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Great Dane Play Date

I mentioned here that a friend and I had started a local Great Dane club back at the beginning of January. It's just a bunch of us in the Southeast TN area that share a love for Danes. We plan on having a lot of fun with contests, play dates and whatever else we can think of.
We've had 2 contests so far; one were we had a random drawing when we reached 100 likes and the winner won a free digitally hand-drawn portrait by Fur Real Pet Portraits:

Then we had our first photo submission contest called Puppy Love for the month of February. Members emailed us their pictures and then the one with the most "likes" was the winner. The winner received about a pound of homemade dog treats from Pibbles Nibbles and then we made a cover photo with their picture and the 2nd and 3rd place winners {and we actually had a tie for 3rd place}).

Lilly's 1st Birthday!

Birthday parties are fun, but 1st birthdays are a blast! Yesterday was my great-nieces (my nephews baby) 1st birthday and her Mommy, Kathleen, went all out on her party. She made hot pink and black tutu's for the girls (McKayla, LyAnna (my niece) and Lilly (great niece). They wore black long sleeve shirts and hot pink pants to match. Lilly's onesie shirt had a big number 1 on the front and it said "Today is my 1st birthday!" and the back said "Rollie Pollie Head 1-21-13" (rollie pollie head is her nickname from Momma LOL).

We took the kids to Build A Bear Workshop and let them pick out their new furry friends. Kathleen gave each kid $15 and they got to searching. Birthday girl picked a black teddy bear, McKayla picked out a puppy, LyAnna picked a pink kitty, Law picked a bunny, and Steven Devin picked a camo bear.

2 months of Hell

Back in April, the family and I were heading to meet my dad for lunch when a pickup truck came into our lane and clipped the driver side mirror. It landed in Johns lap, along with shards of glass. McKayla and I also got a lap full of glass (I had some in my mouth).

We called the police to file a report and thankfully he said insurance would cover the hit and run as an uninsured motorist. Phew! The guy/gal/scum was long gone, so there was no getting justice. I had wanted to go after the shithead but I think John might have been in a bit if shock, not to mention this happened near a busy intersection, so there's no telling which direction they went. (Whenever I think about the accident, I get the heebie-jeebies. Their mirror hit the CENTER of our mirror. They were within INCHES of side-swiping us or hitting us head-on. Yikes!)

That same day we contacted our insurance about the accident. This happened on a Friday and by Monday, we already had a call from the insurance adjustor! He ca…


I had quit doing the Fitness Friday posts awhile back b/c there wasn't really much of anything to blog about. I had pretty much quit doing Yoga but I was still watching what I ate, when I ate and trying to be more active. I was also trying to weigh/measure myself once a month, just to keep tabs. The last time I had done that was in October tho, oops.

Well, I measured and weighed myself today and thought I'd share those results:

Lost 2 lbs overall
Lost 2 inches in bust
Gained an inch in waist
Lost 2 1/2 inches in hips

Now, since it has been 2 months since the last time I did this, I could have either lost more weight and inches but then gained some back OR I could have gained more but I'm starting to lose it again (especially since that was during the Thanksgiving and Christmas pig-outs LOL).

I am happy either way, whether I had lost a little but only gained a few back or gained some but starting to lose it again. Doing this today has made me aware once again and I hope to …


Every little girl (or even a big girl) needs a pony to call her own. We aren't in a position to have one right now, but that didn't stop Meme from finding McKayla one for Christmas.

Butterscotch twitches her ears, moves her head and whinnies and neighs. If you're sitting on her (yes, she's rideable) and pat her hindquarters, she'll start bobbing her head up and down and making clippity-cloppity noises. You can brush her mane and tail and feed her a carrot. She responds to sound and touch. The perfect little pony. :-)

Happy New Year!!!

I hope the new year is positively.......

Take some advice from my critters.....


If life gets difficult.....
and do your best to....
So..... from my family to yours!!!