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An Assignment

I received this email the other night:

Attention Agent [last name removed];

Your next assignment, should you decide to accept it, is as follows:

First, on Wednesday (or possibly Thursday), after picking up Agent Mini-You at the [omitted] facility, direct her to examine the intelligence depository (located on the edge of the street in front of your home base) for an incoming packet. (It is possible that the retrieval of the packet will require going to the Parcel Origination site {PO} or it might have been delivered to another site on your home base.)

Once packet is obtained, return to home base and set up the large surveillance equipment in such a way that all agents will be able to observe Mini-You as she - under your direction - opens and examines contents of packet.

NOTE: first instructions will be found on the outside on one end of packet.

IMPORTANT! Before Mini-You begins her mission, you MUST call the Hooterville agency so that Agent W (Double-You) will also be able to watch Mini-You as she performs her assignment. (That agency's automatic connection isn't operational yet).

The acceptance of this assignment is completely up to you. If you DO accept, answer with the acceptance password - supercalifragalisticexpealidotious.

This message will not self-destruct. We haven't developed that technology yet.

The package was from my Mom and included lots of goodies. I wasn't able to take any pictures as it's slightly difficult to choreograph AND take pictures at the same time. McKayla got a beautiful new Christmas dress, a Bratz "purse", lip gloss, mirror, a pink change purse, a new lunch box, a Minnie Mouse sandwich box, a pack of post-it notes shaped like a bus and 2 Hello Kitty candy dispensers. I got a frog toothbrush holder and soap dispenser (fits my frog themed bathroom quite well :-D ), a zebra striped lunch box and a porcelain Boxer figurine depicting an "injured" boxer in remembrance of Katie's 'mishap' (infected tooth.......the figurine has a bandage wrapped around his head).

The goodies where pretty cool and McKayla enjoyed them immensely but Mom's execution of it all really takes the cake! I LOVE her creativity!


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