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Big Honey Dog Mysteries

It's no surprise that I love reading.
You name it, I'll read it, sometimes over and over and over again.

I'm not usually excited about reading a book as much as I am about this one coming up. I've been following this one's progress from pretty much the ground up. I wasn't lucky enough to be one of the beta readers (mainly b/c I didn't catch the blog entry requesting beta readers until too late) but I've read snippets about the book. I've seen the different cover ideas and blurb reads and even helped tweak it a bit (along with hundreds of other readers.....I'm not that special LOL).

So who's the author and why am I so excited?

Well, the author is Hsin-Yi, transcriber for Honey the Great Dane, a blog I've been reading for years now. Honey is a beautiful Fawn Great Dane that lives in Australia. She, with Hsin-Yi's help, blogs about her many adventures around Australia, the friends she meets and things she's learned along the way.


15 Years

Chris, my baby, turned 15 years old a few weeks ago.

(I can still call him my baby at 15, right? LOL)

My oh my, where has the time gone? It seems like not too long ago he fit in my arms and now he towers over me. He used to have this sweet little cherub face and tiny voice and now he's looking and sounding like a man. I'm not ready.

When we asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, his only answer was swimming at Chilhowee. I told him that cake and ice cream wouldn't work too well with a swimming party and he said that was fine. I told him that I could still make him a cake or cupcakes and we'd just leave them at the house and he picked cupcakes, so McKayla and I got to baking.

Rio Battles Evil

Rio has apparently decided that his equipment (collars, leashes and such) are direct descendants of some horrible creature bent on destroying him. He has taken it upon himself to risk his life and rid the Earth of these "evil instruments" and save himself and possibly his brothers and sisters and their humans.
How, may you ask?
By gnawing, biting, shredding..... whatever he needs to do and he's not afraid to do it.

The first to be destroyed was a blue collar. It might have looked innocent, just laying around his neck but Rio knew better. He knew it was just biding its time, gathering information and waiting til the perfect time to strike.
He quickly dispatched it in a matter of hours. It must have tried something while we were gone one day b/c when we returned, it wasn't on him any longer and it wasn't found until a few days later, ripped into 3 different pieces. I'm wondering if he was holding it hostage, waiting for answers and when it wouldn't give an…

Monthly Measure 8/1

I actually measured myself on time this time! Wahoo! Of course, I'm "behind" on posting it, but who's paying attention? ;-)
The weighing part is still an issue as I'm not exactly sure how accurate last months weigh was (I mentioned in my last post that there was a slight snafu in the readings). So, based on the 5 lb range, I either lost 4 lbs or gained a 1 lb.....I think I'll say I lost 4 lbs, makes me feel better ;-)
Now on to the rest, which should be as accurate as the person measuring LOL
Gained 1/2 in bust. Lost 2 inches in waist. Lost 1/4 inch in hips.
Still nothing "earth-shattering" but what can you expect when you don't really do anything to change the results? LOL Still (and I feel like a broken-record here), I'm happy with the slow changes. Maybe what I'm doing, subconsciously, is a one year baseline?
Yeah, that's what I'm doing, a baseline.