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So Mom sent me this email the other day and she'll probably be upset I'm broadcasting it but it sets the mood so to speak:
"I read your blog (as I always do) and saw 'We decided to wait till next Saturday to celebrate when Grandpa could watch the kids.' I often read things like 'Grandpa took us out for lunch' and 'Grandpa met us' and 'Grandpa said', etc. Okay, so where's my equal time? Where's the blog about how much you all miss MiMi and how every day McKayla asks 'When can we see MiMi again?' or 'When will MiMi come visit again?' or John says 'Remember when MiMi.......', etc.
Uh, MiMi"

But the thing is, McKayla does talk about MiMi (I always spell it Meme LOL) quite a bit. Meme takes trips with us all the time, they spend hours on the phone together and she comes for visits. Of course, Meme doesn't know this, b/c it's always in McKayla's head.
If she's on the phone (play phone) and asked…

6 Months Progress Report

The more I thought about it, the more I really wanted to do a progress report of sorts. I was curious to see the results. Even though I started doing this in January, I only ever looked back at the previous months entry to get the difference.

So, a brief disclosure:
The last time I had measured myself (before starting these "Monthly Measure" posts) was in Oct. That meant that when I started measuring and comparing once again in January, my comparison point was 2 months old. After comparing these last few months and not seeing a huge fluctuation, I wouldn't think there would've been a big change in that 2 month gap either.

So here we go.

Weight ~ Jan, Feb and March, weight stayed the same. Then in April, I gained 4 lbs and that stayed the same through June.
Bust ~ Gained 1/2 in Feb., then gained an inch in March and April each, then lost an inch in May, gained it back June
Waist ~ .Stayed the same Jan. and Feb. The gained an inch in March and kept that through June.
Hips …

What happens when it rains a lot?

It floods.

Duh. :-D
In some cases that can be really bad.
OR it can be really fun!
It's rained pretty much every day for the last 2 weeks, so when we finally had a couple days of sunshine, we took advantage!
On Tuesday, we headed to our normal swimming hole down at Harrison Bay State Park. As we're getting closer (it's about 30 min or so away), John and I get a warning across our phones:

"Warning! Flood stage on rivers and lakes".

Nice! O _ o

We decide to continue on as we didn't have much further to go and figure if it's too bad the Park would've closed the area.
The water was certainly up higher than I'd ever seen it before. The sandbar that we usually walk across was completely underwater, like up to my knees under water. The surrounding area, that is usually dry and where people normally leave their stuff, was completely underwater.

We still had a blast, although McKayla was a little scared at first b/c her "safe zone" was gone but …

Anniversary Date

John and I decided to celebrate our anniversary today as opposed to last Sunday when it was our actual anniversary, partially due to the weather but also b/c we'd have more time.

We took the kids over to Grandpa's and quickly escaped, I mean, calmly left for an afternoon/evening of peace and quiet. Ahhhhhhh. It was so nice being able to hold a conversation without being interrupted.

We started our night with a 4-course dinner at Red Lobster (I'm STILL stuffed! LOL); we had stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer and then I ordered Creamy Potato Bacon Soup, Fresh Garden Salad, Shrimp and Scallop Linguini and then a yummy Triple. Chocolate. Brownie a la Mode. And you can't forget about their Cheddar Bay Biscuits; Delicious! Now can you see how I'm still stuffed? LOL John ordered all the same, expect he ordered Grilled Garlic Shrimp with rice and a baked potato. All of that was only $14 (well, minus the mushroom appetizers of course).....can't really beat that price!

Monthly Measure 7/1

Yeah, so I'm a tad behind on doing my Monthly Measure but better late than never, right?! :-)

So I had a little snafu weighing myself this morning; I weighed and it showed I'd lost about 7lbs (wahoo!) BUT then I measured myself again about 15 minutes later and it showed I'd only lost about 2 lbs (still a "wahoo!" but not as exciting). I'm not really sure why there was a big jump between the two weighs unless it was b/c the first time the scale wasn't set at exactly 0, even though I could've sworn it was. Oh well. Still, either way it's a LOSS and I'm happy with that. :-)

Now on to the rest:

Lost 2 inches in bust.
Lost 2 inches in waist.
Stayed the same in hips.

I need to go back and see how I've progressed throughout the year (the whole point of even doing these entries). Maybe I'll make another post about the first 6 months of results and see if that tells me anything, should prove interesting (for me anyway LOL).

6 years and counting

Today John and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.
I baked brownies and cupcakes for John this morning and he bought me a "double dozen" red roses and Starbucks coffee (he does love me! LOL). He has been eyeballing a phone case for quite some time and I told him to go ahead and order it and consider it an anniversary gift from me. I had him order me a new stylus for my phone and told him that would work as an anniversary gift from him........we certainly don't go all out on gifts for each other LOL.
We decided to wait till next Saturday to celebrate when Grandpa could watch the kids. Hopefully it'll be sunnier and drier by then as we've had nothing but rain for the last week and a half.
And that's been the extent of our celebration. LOL

Happy 4th of July!

It's that time of year again that family and friends get together; steaks, hot dogs and burgers are cooked on the grill and the sky lights up at night (and in most towns for several days before and after even LOL).
Well, that's what's supposed to happen but the only thing happening around here is the sky lighting up but not from something bought in the store. No, our skies are filled with lightning and thunder and rain......kinda hard to have a "traditional" 4th of the July.
All firework shows are either cancelled or postponed. There are a few diehard people out shooting fireworks but we'll probably wait till next weekend.
Oh well, we'll figure something out and who knows, maybe we'll start a new tradition. :-D
Hope everyone has a safe and happy (and dry LOL) 4th of July!