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Look who's 5!

In March (yes, I'm late, I'm working on it), my dear sweet baby turned 5 years old.


Sorry about that. I'm okay now. :-D

Ok, let's continue. So, as I'd said, McKayla turned 5. That's a pretty big milestone (when you're a kid and the parent of said kid LOL). She wanted a party at Chuck E. Cheese's and to invite all her friends from school. We figured that since it WAS her 5th birthday and her first year of school, we'd splurge for only turn 5 once after all. :-D

But you'll have to wait till tomorrow for those pictures ;-)

So, the night before McKayla's birthday, after she was in bed, I spent the night blowing up balloons and I mean a LOT of balloons.

Here's her room before.....

It was really fun, if not breath-taking (haha) blowing up all the balloons. John helped, grumbling most of the time. LOL

I woke her up the next morning and this is the reaction I got. Sooooo happy I was able to capture it!

After getting dressed, we played with the balloons for a bit. It was a little difficult getting her to leave to go to school but it's not every day you wake up to a room full of balloons. :-)

After school, we picked up Grandpa (my Dad) and headed to Build-A-Bear Workshop to find her new best friend (a new birthday tradition it'd appear :-) )

Stuffing her new friend.

Picking out a heart.

Rubbing for warmth.

Rubbing the heart on her head for knowledge.

Rubbing the heart on her ear for good listening.

Rubbing the heart on her nose for good smell. (Don't ask me. I'm
not sure either. LOL)

Then it's time to dress her up. Isn't Fluttershy pretty!

After building her new friend, we headed to the next tradition spot; the playground in the mall.

Showing off her new friend. :-)

Then Uncle Bryan took her to Character Box to let her pick out something (she picked out a Fluttershy figurine) . Dad and Bryan go the lazy route; they take her shopping to pick out what she wants. LOL

Then afterwards, we got some cupcakes for a small birthday celebration.

Once McKayla and I dropped off Grandpa, we headed home for another celebration. This time, stuff from me and Daddy.

A new outfit for Emily

Another outfit for Emily.

Wow! This box is big!

Nuh uh!

"I knew it!"

A camper for Emily!!

Then time for cake. I'm not creative, in the least. She wanted a Spongebob cake.

So I bought Spongebob figurines :-D. Can you believe that they're actually fish tank decorations? I scrubbed the snot out of them (bought them new of course) and put them on the cake. She was happy. :-)

And that was the end of the days celebrations! Happy 5th Birthday my sweet girl!

(The rest of the celebrations to continue in the next post.)


  1. Awww happy belated birthday to your pretty girl!! I love how you made her day totally special. :D

    P.S. I LOVE Build a Bear hehe. I need to steal my niece just for an excuse to go back lol.

    1. Of course we had to make it a special day, it was HER day after all :-D.

      I have a confession too, I love Build A Bear too and actually have a few of my own stuffed animals made from there. ;-) Dad says that he's not taking me anymore with McKayla b/c I try to influence her too much and get her to pick what *I* like.....he said he's taking me there for MY birthday. ;-)

    2. LOL yep I went to Build a Bear and got a stuffed husky for me since I used to collect them. I was the only adult there without a kid and I felt so dumb, but I just love them so I did it anyway! Who cares if they all thought I was weird or immature. It was awesome! :D If I take my niece I could totally see me trying to influence her hehe. I like your dad's solution to the problem!!!

    3. You got the Husky?! No way, me too! LOL And the Boxer and a Frog. Each time, I was the only adult with no kid (before my daughter was born) LOL, I didn't feel too ridiculous until they tried to make me jump up and down with the heart and all the other stuff you do with the heart LOL

    4. LOL!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I didn't do the silly stuff with the heart lol. :D I haven't been back in a while so I haven't seen the Boxer. I bet it's cute! I might have to plan a trip again.


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