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Riding Lessons

While looking through Craigslist ads the other day (specifically the pet section, ya know, b/c I need a new pet and all LOL), I ran across an ad for horseback riding lessons. The ad stated that they could start out at the basics; grooming, stall cleaning, tack cleaning and such and then progress from there and even possibly move up to barrel racing.

It peaked my interests, I haven't ridden a horse since my honeymoon and this stable is just a few minutes down the road from me. So, I text the number given and within minutes I get a reply. She's charging $50 for 2 hour lessons and wants to do at least 2 lessons a week. She said she boards her horse and is needing help paying her board, which I can understand. She's 16 years old and says she's been riding all her life, she said she also barrel races occasionally.

I had originally thought about getting the riding lessons for me AND McKayla but her age has me a little concerned. I know that age doesn't necessarily mean a…

Two Days of Swimming

On Monday and Tuesday, John was off work and since McKayla had been bugging us all weekend to go swimming again, what better time to go? :-D
Monday landed us at the local creek by the Greenway (walking track in town). Aunt Leslie and her kids were coming down to go swimming and invited us along, so we loaded up Rio and headed out. We packed a change of clothes for McKayla as we weren't sure how deep the water was, but it really shouldn't have mattered.....a bathing suit would've been easier, but we made due anyway LOL. John and I didn't get in but McKayla and the kids had a blast splashing and playing. Afterwards, McKayla and I rode back to Aunt Leslie's house with her and spent the rest of the afternoon there playing with the chickens, turkeys and pigs (John came up later after dropping Rio back off at home).
On Tuesday, I slept in (Thanks Hun!!) while John and McKayla went running errands. While out, he sent me a text asking if I wanted to go swimming and I said…

Quite the Adventure!

Thursday started out like any other ordinary day. Slept in (thanks Hun!) and then grabbed bathing suits for an afternoon of swimming at Harrison Bay State Park.
That went smoothly. Took Rio this time and even succeeded in getting him in the water almost to his chest. He did spaz whenever waves tried to "attack" him but for the most part he did good. Even let him "off leash" by just dropping the leash and he did excellent staying right with us the entire time (about the only time his stuck up Mommy's-butt-itus is a blessing LOL). He did have to be reined in a few times when someone else came through with another dog, I just don't trust him to not take off to see the dog and some just aren't friendly. On one of those occasions, he gracefully (haha!) bounced backwards into my back, slinging sand everywhere. Thanks buddy, I like eating sand LOL


After a rough night of getting McKayla to bed, I sit here feeling guilty and horrible.\

I have it easy. My kids don't have any serious illnesses. They're both growing and thriving. Happy and healthy.

Other parents aren't so lucky. Other parents are spending the night worrying and fretting over a sick child in the hospital or even worse; not with us anymore.

How can I get so upset over McKayla not going to bed when I ask her to? How can I NOT feel guilty that I have to fight with her every night when some parents would give ANYTHING to have a child to fight with, argue with and yet still love?

At least I have my kids. Yes, we may argue, yell and cry occasionally but we still get to laugh, hug and love each other too.

So parents, when you've yelled at your kids or been angry with them, don't forget to hug them and tell them you love them. Don't forget to cry with them and maybe even apologize for losing your cool. They'll remember and maybe they'll lear…

Riverbend Festival 2013

Saturday night, we went to see Riverbend's fireworks finale. Riverbend is a week long music festival held in Chattanooga, TN and although I haven't actually been IN Riverbend in years, I've made it to see the fireworks show every year for 15 years now (here's last years post about it).
This year it was just me, John and McKayla and we made it to "our spot" about 8 or so. We discovered this place last year thanks to Dad and it has turned out to be a really good place to hang out and watch the show.  The only downside is that there are only a few parking spots available so you need to get there pretty early BUT that also means it doesn't get too crowded.


McKayla made it through her surgery Friday morning with flying colors and I'll get to that in a bit but first I wanted to tell you about our trip to Build A Bear Thursday night with Grandpa.

She had seen a commercial for Spongebob and Patrick at Build A Bear and of course wanted one, so Grandpa decided that with her surgery coming up, he'd take her out so she could have a new buddy to take with her to the hospital.

So off to Build A Bear we go, our favorite place. :-)

McKayla steps on the paddle to fill Spongebob up.

Then picks out a heart.

Then rubs it to make sure Spongebob stays warm.

And "brings it around town" (for those of you that don't watch Spongebob, that's one of his dances).

Memorial Day Swimming

On Memorial Day, we decided to go swimming (first swimming of the year!) at Harrison Bay State Park. John was off work, the weather was perfect and We. Were. Ready! 
We debated on whether or not to bring Rio but in the end decided to leave him home this time. (He's not a big fan of the water and will only get in up to his "knees".) It was a good thing we didn't bring him b/c it was PACKED. Should've known it would be. There were loads of people AND dogs all around and although Rio is a good boy, his bark is loud and he is big, so people can be intimidated by him. It's a shame really, as he's such a good boy but I digress.
We packed snacks, drinks and towels, donned our bathing suits and loaded in the Jeep. McKayla is starting to grasp the concept of time and kept asking why it was taking us so long to get step is the dreaded phrase: "Are we there yet?" LOL
Finding parking was a tad....interesting, to say the least. There's li…

Worried Momma

On Friday morning, McKayla goes in for some dental work. They're knocking her out to perform the surgery and I'm obviously nervous about it.
It's a fairly simple procedure, one they could easily do in the office BUT it'd take several visits and McKayla could start to resent going (not that anyone enjoys going to the dentist but we don't want her hating it so early LOL).
There was a lot of stuff to do to make it to this point. She had to have a physical and it had to be done in a certain time frame. Her pediatrician also had to fill out paperwork and it wouldn't be accepted if a nurse had done it. Then there was a "meeting" at the dentist office to give them the paperwork and pay for the procedure. (Unfortunately, our insurance won't cover it, even though it needs done. That meant we had to pay out-of-pocket BUT we were able to use some of our income tax money AND we got a bit of a discount paying the hospital and anesthesiologist early.)
Then I h…


I'm dumbfounded.
Just plain confused and shocked.
Katie, my 10 year old Boxer mix has taken to peeing ON my bar.
No, not hiking a leg but actually standing on TOP of the bar and peeing.
O _ o
She's gotten on the bar in the past. Usually when we're gone and the only 'proof' has been paw prints. It's usually b/c she thinks there's something yummy up there; well it IS where our food is prepared. Here lately though, it's b/c John had a fish bowl in the center and apparently it was what SHE considered her drinking bowl.
It's quite simple for her to get up there unfortunately. The way our house is designed: the living room, dining room and kitchen forming one big great room; has our couch by the bar. Usually it's far enough away that you can walk between the back of the couch and the bar but the dogs get to playing and inevitably slide the couch against the bar (one downfall of hardwood flooring LOL). With the couch slid up against the bar, it's…

More Flowers in my Garden

I absolutely love watching my garden grow and bloom. It's such a sense of accomplishment seeing things that I planted grow and thrive.
I don't have as many pictures to share this go around as I did last time but I still wanted to share with you the new blossoms and growth. 

First up is my Tiger Lilly. The bush itself was pretty full as you can see in this first picture.....

but now it has plenty of flower stalks and even one open bloom (you can also see the difference in my Canna Lillies):

Next newest blooms are my Snap Dragons. The stalks were coming up thick and lush, shooting up stalks all over my flowerbed.

Now I have pretty pink and orange blooms.

Then there's this plant (I still don't know what it's name is). It's kinda hard to tell in the "before and after" pics the size it's grown, but I promise you it has. :-) 

Does anyone know what it's called? It has rubbery like leaves and pinkish purplish "flowers". I'll try to get …

A Day Away

We went to my niece's kindergarten graduation a few weeks ago. It was a nice, small ceremony. She looked pretty in her flowery dress but sadly I didn't get any pictures. :-(

Afterwards, we needed to keep the kids out of the house so Kathleen could work, so Leslie and I decided to take them to the park. We attempted to go to Imagination Station but sadly they were closed. Bleh. Apparently they were adding new sand to the play area as it was all roped off with caution tape and there was a HUGE pile of sand in one of the parking areas.

We weren't really sure where else to go but settled for Heritage Park (I've mentioned it before b/c that's where they hold Bark in the Park every year). The playground isn't very big but it has a large walking track and open fields.

We spent several hours playing, dozing and walking the track. Not much else to write about, so enjoy the few pictures I took:

Monthly Measure 6/1

Well it's that boring time again. Time that I take a break from the normal dribble that is my blog to show my progress (or lack of?).

Anyway, here goes it:
No weight loss OR gain.
Gained an inch in bust.
Stayed the same in waist.
Gained half an inch in hips.
I keep saying it (and will continue to) but I'm glad there's real no huge change. Obviously, losing is better than gaining but when I'm not really doing anything to lose the weight, I can't really complain.
Eventually I'll get my butt in gear and actually DO something about losing the weight (and to be honest my goal isn't that far out of reach....50lbs). This Monthly Measure gives me hope that I could lose weight if I just apply myself.  I also think it's time to find a workout partner, someone to keep me motivated.
I do need to mention the whole weight loss deal too. I'm not going to stress and freak out over pounds gained or lost. When I say I'd like to lose 50 lbs, it's a nice goa…