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Quite the Adventure!

Thursday started out like any other ordinary day. Slept in (thanks Hun!) and then grabbed bathing suits for an afternoon of swimming at Harrison Bay State Park.

That went smoothly. Took Rio this time and even succeeded in getting him in the water almost to his chest. He did spaz whenever waves tried to "attack" him but for the most part he did good. Even let him "off leash" by just dropping the leash and he did excellent staying right with us the entire time (about the only time his stuck up Mommy's-butt-itus is a blessing LOL). He did have to be reined in a few times when someone else came through with another dog, I just don't trust him to not take off to see the dog and some just aren't friendly. On one of those occasions, he gracefully (haha!) bounced backwards into my back, slinging sand everywhere. Thanks buddy, I like eating sand LOL

Young buck we saw as we were leaving the park.

No, the real fun began after we left the lake. A friend had msgd asking if we wanted to meet at the Dog Park for a bit and since we were already out, we said sure!

So we're trucking down the freeway and see a lot of brake lights, no biggie, we figure it's rush hour traffic.

Boy were we ever so wrong.

It turns out that it was a multi car accident right as you're going up over the dam. That in itself isn't blog worthy material and what I'm fixing to describe probably isn't either, but it was still different for me and this is my blog, so I'm gonna blog about it, so there LOL

This is a two-lane freeway, with concrete barriers on both sides and not much of a "shoulder" to speak of. Traffic ain't going nowhere, so we kick back and wait for the wreck to clear. At one point I asked John how emergency vehicles would get to the wreck b/c there was no way they could make it with us all sitting at a dead standstill and he said he figured they'd come down the wrong way b/c it's empty. (Que ominous music LOL).

A few minutes go by and we hear sirens.

Yep, you guessed it; they're coming from BEHIND us. So we have to squeeze as far left as possible (keep in mind we're in the "slow" lane) as the cop car squeezes between us and the concrete barrier....I could've reached out and touched the cop car.

We don't see much point in moving back as it's not like traffic is moving anywhere and then someone honks a horn. We look back and here comes a TDOT truck. In. The. Middle. So, off we go as far right as we possibly can against the concrete barrier for him to get through.

So we're back where we started, only practically kissing the concrete barrier.

So what happens next?

A firetruck.

Yes, a full-size firetruck proceeds to squeeze between us and the truck beside us, both of us crammed as close to the concrete barriers as possible without damaging the vehicles.

Luckily, that was the last of the emergency vehicles I had to watch squeeze between us and the other cars as the ambulance driver came from the opposite side of the wreck down the wrong way. Thankfully!

We guess that the wreck was caused by rubber-neckers checking out the beach bodies swimming in the lake. It had just started storming, so I'm sure that contributed a lot. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

The TDOT truck and police car that came past us.

Rainbow we saw as we were driving across the dam.

That lasted 30-45 minutes and we were finally moving once again. We make it to the dog park with no more exciting adventures. It had been awhile since Rio had seen his buddy Apollo, but you couldn't tell as they immediately started playing.

At this point, Cierra asked us to watch her dogs while she loaded her kids in the car. Apollo did NOT like that. He just knew Mommy was leaving him for good! LOL

I even succeeded in getting a video of the horses, err, I mean, the Danes playing a bit. :-)

(So blogger is being a pain in the arse and won't let me upload the video the normal way so if you're viewing this with your phone, you'll have to view it in the desktop version. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.)

It was certainly an exciting day with swimming, emergency vehicles squeezing past us and then ending with fun at the soggy dog park, but we all had fun. :-D


  1. Loved the video..The little dogs always think they're as big as everybody else..Too funny..


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