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Halti From Hell

We bought Rio a halti today, apparently it was made by the devil himself as it turned Rio into a raving lunatic.

He HATED it! He slung his head around, he swiped his face with his paw and even rubbed his face against me and other people trying to get it off. He eventually got use to it, or so I thought.......

We're walking down an aisle at PetsMart when a dog walked across the main aisle in front of us (a Boxer to be exact) and he EXPLODED!! He's jumping. He's barking. And he's growling. John ended up grabbing his collar to hold him back. It was completely out of character for him. Shockingly so.

It was embarrassing. Everyone turns around to check out the "vicious" dog and I'm having to explain to them that he's NOT mean.

So, red-faced, I head down another aisle, he's calming down and I decide to swap his leash to his prong collar (that I had left on for those just-in-case moments....good thing I did!) but leave the halti on. I'm looking at t…

Playground Fun

Today we went to Imagination Station. It was going to be the last "fun" day for the next week, as it's expected to rain all week (till NEXT weekend to be exact. Yikes!)
The weather was a little chilly, but sunny and nice. There weren't a lot of people there, which was nice as it's usually so crowded it's almost nerve-wracking. McKayla played for a bit and then John went to Little Caesar's and we had a picnic of pizza and breadsticks. Grandpa and Uncle Bryan came over to visit and play for a bit too. :-)

A Thief in the Night

Last night, at about 9:30pm I loaded my gear (as in phone and purse.....b/c we all know how we women carry our lives in there) and myself into my Step-Dad's Durango for an overnight, 600 mile "rescue mission".
A little back story: My Grandmother has dementia. A horrible thing to watch anyone go through but magnified when it's a loved one.

They say that when you get older, all of your idiosyncrasies are magnified. Mema (and Papa for that matter) have always been extremely paranoid. Worrying about anything and everything. They constantly live in fear of someone harming them or a loved one. Well, those thoughts/feelings have magnified with Mema and she's constantly saying that someone is trying to come and kill them, or that Papa is already dead and so on. She knows at times that what she's hearing isn't real but still has a hard time disproving them B/C they seem so real to her.

Her first "episode" happened while we were visiting back in Oct. She…

Busy, Busy, Busy

Next time I say I'm bored and wished I had something to do? Kick me. Ok?

Oy vey

May 2nd McKayla has her 4 year check up at the peditricianMay 4th is our next Great Dane PlaydateMay 7th is Chris' IEP MeetingMay 11th is my cousin's babyshower
That might not sound like a lot to you, but for someone that doesn't often have "plans", that's quite a bit happening for me!

It's gonna be a busy couple of weeks!

Date Night & A Day on the Farm

Friday, Aunt Leslie invited the kids over to spend the night in exchange for John and I watching HER kids on Saturday for her to work. We figured it was a fair trade and agreed. :-)
So we picked Chris up after school and headed to Aunt Leslie's. Needless to say, the kids where chatterboxes in their excitement and talked nonstop. I felt like I was a pinball in a pinball machine. Back and forth: Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Their excitement was contagious, if only b/c I knew that we were getting a night out as John and Jennifer instead of Mommy and Daddy. Haha
Our date night wasn't anything major, just enjoying the peace and quiet LOL We went to Shane's Rib Shack for dinner and then came home to let the dog's out. We needed to kill a few hours before we went to the movies. We decided to see Oz The Great and Powerful. Let me tell you; It. Was. AWESOME!!! They did such a fantastic job of tying everything in with The Wizard of Oz. I told John that I WILL own that movie when it com…

Happy Birthday Rio!!!

Today was my handsome blue dude's 2nd birthday!

I had planned on taking him out to the pet store to get him a gift today, but my body had other plans and decided to keep me home sick most of the day. John took pity on me though, so he and McKayla went to PetCo and got him (plus the other 2 dogs) a nice, big yummy bully stick.

It amazes me how the time has flown by. It doesn't seem possible that he's already 2. I know it's cliche, but it seems like it was only yesterday that he was this tiny little guy that fit in my lap.

He doesn't fit in my lap anymore, but that hasn't stopped him from trying. He's my snuggle buddy and my entertainment, always making me laugh. There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank my Sis for bringing him to me. We've had many great adventures and I hope to have many, many more with him.

Happy Birthday Rio! I Love you!

A New Experience

***Warning*** If the idea of butchering animals for our consumption
 bothers you, then stop at the *****'s :-)
On Saturday, my brother-in-law called me up to their house to help (mentioned below the ***'s). While there, Brad didn't know that I hadn't seen all their property, so we hopped in the Suzuki and headed up the hill. As we're coming down the other side, the Suzuki starts spitting and sputtering; we're out of gas. Nice! I figure, I'm in flip-flops but that's no biggie, I'll just walk back to the house, it's not that far away. Well, it wasn't, but there was a huge-ass creek to cross. I mean up to your knees, muddy, cruddy creek. No thank you! So I waited while Brad walks to the house to get the gas can. LOL

************************************************************ This was the whole reason for this post. I know some people don't like the idea of eating animals and I didn't want to upset anyone. I wanted to give a warning of …

1st Great Dane Play Date of the Year!

(Fair warning, this is a LONG post, not many words but a BUNCH of pictures. Enjoy!)

On Sunday, our group, had its first Dane play date! We had been planning on doing this for quite awhile (the whole reason we even started the group) but we were waiting for warmer, nicer weather.

We couldn't have ordered a better day! The weather was perfect! Not too hot OR too cold AND it was dry! We had quite a few show up and the dogs had a blast!

We spent an hour or so at the dog park, making new friends and watching the dogs have a blast.

Easter Dinner and Muddy Eggs

Easter was a wet, nasty day.

I mean, N.A.S.T.Y. It rained off and on all day long. It's no fun having an Easter Egg hunt indoors, so it was also a muddy day.

But I'll get to all that in a minute.

First, I spent the better part of 2 days helping my Sister-in-Law and friend prepare the feast. I went up on Saturday to deliver two of our kitchen chairs and didn't leave until almost midnight. There were potatoes to be peeled for sweet potato casserole. There was Boston Creme Pie and Cheese Cake that needed to be made. During all this mess, their refrigerator decided to crap out, so I ended up taking home the sweet potatoes, the Boston Creme Pie and the Cheesecake to store in my fridge over night (other things went to my sister-in-law's, in-laws house).

Sunday, I had my Mom and Step-Dad take me, the 2 kids, the cakes, the casserole AND McKayla's 2 little chairs up to Leslie's house. Why? Because I needed to get up there earlier than everyone else b/c I had some of th…

Monthly Measure 4/1

It's that time again. Time to be disappointed or happy with my results. I only have myself to blame as I'm the only one that can make a difference. Maybe doing this will help me to fix that.

I didn't actually measure until today, but for my sanity sake, I still have to title the first of the curse. :-)

Here goes it:
Gained 4 lbs.
Gained an inch in bust.
Stayed the same in waist.
Gained 2 inches in hips.

Am I happy? Eh, obviously, I'd prefer to be losing, but only gaining 4 pounds in a month isn't the end of the world for me. Of course, I'm hoping that by NEXT month, I've not only lost those 4 pounds but lost a few more. It certainly wouldn't bother me. :-D

I am questioning something tho; Having gained 2 inches in my hips, is that where the 4 extra pounds I gained showing up? I guess it's possible. I'm wondering though, if we keep measuring in different places for my hips, does that, in fact, change the results? Where's the correc…