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Girls Weekend!

Weekend before last (9/28), was a girls weekend at Six Flags over Georgia! It was me, McKayla, Aunt Leslie and her daughter, L and our friend Kathleen and HER daughter (another L). 6 girls. No boys. Perfection. :-)

It started out not looking so good. We left after school on Friday and we're about an hour out of town when I hear this screeching noise (it sounds like a marble rolling around in a metal bowl) in the passenger rear tire area that's getting progressively worse as we drive along. I end up sticking my head out the window to see if there's something sticking out (kids, don't try this at home {we were running maybe 10 mph btw LOL}). I can't see anything, so we pull over in the nearest parking lot which happened to be a Dollar General. We get out and we're looking underneath and around the tire trying to figure out what's going on. Leslie calls her husband and we describe what it's doing, he says he'll have to think about it and call us back. One of the Dollar General employees sees us and SHE starts looking around too. Leslie gets in and backs up a smidge and pulls forward, letting her listen to what it's doing......she doesn't have a clue. As we're sitting there, a kind man pulls up in a work van and sees us hanging around and comes over to offer his assistance. He becomes are savior and discovers it was a rock caught in the dust shield....pops it right out with a couple screwdrivers. We try to pay him for his kindness but he refuses. He informs us that we're in fact lucky he even stopped as he NEVER stops at the store but just happened to be meeting his wife there. What a blessing!

The rest of the trip down proves uneventful, other than the traffic in Atlanta. Ugh.

Unfortunately, this was a pretty common occurrence (4 times to be exact.....complete standstill while wrecked cars were moved off the interstate).

But you have to admit that this is a pretty impressive site, whether stuck in traffic or not.

We got to Kathleen's mom's house about 8 that evening. Got our bags and girls inside and took off for an adult night at Six Flag's Fright Fest. It was a complete and utter bust. Soooo disappointing. We had been so excited b/c they'd made a big hype about it all year long and claimed it was MUCH better than last year's. Sure, there were more "scare zones" but not really all that great. We decided that was our last Fright Fest, just too much of a disappointment.

We decide to stop at Dunkin' Donuts on the way back to get, what else, but donuts for breakfast Saturday morning LOL. We go to the drive-thru and Kathleen asks how fresh the donuts were. The man can't understand us (and we barely understood him) and tells us to drive around to the window. So, Kathleen proceeds to ask him again when the donuts were last made and he informs as at noon (it was now like midnight). Yuck, won't be any good in the morning. So we ask him when will he be starting the next batch and that we were going to Waffle House and wondered if they'd be ready when we were done. He took that as an invite to go with us! O_o We had to slowly explain that no, he was not invited but that we were wondering if the donuts would be ready in an hour or so when we were done. Sadly they wouldn't be but he still tried to get us to buy about 4 dozen and to come back at 3am to get them. LOL

Saturday came and we dressed the girls in their Halloween Costumes that Kathleen and Leslie made. They were absolutely a-dor-able!

The first ride was "Tweety's Tree House". McKayla wasn't so sure about it although she was excited to ride it. She'd have a huge grin when it climbed up but then this look of utter terror when it "dropped". Each and everytime, up and down, was the same reaction LOL After it was over though, she came bounding down the exit ramp hollaring how awesome and fun it was! :-D

The next ride we went to was "Tweety's Swings". Any kid who loves "regular" swings finds THESE swings "totally awesome!" (at least in McKayla's words LOL)

Then it was time to fly on the "Little Aviator". McKayla didn't like the loud noise at first, but quickly started enjoying the ride enough she didn't have to cover her ears anymore.

Next on the list was the "Lickskillet Sky Buckets". The entire ride was spent laughing at McKayla's mouth-open-wide look of awe at everything she could see. :-)

This building is "home" to what turned out to be McKayla's favorite ride.

Then it was time for some pumpkin painting, trick-or-treating and a Costume Contest!

McKayla wouldn't go NEAR Frankie but, as you can
see, L had some 'tude. LOL

We did have a little "mishap" with the paint. McKayla added some beautiful purple and pink to her pristine white sleeve, so this is how Kathleen attempted to "fix" it. :-D

The Costume Contest was held at Bugs Bunny World Stage.

The "voting" was based off of audience participation. We might have been slightly biased, but we thought our girls were the cutest, they were the only ones there with home-made costumes but, we didn't win, the Little Mermaid girl won. Kathleen and I believe that although the lady "officiating" the contest said that the voting was based off the audience, the 4 that made the "cut" didn't have the cheering that a few of the others did (not just our girls) and we believe SHE picked her favorites. Oh well, the girls still enjoyed themselves, you can't always win (good lesson) and they DID come home with a ribbon:

We also rode the "Hanson Cars" (which had a cute little ghost story along the way), "Rockin' Tug" (no WAY I was riding that one! It spins in circles, frontwards AND backwards! I would've been out for the count the rest of the day! No thank you!), "The Riverview Carousel" (McKayla didn't want to ride the horses, so we rode in the carriage instead.), "Up, Up and Away" (that simple ride had me getting sick; flying backwards in a circle. Ugh.) and "Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster" (which proved to be her FAVORITE ride of the day! We ended up riding it twice and would've rode it more if it had been up to McKayla LOL).

There were a lot of rides that McKayla couldn't ride that Little L could and wanted to, so we alternated rides. We'd ride one that McKayla could ride and then we'd go to a bigger ride for Little L to ride. Six Flag's Parent Swap is a GREAT thing they have. I'd wait at the exit with McKayla, while Kathleen, Leslie and Little L rode the rides and then Leslie and Little L would come get McKayla while I got to ride with extra long waiting and Kathleen got to ride quite a few rides twice. :-D

We rode "Dalonega Mine Train", "Mindbender" and "The Great American Scream Machine" (holy cow! That ride was rough!). McKayla really wanted to ride those but she was about an inch or two shy of the height requirement.....I told her that she should be big enough to ride more rides come next spring.....she was excited!

I want to mention Six Flag's "Ghoul Begone Rings". Since Fright Fest is in full swing and that means goblins and ghouls, zombies and other ghastly creatures are roaming the park, it's not a place some children want to be. Unfortunately, we stayed later than we meant to and a few times we had to carry the girls past the creatures. Aunt Leslie told McKayla at one point that they were just people with bad make-up jobs and that helped a little. As we were waiting in line for our last ride, Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, we hear over the intercom that if there are any children afraid of the creatures, to go to the visitors stand and get "Ghoul Begone Rings" and they'll be guaranteed to keep the creatures away.

Leslie goes to pick them up while Kathleen and I wait in line. We start telling McKayla and Little L that Aunt Leslie is bringing back magical rings to keep the creatures away. We tell them that we don't know if it makes them invisible (which makes sense, since they were dressed as ghosts ;-) ) or maybe it hurts the creatures. McKayla said she thought they'd make us invisible.

Leslie comes back with the rings, which are glow-in-the-dark spider rings and the girls quickly put them on.

We ride our last ride and begin our trek back to the car. We're not having to carry either girl b/c they have their "Ghoul Begone Rings" on. As we're walking, a Zombie woman makes a BEE LINE for McKayla! McKayla is cowering behind me, while Kathleen, Leslie and I are YELLING at this woman "SHE HAS A RING!!!" The Zombie spots the ring (and probably comprehends what we're saying at the same time) and immediately veers away. After that encounter and McKayla seeing how potent the power was, spent the rest of the walk back to the car with her hand in a fist, up at her head, just ready to zap another creature away. :-D We tried convincing her that once we got to the parking lot, she was safe and could put her hand down......she was having none of it until we were safely in the car. LOL

On Sunday, we went to Church with Kathleen's mom and aftewards, went back to their house for hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill. Sunday also happened to be Leslie's birthday, so Kathleen surprised her with a cake.

We picked on her, saying that with so many candles, we were likely to set off the smoke detectors in the house! Luckily we didn't! LOL

Late Sunday afternoon, we loaded everything up in the car, said our goodbyes and headed back home. The trip through Atlanta wasn't as "exciting" as the trip down (read: no accidents) and we made good time. We stopped in Dalton, GA for food and potty break. The girls needed to potty, so I took them in while Kathleen bought drinks.

You're probably wondering at this point why I'm blogging about our potty break. Well, you see, no trip is complete (at least in MY family LOL) without chaos ensuing before AND after the trip. I've already told you about our "before" fiasco, so now it's time to tell you about our "after" fiasco.

So, as I had mentioned, the girls needed to potty and McKayla was going first. At this point, we've all been in the car for quite a long time and we're tired and getting slap happy. McKayla and Little L are goofing off, laughing and carrying on. I'm telling McKayla she needs to hurry b/c the rest of us still need to go.

I guess at this point, I should also mention there are only 2 restrooms in this gas station; the women's and the men's.

I think I hear Leslie or Kathleen talking and a few minutes later I hear a knock on the door. I wait a few minutes and then, thinking it's one of them needing something, I open the door. Instead of Leslie or Kathleen, it's a very perturbed woman, standing there with her arms crossed. I apologize and tell her my daughter is using the bathroom, she mutters something unintelligible. I apologize again, explaining that my 4 year old is using the restroom, in which she replies "Well, OTHERS have to use the restroom too!". So I say, "Ok? What do you want me to do? Stop her in the middle of it?" She gets huffy with me, not saying a word but fuming. I mention the men's bathroom was free and then she says "I know! They go in and out quickly". So I tell her, "if it's free, might wanna go use it b/c my 6 year old niece ALSO has to use the restroom.". She stormed off in a huff.

Finally, both girls are done and I open the door and there's another woman standing there waiting. I'm thinking 'great! another one', so I apologize to her as well and SHE actually apologizes to ME about the other women. Phew!

Kathleen had apparently overheard this "conversation" and had gone and told Leslie what was going on. Kathleen heard the women muttering to her husband about needing to go somewhere else b/c the bathrooms were out of order. Huh? Guess she might have realized what a jerk she'd been!

After that eventful potty stop, it was smooth sailing home (well, except for Little L spilling McKayla's drink in her lap and us having to stop on the side of the road to get that mess cleaned up..........TOLD you trips were fun with us! LOL).

It was a FANTASTIC trip. We all had a blast and McKayla can't wait to go again. We all got Season Passes for next year (including John) so we'll definitely be going back!

(I'm also beginning to see a pattern with our Fright Fest trips to Six Flags; First trip, we swore we drove over a head in the middle of the road on the way home and then THIS trip, I saw a box sticking out of the back of a pickup truck with feet sticking out of it. LOL)

(My nieces face is whited-out or she's cropped out of the pictures out of respect of her parents. You'll just have to take my word on how beautiful she is and the grins she had all day long.)


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