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It's no surprise that I love reading.
You name it, I'll read it, sometimes over and over and over again.

I'm not usually excited about reading a book as much as I am about this one coming up. I've been following this one's progress from pretty much the ground up. I wasn't lucky enough to be one of the beta readers (mainly b/c I didn't catch the blog entry requesting beta readers until too late) but I've read snippets about the book. I've seen the different cover ideas and blurb reads and even helped tweak it a bit (along with hundreds of other readers.....I'm not that special LOL).

So who's the author and why am I so excited?

Well, the author is Hsin-Yi, transcriber for Honey the Great Dane, a blog I've been reading for years now. Honey is a beautiful Fawn Great Dane that lives in Australia. She, with Hsin-Yi's help, blogs about her many adventures around Australia, the friends she meets and things she's learned along the way.

I can't explain the coolness of this book in my own words, so I'll just let the blurb do the work. Read and tell me YOU aren't itching to read it now!:

Missing puppies.
Deadly secrets.
Serious slobber.

Honey the Great Dane enjoys a pretty peaceful life: walking her human, checking Peemail at the park.....until the arrival of a puppy named Bean turns her life upside down.

But when Bean goes missing -- together with other neighbourhood pups -- Honey sets out on a dangerous quest to find them.

Joined by her canine friends, Honey tackles mysterious paw prints and sinister hieroglyphics as clues lead them to a deserted cemetery. But an ancient Egyptian curse has awakened and time is running out....

Can Honey solve a cryptic riddle in time to save the puppies? And should she trust Max, a Pit Bull with a murky past, who is hiding secrets of his own?

See?! How does that not sound like a good read?! It involves a Great Dane, puppies and mystery......perfect in my book (tehe). It's geared toward young readers, but I don't care. :-) It'll be available through e-readers and (thanks to me and many others), she'll be offering it in paper edition too!

And guess what?! YOU could win your very own copy signed by Hsin-Yi AND Honey.......yes, both will autograph (would that be a pawtograph from Honey? LOL) the winners book. Neato! Just head over to her blog mentioning the contest and follow the steps to be put in the running. While you're at it, head over to the book's website and see all the fun things Hsin-Yi has put there, it also has a Facebook page and of course Honey has HER own Facebook page.

Whether I win or not, I WILL own this book and all the others that come can never have too many Great Dane books in your library IMO ;-).


  1. Aw, thank you SO much, Jennifer for this fantastic write-up about us! :-) I feel so honoured (and am blushing a bit now!) I'm not supposed to have favourites (otherwise I'll be accused of cheating! ;-) ) and the winner will be chosen by random draw by the Rafflecopter software anyway - but I do hope you might win! :-)

    Thanks again,
    Hsin-Yi (& Slobbers from Honey!)

    1. Awww! Thanks Hsin-Yi, but I bet you say that to all of your groupies. ;-)

      Regardless of winning or not, I'm MORE than happy to help get the word out there about your upcoming sounds fantastic! :-D


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