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Melody Makers Performance

McKayla's church choir, Melody Makers, had a performance just for the family and friends, but unlike the Christmas performance, they sang more than one song this time. :-) Unfortunately, blogger isn't being cooperative with videos once again, so no videos for you, you'll just have to take my word that she sang beautifully :-D and just make do with the pictures. :-)

2nd Christmas Party

John couldn't make it when we went to the Boys and Girls Club Christmas party but he was able to make it this time!
This one wasn't as "formal" as the first time but was just as fun. Each activity had a wait time, so as not to have too many people in each room all at once. That meant there was a lot of waiting involved, which was 4 kids in tow but they did fairly well.

When you first got there, the main line was going into the gym (it was held at an old school). In the gym they had wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, hot dogs, chips, drinks and dessert cakes. While you ate (and you pretty much just had to find a corner to eat), they had a DJ, blaring music, contests and audience participation games. It was extremely loud and upbeat and the kids just ate it up (along with the food LOL).

After we had ate our fill, we headed to the next room where they had hoola hoops, a coloring station, face-painting and hair coloring.

Operation Christmas Child

Last year, our Church was doing Operation Christmas Child and we asked McKayla if she wanted to do it. Not surprisingly, she was immediately all for it.
So off we went to Dollar Tree (the only place to get a LOT of fun stuff to cram in the box). We picked a girl and we sent her a Bible, a hair brush, a 3D mosaic alligator (McKayla HAD to get it....wouldn't take "no" had to get it LOL), soap, toothbrush, fuzzy socks, hair bands, hair clips, a couple coloring books and crayons, a reading book and a stuffed penguin. We bought so much, we barely got the lid to close LOL

We included this beautiful card and McKayla left her touch. We also included our address in case she wanted to write us back.

We packed it all up and took it to the drop off location. Inside, Santa happened to be waiting there to get the packages and gave McKayla a fresh chocolate chip should've seen her face when she saw Santa in there. :-)

I opted to pay for the postage online and by do…


On a visit to my Sister-in-law's one day, Brad discovered this gnarly tree back in the woods while we were cutting some firewood. The way it was growing was amazing and I said I HAD to get a picture of that. So, next time we were back up there, I brought my camera* so I could :-).
It appears that the tree fell over at some point in its life but continued to grow. Roots grew off of it and went back to the ground and then all along the length of the tree (which was no small tree by any means), new trees grew up out of it.

I tried to take the picture in such a way that it could be seen easily. The red dot is roughly where I was standing when I took the first two pictures and the black lines are where the tree fell and where the new trees are growing out of it. Isn't nature amazing?! This tree fell for whatever reason but didn't die and new growth came from it.

Children's Choir Christmas Performance

Last Sunday night (12/8) was the Children's Choir Christmas performance at our church and McKayla performed in it. :-D I couldn't have been prouder of her dedication. She went every Wednesday for practice and couldn't wait for her big performance.
The Children's Choir consists of Pre-K through 5th Grade and as you can see from the pictures, we have a pretty large Children's Choir! It's great seeing so many kids enjoying themselves!
First was Joy To The World sung by the 3rd Grade Praise Team, then Angels We Have Heard On High sung by the 4th and 5th Grade Praise Team, then The First Noel sung by K-2nd Music Makers, then O Come, O Come Emanuel sung by 3rd and 4th Grade Young Musicians, then Away In A Manger sung by Pre-K Melody Makers (McKayla's class!) and the final song was O Come All Ye Faithful sung by 4th and 5th Grade Praise Team with all the classes singing parts.
If you want to watch the video, you can go HERE. To see McKayla's class, fast forwa…

Christmas Parade

Last Saturday (same day as the Christmas Party), Grandpa, Uncle Bryan, McKayla and I went to watch a parade. To me it's not the Holiday Season without watching at least one parade and this parade was even more special: Chris was marching with his JROTC class this year! (Ah memories. I too marched with my JROTC class in a parade years ago. :-) )
We were late getting there and barely had enough time to find a spot to watch. Luckily we were able to find a good clear spot where we were could catch the start of the parade. 
First in line (phew! Glad we weren't any later!) was JROTC. 

Notice their black jackets? Yeah, AFTER the parade, they had to return them and we noticed quite a few kids walking all the way back down the parade route in their Class B uniforms (dress shirt, pants and shoes for you non-JROTC people LOL) MINUS jackets in 30 degree weather. Seriously? Couldn't there have been a better way?

Monthly Measure 12/1

Ok, so I didn't actually weigh/measure on the 1st but you know I still have to label it that. LOL I didn't remember until just a few days ago and this morning I finally remembered at the "right" time....meaning I only weigh/measure first thing in the morning and when I'd remember it was later in the day LOL

Enough rambling, on to the results:

Lost 2 lbs.
Lost 1 1/2 in bust.
Lost an inch in waist.
Lost 1/2 in waist.

Losing all the way around! Now THAT'S what I like to see! :-D I'm sure that'll all go out the window with all the Christmas goodies to be had BUT I wouldn't complain too much. :-) Just have to remember my goal and remember my "rules" and it'll be all good.

At this rate, I hope to be at my goal weight come summer! Yay for cute Summer dresses!

Early Morning Christmas Party

This past Saturday morning, the local Boys and Girls Club was having a Christmas party and the whole community was invited. Aunt Leslie and Kathleen came to pick us up and off we went.
We got there a few minutes before they opened but there was still a long line waiting outside. It was another frigid cold morning, so they cranked up the buses for people to be able to sit in and wait in the semi warmth. Especially thankful were those of us with kids! Brr!

After waiting in the warm bus for about 15 minutes or so, they unloaded us and let us inside. In there was another game of waiting but at least it was indoors this time. The kids entertained themselves and the adults enjoyed live Christmas Carols.

An Assignment

I received this email the other night:

Attention Agent [last name removed];
Your next assignment, should you decide to accept it, is as follows:
First, on Wednesday (or possibly Thursday), after picking up Agent Mini-You at the [omitted] facility, direct her to examine the intelligence depository (located on the edge of the street in front of your home base) for an incoming packet. (It is possible that the retrieval of the packet will require going to the Parcel Origination site {PO} or it might have been delivered to another site on your home base.)
Once packet is obtained, return to home base and set up the large surveillance equipment in such a way that all agents will be able to observe Mini-You as she - under your direction - opens and examines contents of packet.
NOTE: first instructions will be found on the outside on one end of packet.
IMPORTANT! Before Mini-You begins her mission, you MUST call the Hooterville agency so that Agent W (Double-You) will also be able to watch Mini-You …

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, yeah, I'm a little behind on this Thanksgiving greeting post.
I had planned a whole cutesy post complete with pictures and such and well..........that's not happening. No real reason other than I just don't have anything TO make it a cutesy post so y'all will just have to suffer through a boring, pictureless'll survive :-D I promise I won't make it too terribly long. :-)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent at my sister-in-laws this year. (A little side note: This is the first year in quite some time that we didn't have it at our house......not sure that's a bad thing really. No marathon cleaning, no cooking and no clean-up needed, however, that also meant no leftovers.......guess it's a decent trade-off LOL) We had smoked turkey and fried turkey. We had cranberry sauce, green been casserole, sweet potato casserole, stove top stuffing and homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes and homemade rolls. We had pumpkin pie and chocolate pie…