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Two Days of Swimming

On Monday and Tuesday, John was off work and since McKayla had been bugging us all weekend to go swimming again, what better time to go? :-D

Monday landed us at the local creek by the Greenway (walking track in town). Aunt Leslie and her kids were coming down to go swimming and invited us along, so we loaded up Rio and headed out. We packed a change of clothes for McKayla as we weren't sure how deep the water was, but it really shouldn't have mattered.....a bathing suit would've been easier, but we made due anyway LOL. John and I didn't get in but McKayla and the kids had a blast splashing and playing. Afterwards, McKayla and I rode back to Aunt Leslie's house with her and spent the rest of the afternoon there playing with the chickens, turkeys and pigs (John came up later after dropping Rio back off at home).

On Tuesday, I slept in (Thanks Hun!!) while John and McKayla went running errands. While out, he sent me a text asking if I wanted to go swimming and I said sure but when he got back home, the skies were looking a little questionable. 

After lunch tho, we started getting cabin fever, the skies weren't looking so bad anymore and we needed to get out. I had wanted to go back out to Ocoee and ride around, so that's where we headed. I packed McKayla a swimsuit and an extra pair of shorts for "just in case".

The Ocoee River (pronounced oh - k oh - ee......clicking that link gives you the audio pronunciation) is a beautiful place to go camping, riding, biking, hiking and swimming and it's also where the 1996 Olympics were held. It's a beautiful place not far from home at all. :-)

We played in the water for a bit, walking across the river bed and as I'm sure you can expect, We. Got. Wet. Soaked to be exact. We figured McKayla would, which is why we brought her swimsuit, but did we put it on her? No. Did WE wear swimsuits? No. Oops.

Luckily, John had taken my phone back to the Jeep before this, so it didn't get ruined, but sadly that also meant I didn't get anymore pictures. Neither one of us got wet intentionally but I fell in (haha!) and John got wet carrying McKayla through the water. Once we were wet though, it was on and we traversed the river for quite awhile.

The ride home was As my shorts were soaked and I didn't want to ride home like that, I rode home with a shirt draped over my lap and a soaked t-shirt instead. McKayla had a change of clothes and John just road home wearing HIS soaked shorts but sitting on a towel. I just keep praying we didn't wreck or get pulled over, that would've been embarrassing to say the least! LOL

All in all, it was a great, non-rushed sort of afternoon and we had a blast. I'm done rambling now, so enjoy the pictures. :-D

Does anyone else see the "paw print" made by rocks?

I just love these gnarly roots :-)


  1. swimming with the bears !! What fun....

    1. Haha missy! I don't know if I'd call that "fun" per se but definitely interesting! LOL


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