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Look who's 5! Part II

Kind of hard to see, but this is obviously the
reservation for McKayla's party at Chuck E. Cheese's. LOL

Bonus for booking online: 1000 extra tickets AND 100
bonus tokens. Her crown also had 10 tokens.

The Saturday after her birthday was her party with her friends from school. I'd sent out invitations to the whole class (about 20 kids), to her cousins and then a friend of mine with kids. She ended up with 12 showing up.

Before we left for Chuck E. Cheese's, Meme had a gift for McKayla.

A seat just for Emily! She can join the party!

We had to get there a few minutes early, to meet our Party Coordinator* and see where our table was. We picked up one of McKayla's friends and his Mom b/c they didn't have a car so they (along with Chris) had a dance session while waiting for everyone to get there.

Then the rest of her friends showed up and it was time to play!

Check out that intense concentration on Spongebob bowling. LOL

I have to sneak in a picture of my adorable Great Niece. :-)

Then it was time for pizza! Yum!

Anyone notice that Emily matches McKayla? :-) Meme made
Emily's skirt to match. :-D

Check out the Spongebob cake my Mom made! Yes, all by herself. In my kitchen (till the wee hours of the morning LOL). Ain't it awesome! (Wish I had her talent.)

Then it was time for the Birthday Rockstar Party! Time to boogie-woogie!

Then it was time for presents! (Looking back, I wished I'd made a note of who sent what but oh well.)

I do know that this outfit for Emily came from Aunt Leslie and crew.

Then it was time for the Ticket Blaster! I'll go ahead and tell you that I took a LOT of pictures while McKayla was in the Ticket Blaster and while I didn't share ALL of them, there are still quite a few, so I won't be hurt if you scroll past after the first 2 or 3. :-D

After the Ticket Blaster (in which she grabbed the 1000 ticket!), she opened a present from a latecomer and then it was time to play some more.

Riding the roller coaster ride
with brother.

Check out those tickets!

After a fun-filled (if not slightly exhausting day), the Chuck E. Cheese party was over and time to head home. With all of McKayla's tickets, she was able to get a Chuck E. Cheese themed play-doh set (no pictures) and a Dora activity art set.

Then once home, Meme had another gift for McKayla (it was too big to take to the party).

A Jeep?!

To pull Emily's Camper. Awesome!

She had a great time and was excited each time a new schoolmate showed up. She's already talking about having her party at Chuck E. Cheese's again next year......we expected that. LOL

*Now, if you've read this far (Thank you!), I have to vent a tad. As I mentioned at the beginning, we had to get there early to meet our Party Coordinator (PC). Now, the job of this PC is to do EVERYTHING for you so that you have nothing to worry about. This is part of what you pay for in the package. They are to get drink orders for the kids, pizza requests, make sure everyone has refills and napkins and cutlery. You, as the parent, don't have to do a thing but enjoy watching your kid(s) have fun.

Well, that's what's supposed to happen.

It didn't for us.

We had a ditzy chick for our PC.

She seemingly walked around in a daze the whole day. Well, she was late first off. The manager had to come tell me where our table was and that our PC was running late. Dun Dun Dunnn

That was our first clue.

Once she finally arrived, she acted like it was her first day on the job. I could understand and relate but it turns out that it was NOT her first day, so she knew the drill pretty well. I don't know if she was having a bad day maybe or what, but she was certainly "off".

I ended up (along with my sister-in-law) having to ask the kids what they wanted to drink and what kind of pizza they wanted and then had to relay it to our PC. Once she eventually got the drinks filled and pizza ordered, we (sis-in-law and I again) had to get the drinks and pizza to the kids.

When it came down to cutting the cake, she (the PC) had no idea how to even cut it. How do you not know how to cut a cake? Ok, I get that it wasn't a "normal" cake, in that it was shaped like Spongebob, but you still cut it like you would any cake. The legs and arms were Rice Krispie treats and the rest of the cake was, you simply had to ask the kids which they wanted. I think that fried her brain a tad.

The only time she was somewhat animated was when Chuck E. came out to dance with the birthday kids and they did the Birthday Rockstar dance.

All in all, it wasn't a terribly horrible experience, more frustrating than anything. 

One of the managers came by later (they do that) and asked how the party was going. I hate complaining but I mentioned how ditzy our PC was. I mentioned that maybe she was new or maybe she was just having a bad day but I wasn't really complaining, just notifying them of the situation basically. They apologized and I said it was fine, just wanted them aware and they walked off.

A few minutes later, one of the other managers walked up with my bill and informed me that they were sorry we'd had such a bad experience and they had taken off 8 of the kids I was paying for! So instead of the bill being over $100, we ended up paying the base price of $49!


Talk about good customer service!

I tried telling them that I didn't expect that and that I was willing to pay the full amount (after all, that's the package I'd ordered) but they wouldn't hear of it. They said they hoped that we'd come back and that ditzy chick hadn't ruined it for us.

I was really amazed, pleased and thankful that they were willing to do that for us. Ditzy chick didn't ruin the party in the least just made it a little annoying and frustrating (and thankfully McKayla had no idea) but the action they took really made my day.

So, if you've made this far; Thank you for listening! Even with ditzy chick issues, the day went smoothly as far as McKayla is concerned and she talks about it daily. :-)


  1. What a great party!! I don't like to complain either, but the manager did the right thing. The PC did NOT do her job! You paid them to do all of that stuff for you and then did it for yourself so it's only right you didn't have to pay the full price. I'm glad they made it right or I would have no respect for them at all. I'm glad your daughter had such a great time. The cake is AWESOME!! You mom is talented. :D Oh and I loved all of the pictures.

    1. Yeah, you're right, still doesn't make complaining any easier LOL But we'll certainly be going back B/C of the way they handled the situation. :-)

      Mom IS pretty talented, she's made quite a few neat looking cakes over the years. :-)


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