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Rio Battles Evil

Rio has apparently decided that his equipment (collars, leashes and such) are direct descendants of some horrible creature bent on destroying him. He has taken it upon himself to risk his life and rid the Earth of these "evil instruments" and save himself and possibly his brothers and sisters and their humans.

How, may you ask?

By gnawing, biting, shredding.....
whatever he needs to do and he's not afraid to do it.

The first to be destroyed was a blue collar. It might have looked innocent, just laying around his neck but Rio knew better. He knew it was just biding its time, gathering information and waiting til the perfect time to strike.

He quickly dispatched it in a matter of hours. It must have tried something while we were gone one day b/c when we returned, it wasn't on him any longer and it wasn't found until a few days later, ripped into 3 different pieces. I'm wondering if he was holding it hostage, waiting for answers and when it wouldn't give any, he quickly dispatched it.

The next to go was a lovely blue harness a friend had given us. It was a nice, soft harness that would've looked fantastic on him. We tried it on him and as we were leaving to go to the store in a few minutes, we just left it on him.

Well, apparently it wasn't the type to bide it's time like the collar did b/c Rio reacted almost immediately. He has clearly been training in private b/c not only was he able to rid the world of this evil in a matter of minutes, He. Was. Wearing. It. at the time. The place that he chewed was right on his chest, can you imagine the skill that it took to accomplish such a feat? Practically in the blink of an eye, this evil entity was destroyed while it was still attached to him.

The latest fatality was a blue leash we had bought several months ago. It was the perfect length for walking him. It was the go-to leash and always stayed in the Jeep. Apparently, staying in the Jeep (and essentially out of sight) gave it ample opportunity to gather information and formulate a plan to take Rio down, although I had no idea of this going on.

We went out the other night to a free music concert down by the river and of course we took Rio. Everything was fine. He's walking perfectly, acting like there's not a care in the world. Then all of the sudden, he explodes! He yanks away from me toward another dog* and in the process snapped the loop that had been around my wrist. It appears that this time, the evil equipment wasn't after him but me. (Maybe it knew about the demise of it's predecessors against Rio and thought that maybe it could get to Rio through me.) I'm guessing he ran toward the other dog in hopes of gaining the advantage in numbers against the leash but it wasn't needed b/c as soon as he snapped the loop, that was the end of it.

Rio has asked me to write this post in the hopes that we can let people (and dogs) know of the dangers of these evil items. He's wanting all his fellow canines to know about their tricks.

No matter the equipment, no matter the material, he will destroy them.
One at a time.
Until he finally rids the world of these evil beings bent on the destruction of dogkind.

(Although I'm beginning to wonder if the color blue has anything to do with it............)

*When Rio ran toward the dog, there was no aggression of any kind. Rio is a complete goofy, playful guy. He saw another dog and wanted to run and play and just caught me off guard....doesn't help that the leash broke. :-/


  1. Julio recently chewed through Herbie's collar. Apparently if he doesn't get one, she doesn't either.


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