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Monthly Measure 11/1

Ok so I have no real cute quips or excuses for this month, so this post will be rather boring and straight to the point. Not to mention almost a month late, but I DID actually weigh/measure the first of the month, just a little slow in publishing. LOL

Lost 2 lbs
Gained 1/2 inch in bust
Gained an inch in waist
Gained an inch in hips

I seem to be sensing a pattern here. I gain and then I lose, I gain then I lose. Sometimes I gain weight but lose inches and sometimes I lose weight but gain inches.

So what does that mean?

I haven't the foggiest idea. LOL

I'm happy just as long as I never gain more than I've lost. ;-)

Halloween 2013

Well, another Trick-or-Treating day has come and gone.
Things didn't go quite as planned but it all
worked out in the end.
Kids still had fun, they still got candy and they still got to wear their costume.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Let's start at the beginning of the day. :-)
On Thursday,
McKayla's Pre-K had a pajama day.
They couldn't wear costumes but they could wear P.J.'s.
McKayla informed me that Ms. Pam said that if girls wore their gowns, they had to wear shorts on underneath and EVERYONE still had to wear shoes. Apparently that came up for debate a few times. LOL
I had found THE perfect pair of pajama's for McKayla to wear.

How cool is that?! Skeleton p.j.'s! AND, they glow in the dark! Pretty sweet!
When Ms. Keisha saw McKayla that morning, she hollered across the room about how cute it was. Then Ms. Pam told me later that when they came back from lunch, into a dark classroom, the kids started hollering: "Ms. Pam! Ms. Pam!…