by them anymore and generally just zips  past each window, McKayla, on the other hand, could stand for hours, mesmerized by the sites.....ah, the joys of childhood!

Last year, it was so frigging cold, we didn't really enjoy it. The wind was whipping around the buildings so fast it'd about knock us over. THIS year, however, was a lot nicer. The weather was in the 60's, hardly any wind to speak of, so we enjoyed ourselves and took our time.

The Electric Power Board (EPB) put on a specta…

Polk County Christmas Parade

This past Saturday was Polk County, TN's annual Christmas Parade. My dear friend Jacque works with Safe Haven Animal Rescue Program (SHARP) and let us walk in the parade with them. We had walked with them last year and really had a blast, this year was no different!

Christmas Photo Op

I'll admit that I was never much for taking pictures of the critters but then Rio came along and I take hundreds of pictures now. Maybe it's b/c I've wanted a Dane for so long and now that I finally have one it's like it's still not real and the pictures are my "proof". For whatever reason, I desperately need a new camera. The one I have is ancient and never took good pictures (especially inside) and my only other option is my cell phone....let's face it, phones aren't meant to take fantastic pictures.
Anyway, I signed up for Dane's Online Holiday Card Exchange. The last 2 years, my mom has designed cards for me (these are last years cards). Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make me any this year, time-frame and she's having difficulty getting PhotoShop to work on her PC. So this year, I just bought cards (Scooby Doo in fact :-D) and then wanted to include pictures of the mutts.
I removed the baby-gate from around the tree, removed th…

MAINx24, Mutt Strut and Muttville on Main

Every December, Chattanooga, TN has a 24 hour festival called MAINx24. It celebrates Main Street and the surrounding Southside. It's completely organized by merchants, residents and friends of the Southside community and features events all day long, from parades to music to poetry readings to chili cook-offs.

We tried to make it to the parade at 11 but ran late. Were we ended up parking ended up being at the end of the parade route, so we still got to see some of it.

I think the kids enjoyed themselves.

They got their faces painted at a dentists office.