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Continuation of the Big 0-4 Party

Saturday we continued the birthday party fun at Imagination Station. This time it was for friends and the rest of the family. She picked My Little Pony as her theme this year. We ordered a My Little Pony cake, we had My Little Pony plates, napkins, cups, hats and tablecloth. For the girls grab bag, they got a My Little Pony cup, with 2 rings, a bracelet, a swirl straw and bubbles (courtesy of Grandpa Sonny). I did take pity on the boys so they got a Star Wars cup, a Power Rangers rubix cube, a Power Rangers mini freesbie, dino bracelets, bubbles and a swirl straw.

It was supposed to be a nice, fairly warm day but of course with anything I plan, stuff is bound to go wrong. It was a nicer day than we'd been having but it was windy and chilly. There were a lot of people there, so that meant McKayla had plenty of people to tag along with, but that also meant that parking and finding an empty picnic spot could prove difficult.

John opted to stay at the playground with the kids and Rio and stake out a picnic table while I ran to Party City for balloons. They were out of the small My Little Pony balloon she wanted and the only other one they had was $10. That's pretty steep for a freaking balloon. I called John and he said to go ahead and get it b/c it was what she liked. So I buy it and 6 regular balloons.

I make it back to the party and set the massive balloons down and go walking off. When I come back to the table, I notice that my giagantic balloon is gone. Not popped, just gone. Slipped off it's string, floating away. Now, mind you, it's been tied, just like all the other balloons, to the weight I'd bought. Apparently they didn't tie it tight enough. So, I call Party City and tell them what happened. The girl says "Ummm, so do you want an exchange?". Yeah hunny, I want to exchange a balloon I DON'T have for a new one. Oy vey. (I do get to go later to get a new one BTW).

The next little fiasco was the wind. I had a big number 4 candle and then 4 little candles. The wind was blowing so hard, I could barely get the number 4 to light and stay lit, so I gave up. McKayla ended up blowing out her candle and THEN we sang Happy Birthday.

Regardless, she was happy and that's all that matters. Now onto the pictures! Enjoy!

Aunt Leslie had been sick all week, so she wasn't able to bring Ly or Law but luckily, Cierra made it with her two boys (and Apollo for Rio LOL).

Carter got a little chilly, so he hung out in Daddy's
coat for a bit, even while eating cake LOL

After enjoying Little Ceaser's Pizza and cake, it was time to open presents!

She got a Walking, Talking Pinkie Pie from Nanny and Papaw.

Pay no attention to frosting mouth LOL

5 My Little Pony figurines, each complete with a mini disk from Cierra and family.

A Little Mermaid bath toy from us.

A Hello Kitty with the letter "M" necklace from Grandpa Sonny,

A Zoobles....

and Hotel Transylvania with a plush Mavis bat from Grandpa! (We LOVE Hotel Transylvania!)

It was a pretty awesome party and when I asked McKayla what her favorite part was, she answered with: eating pizza,  eating cake, opening presents and playing on the playground'.

I'll end this post with Apollo and Rio enjoying the party too..


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