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Together Again

Mom and Sonny recently lost their two Shelties. I'm at a loss for words, so I just thought I'd share what Mom had posted on her Facebook page.
January 17th, 20014 Last night Sonny and I lost our 'first born and furry.' My baby Haley died in her sleep. As far as we can tell, there was no suffering and we are, of course, thankful for that, and it was no surprise because she would have been 15 in April. But none of that makes the loss any easier. She was always in my footsteps, and always eager for attention although she was never pushy about it. She'd come up to me, look up with those big brown eyes and I could almost hear her say 'If it isn't too much trouble, I'd really like you to pet me just a little bit.' Our other baby, Toby, died last summer. His death was sort of a blessing because he was obviously in pain. Arthritis, I suppose, since he was having more and more trouble getting around. I am so thankful that God allowed me to spend so many years w…

2013 Monthly Measure Recap

I was going to just show the last 6 months of the 2013 progress report but then I thought 'Naw, I wanna show the whole flippin' year and see what it looks like'. So I'm including a recap of the first 6 months and then a report of the last 6 months.

So, to recap the first 6 months of 2013 (copied from my progress report blog post):
Weight ~ Jan, Feb and March, weight stayed the same. Then in April, I gained 4 lbs and that stayed the same through June.Bust ~ Gained 1/2 in Feb., then gained an inch in March and April each, then lost an inch in May, gained it back JuneWaist ~ .Stayed the same Jan. and Feb. The gained an inch in March and kept that through June.Hips ~ Gained an inch in Feb, then lost 2 inches in March. Gained those 2 inches back in April, then gained an inch and a half in May and then another half an inch in June.
The last 6 months have gone like this:
Weight ~ Something happened on the weighing side in July so the weight was a little skewed. There was either…

Another Christmas Parade

Back in December, McKayla, Grandpa and I went to another Christmas parade and once again, it was because Chris was marching with his JROTC class. It wasn't as cold as the parade we went to the week before that but it WAS rainy. Luckily, we found a spot under Ace Hardware's awning that was nice and dry.
Because Chris was participating in the parade, we had to arrive an hour or so before the parade started. We were also at the END of the parade route so as to collect Chris easier after the parade was over, which meant the parade took longer to get to us, so McKayla and Grandpa took a stroll to relieve the boredom and wait for the parade to get to us (it was worth it in the end* :-) ).

Monthly Measure 1/1

A new year, a new monthly measure!

I know y'all have been riveted to the screen waiting for the next installment ;-).
So let's get right to it:

Lost 3 lbs
Gained 1/2 in bust.
Gained 1/2 in waist.
Gained inch in hips.

Not too bad, not too bad. :-)
I'm pretty happy about that 3 lb loss, even to the point that I'm not even sweating the gains (even though they're nothing major to begin with :-) ).

Let's just hope that the loss continues; I have some CUTE sun dresses I'd really like to fit in by summer time........don't have too far to go either.

Where's my cheering squad? LOL