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Irish Dogs

The same day we had McKayla's 4th Birthday Party, Cierra and I decided to have a photo shoot with Rio and Apollo for our Great Dane Community's March photo contest. I picked up the "props" at Dollar Tree (I LOVE that store!). I wasn't sure how cooperative they'd be, but I think they did pretty well. :-D

Continuation of the Big 0-4 Party

Saturday we continued the birthday party fun at Imagination Station. This time it was for friends and the rest of the family. She picked My Little Pony as her theme this year. We ordered a My Little Pony cake, we had My Little Pony plates, napkins, cups, hats and tablecloth. For the girls grab bag, they got a My Little Pony cup, with 2 rings, a bracelet, a swirl straw and bubbles (courtesy of Grandpa Sonny). I did take pity on the boys so they got a Star Wars cup, a Power Rangers rubix cube, a Power Rangers mini freesbie, dino bracelets, bubbles and a swirl straw.

It was supposed to be a nice, fairly warm day but of course with anything I plan, stuff is bound to go wrong. It was a nicer day than we'd been having but it was windy and chilly. There were a lot of people there, so that meant McKayla had plenty of people to tag along with, but that also meant that parking and finding an empty picnic spot could prove difficult.

John opted to stay at the playground with the kids and Rio…

Spring Cleaning of a Different Variety

A lot of people have been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug. I have too but to a different extent. I'm not cleaning out the cobwebs in my house or rearranging the furniture for something "new". Instead, I'm cleaning out my FB page.

I had over 300 friends. I know that compared to some, that's not a lot, but for me that was crazy. I didn't "talk" to all those people. I didn't "like" their pictures or status's or comment on them. They, in turn, didn't "like" or comment on my things. In some cases, I actually had NO idea who they were! What's the point in having them as "friends" when you don't recognize/remember them or you don't interact with them?

Quite a few of them were people I went to High School with, some I wasn't even actually friends with then but talked to occasionally. Most where other Great Dane lovers, the ONLY thing we had in common where Danes. Again, there was very little, to n…

The Big 0-4

Today is McKayla's 4th birthday!
Last year we started what I hope to be a tradition. Each year, on her birthday, she gets to pick where we go out to eat and then we take her to buy a toy. This year, she picked Western Sizzlin' as her lunch choice (and a good choice I might add!). She loves going there and always gets mac n' cheese and fried okra (or "oppa" as she calls it LOL). We usually meet Grandpa and Uncle Bryan there too, so that might be part of her love of it. This time though, it was just the three of us. I told the server that today was her birthday and she was supposed to have had an announcement done over the intercom, but sadly that didn't happen. She did, however, give McKayla a balloon. :-)

Then it was time for McKayla to choose where she wanted to go pick out a toy and just like last year, she picked Build A Bear (if you couldn't see a pattern in my posts, we LOVE Build A Bear LOL).

Party Time at Partyville!

Last weekend McKayla was invited to her first non-family birthday party (my baby's growing up!). It was for a friends little boy at Partyville (an indoor inflatable bounce house) in Hixson, TN.

The set-up is pretty cute. They start off with a movie theme, with spotlights and a stage with a red rope for pictures and little paintings of cameras and such. Once you get into the area where the inflatables are, that's pretty much the end of the theme tho LOL

Monthly Measure 3/1

I'm kinda bummed. I'd been keeping up with my weight and measurements using a phone app called ColorNote. Well, I got a new phone the other day and promptly lost my old phone before I could transfer anything. ColorNote automatically backups your notes onto your SD card but that does me no good when I can't find the phone the SD card is in. So, I've lost my notes from the past 2 monthss and therefore have nothing to compare to. Guess I'm starting over.

Based on memory;
I believe I've stayed about the same weight loss. Maybe a lb or 2 difference.
I believe there's an inch difference in my bust (maybe a gain?).
I believe there's an inch difference in my waist (gain?).
I believe there's a 1/2 inch difference in my hips (another gain?).

I'm not getting an ohmygoshtheresahugedifference feeling between this months and last months. Obviously I'd prefer to be losing and not gaining but I can't complain too much about what little gain there appea…