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DIY Decorative Stands

Pinterest has sucked me in once again. I take one trip to church for a Mom's Nuturing Mom's night and with Mod Podge and scrapbook paper, a beast has been born.

I've been looking for some plate stands to display the coasters I made that night and I haven't had much luck. Partially due to the fact that I'm stingy and can't bring myself to pay $20 for a stand (especially when I need 4 of them). I've found some for $5 at Wal*Mart but sadly they never have enough of the right colors......I need 4 of the same color and they can't seem to have them all at once and I can't just buy a 1 or 2 at a time......don't's a curse LOL

So, while laying in bed the other day, it just came to me! What does every household have an abundance of?

Toilet paper rolls! LOL

Monthly Measure 3/1

Gained 3 lbs
Stayed the same in bust
Gained an inch in waist
Gained 1 1/2 inch in hips

So yeah, blah blah blah.....I feel like I'm just repeating myself here now.

Where's my cheering crew? I need motivation b/c I'm just not doing well on my own right now. I need a swift kick to the arse.  I need........something.

The blah weather, the blah time of the year, whatever the reason, my motivation is Just. Not. There.

Valentine's goodies

McKayla enjoyed her first Valentine's Day party at school. They were supposed to have a party ON Valentine's Day but school ended up getting cancelled b/c of the snow (they were actually out that whole week but that's for another post :-D ). They were finally able to have their party that following Monday (the 17th) and she had a blast. They had snacks and treats and watched a movie.
They designed their own bags to hold their cards:

And they sent home these "cards" for family/friends to fill out. It cost $1 for each; a can of Crush soda and/or a baggy of Hershey's Kisses. The money from the sale went to the 5th grade class. McKayla ended up with several cans of Crush and bags of chocolate.....guess that means she's popular (or her family likes to spoil her occasionally LOL) ;-)

Here's here haul. :-D She was pretty tickled. She had the largest "haul" so the box in the background was where all of her stuff ended up to come home.