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A New Car!!!

(A catch-up post)

(When you read the post title, did you hear it like they say on Price Is Right like I did? LOL)

We'd been needing a new (or new to us car) for a bit now. The Jeep is getting up there in age and miles (15 years and over 200,000 miles). All that is fine, as long as a vehicle is taken care of and ours is BUT it started having problems. It was stalling, stuttering, backfiring and actually left me stranded on my way to pick up McKayla from school back before Thanksgiving. John and Brad had worked on it, a mechanic has worked on it and still has its good days and bad days. Sadly, just not a very reliable vehicle.

So, back before Christmas, we went car shopping. I knew I wanted another SUV. I REALLY wanted one with 3rd row seating but that wasn't a deal breaker. We preferred it to have low mileage, but figured that may be difficult b/c we couldn't afford a NEW car with lower mileage and older cars, well, have a lot of miles on them. I really liked the Toyota Highlanders, Sequoya's and the like but they're priced pretty high.

We went to several different car lots (after I convinced John that it wasn't that painful......he feels like the salesmen are like piranhas and HATES how they hover LOL) and looked at a few, drove a few and compared a few.

We met Rick at one of the car lots. He was your typical salesman; very pushy, very loud and almost annoying. We'd told him the second he started showing us cars that we were NOT buying a car that day. We like to look around, think about it and then come back. He tried to give us the spiel "It'll be gone by then! This is a great price!" and we told him so be it, there'd be others out there for us. Don't think he liked that. LOL At one point, as we're filling out paperwork to see what kind of loan we could afford, he started pushing again and Dad (who'd chauffeured us around) looked at Rick and said "You better shut up and stop right now b/c you're chasing them away." Rick looked a little dumbfounded but thankfully backed off.

He showed us a few cars (don't remember now what they were) and we test drove a few. Found one we liked and told him we needed to think about it and left. He called me for a couple days, telling me about other cars he had (the one we originally liked had bad reviews). One car in particular caught my eye; the price was good, the mileage was good AND it had 3rd row seating.

Dad had been telling me about Kia's for quite awhile but I wasn't familiar with them and the ones I'd seen were kind of on the small side. Dad was sold on their awesome warranty, their low price for brand new cars and people he'd talked to spoke highly of their Kia's.

And that's what we bought! A 2011 Kia Sorento. 32,000 miles and has 3rd row seating! STILL has a warranty through Kia AND we have a LIFETIME warranty through the dealership.

Check her out! Ain't she a beaut! :-D

She has a silver and black interior with marble on the doors and dash, heated fabric front seats (suh-weet!), and rear air-flow controls for the kids. It has 10 cup holders! 1 in each door and only for bottles and then 2 up front in the center, two in the middle in the armrest and then 2 in the very back for the 3rd row. 

Just LOOK at that gorgeous marbling!

The middle row seats recline and there's PLENTY of space in the 3rd row for Chris who's 15 and TALL and it's great for Rio as he has his very own seat now. :-D

It has steering wheel controls for the radio/cd/mp3/satellite, hands free calling and cruise control settings. It has power windows (with the drivers window being automatic up and down) and power door locks (but most new cars come standard like that now, don't they?). It has extra blinkers in the side mirrors. The dash has 2 trip settings, your average gas mileage per fill-up and average gas mileage per trip and miles to empty. It's also an automatic/manual shifter (manual is just bump the shifter up or down, no clutch needed) and has ECO boost for more efficient gas mileage. It's a 4 cylinder too, so that helps even more with mileage.

It has an AUX, IPod and USB plug.

It also has backup camera in the rearview mirror!

It has Park Assist (beeps when you get too close to something) and downhill assist which helps you on steep downhill descents and it also has skid control.

And check out the gas mileage! (Now, I will say that this was just after putting gas in {it resets each time}, we generally average about 25 or so.)

Sorry for all the pictures, if you can't tell, I'm pretty happy with my new car. :-D She looks good, drives good and handles good. Having payments kinda suck but I don't know anyone that likes payments haha.


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    1. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it but I guess you couldn't tell. ;-)

  2. Just a warning all my friends with kias have loved them until one thing went wrong because then everything went wrong. No matter how well they were taken care of in the past too. Watching about 10 kiss crap out suddenly choosing more to fix than to buy a new KIA had made me very leery of them. However your looks pretty and I hour you are the exception to the rule of kiss being a throw away car after 3 to 5 years

    1. Frodo ~ I hope mine is the exception too! I'd heard of the older Kia's having difficulties but surely they've improved over the years (as most things do :-) ). My Dad had also talked to several mechanics and they all spoke highly of the newer model Kia's but did mention the older ones had problems. Thanks for the heads up tho! :-)


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