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Snow Day Jan. 2014

So, I seriously hesitated in posting these pictures b/c it's now Spring/Summer and the thought of snow (or for some of you sn*w LOL) is pretty ridiculous but I've already posted Christmas pictures, which were before these, so why not. Besides that, the weather has been slightly chilly the last few days, certainly NOT Spring/Summer weather tho, but still some what fitting :-D

This particular snow hit us hard. We weren't prepared for it. It took me 3 1/2 hours to get McKayla picked up from school and home when it normally only takes me 20-30 minutes. (A cute, looking-through-the-eyes-of-a-5-year-old moment was when I picked McKayla up from school and she was mesmerized by all the snow. She said "Mom! There's snow on the cars! There's snow on the road! There's snow on the grass!  There's snow on the trees! It's everywhere! It's a MIRACLE!". So cute! <3)

EVERYONE was sent home at the same time it seemed like. Schools weren't dismissed until it was almost too late. Traffic was a nightmare. You couldn't see the lines in the road and the ditches were quickly becoming invisible. John ended up having to leave work to meet me at the Wal*mart parking lot by the house to drive the Kia (front wheel drive), while I got in the Jeep (4 wheel drive). Every route we tried to make it home was blocked by cars stuck in ditches or stuck in the middle of the road. We ended up having to leave the Kia at John's Moms b/c we couldn't get it home (roads to curvy/hilly).

It. Was. A. Nightmare:

Via Newstation

Via newspaper. (this particular picture isn't necessarily showing
a wreck but cars that parked on the sides of the road b/c the
road and the entrance to the neighborhood was too steep.)

First off, for you Northerners, yes, the South MAY freak out a bit when we get snow but it's b/c we don't. Get. It. Often. Around here. They may call for snow every year and we may get flurries every year but it doesn't often STICK. Also, when it DOES snow and stick, our snow is wet and heavy and then icy. We're not equipped to drive in it. So :-P LOL Here's an example: Atlanta shut down. I LOVED this bloggers response: Y'all Laughin at Us? Bless your hearts...... :-D

Ok, enough of that, y'all came for the pictures and here they are. I will warn you, this is a tad picture heavy. Enjoy! :-D

First, just some random snow pictures:

We don't have a sandbox, we have a snowbox! LOL

A Daddy/Daughter walk through the snow. <3

Edited to add this cool pic Google+ added!

Next we have the dogs checking out the white stuff:

No, that's not snow on his 3 year old is
turning grey already LOL

I absolutely LOVE this shot of Katie!
McKayla had a snowball fight with Daddy:

Now it's time for the sledding pictures! McKayla had a blast sledding with the neighbor boy......his yard is a lot more sled friendly than ours, not to mention they don't have a massive ditch to fall in. LOL

She goes.....

and keeps going......

And keeps going.......she really took off! LOL

Neighbor ended up in the ditch LOL

Even the neighbors dog, Sadie, got some sledding action:

Although, I think she had more fun eating snow and ice LOL:

And then after a fun-filled day of playing in the snow, it was time for some hot chocolate. :-)

McKayla was out of school for a couple of days due to the snow, so we had a few days of playing. All too quickly, it was all melted and it was back to school again.


  1. Great pictures!! It looks like you guys had a fun snow day. I'm amazed by the car pictures! I live in the south so they freak out around here too, but I've never seen wrecks like that or people parking like that. I guess I live in a more rural area than you do. Snow is fun, but not the ice! I hate ice and we get it way more frequently than snow. Also I don't think there is anything wrong with posting snow pictures in the summer. I'm so hot right now it's kind of nice to look at snow hehe. :)

  2. People do post Spring/Summer pictures in the Winter, so I guess there's no harm in posting Winter pictures in the Spring/Summer Haha. We live in a semi rural area.....I don't know if rural has much to do with it as much as hills, mountains and curves. I don't think there's many straight stretches of road around me.....hence the above problem. LOL

    1. Oh! Good point! It is fairly flat with straight roads here. The few hills we have are not steep. By rural I just meant that some days we have less than ten people drive down our road. It's a very quiet, low traffic road lol. Very different from when I lived ten minutes from a fairly large town and we had hundreds drive by every day. :)

    2. Yup! :-D Where our house sits, is actually a low-traffic area too. (And I LOVE it! LOL) The only traffic is people who live there. The real headache was out in town, people trying to get through town to get home to the outskirts. Hope that makes sense! LOL

    3. Yes that makes sense. I hated my old house because it was just a few feet from the road in the front and it was on a corner so the road went down two sides. I'm so happy to be where I am now because the trees are so thick and the driveway is so long you can barely see the road. Love it!!


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