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Mother's Day Adventure!


What a Mother's Day!

I can guarantee you that nobody had a Mother's Day like Leslie, Kathleen, Holly and I had. It was wild and crazy. It involved seeing a Dwarf House, a Porta Potty on the side of the interstate, stopping on the interstate (and NOT b/c of a traffic jam) and getting sunburned. We also saw quite a few characters you don't see on a daily basis (well, WE don't any way).

But first, let me tell y'all about the before:

I hemmed and hawed about going. I felt guilty. I would be leaving my kids, on Mother's Day. It somehow felt....wrong I guess. Like I was escaping from what made the Holiday "my" day. Part of the issue was Chris was going to his Dad's that day and I wouldn't see him again for another week or two. I drove John, Dad and Mom crazy with my indecisiveness. I kept going back and forth, weighing the pros and cons.

So what finally helped me make a decision? Chris.

I flat-out asked him if he'd be upset if I was gone all day, explaining to him that I would be leaving early in the morning and wouldn't be home til late that night, so late in fact that he'd be snoring away at his Dad's before I got home. I didn't tell him where we were going just that we (Leslie, Kathleen, Holly and I) were going out for Mother's Day.

He surprised me with his answer:

He told me that he had no problem with me going and that he wanted me to have fun too. D'awwww! I don't think I could've asked for a better Mother's Day gift. :-)

So, where did we go for our Mother's Day adventure you ask?

Six Flags!!!!

Ah yeah!

We left my house about 8 AM. The park opened at 10:30 and we were aiming to get there right when they opened, thinking we might beat the rush (boy were we wrong!). Holly drove like a mad-woman so we ended up making it there by 9:30 (it's normally about a 2 hour drive BTW). It worked out though b/c they were PACKED!

Getting through the gate went relatively smoothly. We had to wait in line for about 30 minutes (for the gate to open) so Leslie could get a new Seasons Pass card (they charged $15 for a new card!) and so we could get our coupon books (full of GREAT deals).

Then it was time to head into the park itself. We headed straight for the rides (can we say "duh!") only to run into a crowd. We didn't realize that at the end of the crowd was one lonely security guard keeping us all from going into the main area. We all had to wait there for 30 minutes before the park "officially" opened at 10:30 and then it was a mad dash! People were running everywhere! I just knew we'd get trampled (or I would with my little bitty legs LOL) but luckily we came out unscathed.

As we were walking to one of the first rides, there was this kid with a giant Angry Bird he had won in one of the claw machines. The kid didn't want the Angry Bird and was trying to give it away. I almost didn't get him b/c I thought carrying him around would be a pain but Leslie hollared at me to go back and get it so I took off yelling "I'll take it! I'll take it!".

He came in quite handy for those long lines, he made quite a nice pillow. :-)

Me and Leslie

Leslie wanted a new FB pic. :-)

Kathleen, Holly and I rode Skyscreamer. Leslie said we couldn't pay her enough to get on this ride LOL. 24 stories high and spinning 40 mph in a 98-foot-wide circle. Yeah baby! This ride was also only open to Season Pass holders so the line wasn't horrible at all.

Leslie did have to take a "before and after" picture of the three of us:

Me, Holly and Kathleen

Me, Kathleen and Holly

I don't think we look any different, except for maybe watery eyes and our hair a little wind-blown. LOL

Those were our only ride pictures but we also rode GoliathSuperman (my absolute FAVORITE ride!!), Batman and Thunder River (on which Kathleen and I got DRENCHED whereas Leslie got a few sprinkles.....damn those waterfalls, dips and water guns! LOL). Thankfully it was a our last ride!.

We also saw quite a few celebrities while there:

Kathleen, Leslie and me

Leslie, me and Kathleen

Me, Kathleen and Leslie

Kathleen, Leslie and me

You'll notice (or maybe not) that there were more pictures of me, Kathleen and Leslie and very few of Holly.  That's b/c Holly was the one taking our pictures b/c SHE didn't want her picture taken. Leslie put a stop to that and bear hugged Holly telling her that she was getting a picture of her whether she looked like a dork or not. LOL

Leslie threatening Holly

Leslie grinning like the Cheshire Cat
b/c she finally convinced Holly it
was in her best interests to smile

We had an absolute blast! I don't think I've laughed that much, for that long in a LONG time. It was relaxing being Jennifer instead of Mommy. No "wipe my butt". No "I'm hungry". No "he won't leave me alone". Ahhhh, so peaceful!

The ride home was almost as exciting as the actual park riding (as mentioned in my opening paragraph). Kathleen wanted to stop and visit her Mom while we were down that way as her Mom had said that she was only 20 minutes or so from Six Flags. Ummmm, try more like an HOUR, in the opposite direction of home. Yeah. GPS got us lost. Holly almost missed our exit, which resulted in her doing an almost complete stop on the middle of the interstate in Atlanta traffic. We laughed that we survived the rollercoasters and such but might not survive Atlanta interstate traffic LOL.

As we're trucking down the interstate, I happened to notice a Porta Potty on the North Bound side (remember we're heading South, away from home?). Nothing real odd about seeing a Porta Potty, especially when it was in a construction area. Construction workers gotta go when they gotta go. No, what was interesting about this Porta Potty were the regular commuters that had apparantely needed to go when THEY needed to go and stopped to use the Porta Potty (especially when there were exits pretty close to the Porta Potty). I hate Porta Potties, they're disgusting but add to that them being a construction Porta Potty on the SIDE. OF. THE. INTERSTATE. No thank you!!

The Dwarf House we saw wasn't anything to really write home about (tehe) but it was just cute. I wished I'd gotten a picture of it but we were in a hurry to make it home but I still wanted y'all to see what it looked like.

Dwarf House

Dwarf House

We got back home about 11:30 that night. We were exhausted but had a blast. We're already planning our next trip down there around the boys (Law and Chris') birthday in July. :-D

Did any of Y'ALL have an exciting Mother's Day Adventure or did you enjoy peace and quiet at home? Either way, I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!


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