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Snow Day(s) ~ Feb. 2014

February's snow fall didn't catch us with our pants down like January's snow did. The town/city learned their lesson with that one and shut down the schools WELL in advance and salted the roads. There were still some wrecks, mainly b/c there are idiots around here........just b/c you have 4-wheel drive does NOT mean you can drive on ice.....duh (and tire chains are illegal here).

This time the snow was thicker, stickier and just plain beautiful. It started snowing Wed. afternoon and didn't stop until late Thursday afternoon. I was like a kid on Christmas morning; running from window to window, watching the snow fall and taking pictures. I didn't want to go to bed b/c I wanted to watch the snow fall and accumulate but also wanted to fall asleep quickly so that the time would pass quick while I was asleep and I could wake up to a winter wonderland......yeah, I'm a dork. Haha

I took over 200 pictures but I won't torture you with all 200.......

Maybe just 150 or so. LOL

Ok, so maybe I'm not sharing that many with you but I AM sharing quite a few. I don't know many people that complain about "too many pictures", so I'm not too worried. :-)

Enough with the gibber-jabbering, let's get to picture sharing!

I didn't get many night-time shots......still learning my new camera and it was getting pretty late.

Front yard looking toward the street.

Front yard looking toward the street and bottom driveway.

Bottom driveway.

Front sidewalk.....check out the little
balls of snow on my garden lights. :-)

I was amazed at the stickiness of
this snow.

The Jeep is almost invisible (on the right :-D )

The snow is pretty; it's sticky and seemingly hugs whatever it lands on (as you can see in the above pictures) and makes beautiful shapes but that same stickiness starts causing problems; it starts getting heavy, causing power lines to droop, trees to bend (as you'll see in the next pictures) and sometimes mass chaos. Thankfully, we didn't lose power but my bushes beside the front porch were flattened (they bounced back...always do) but my two red bushes (scientific name since I can't remember their real name LOL) by the bottom driveway didn't fair so well. :-(

Flattened the bushes beside my front porch.

Taken from my bedroom window (2nd level) of the bottom

Yup, that's a "tree" on my Jeep.

Here's another angle for ya. That tree
 used to be as tall as the house.

Daylight finally happens!

Time for more pictures!

I love the snow when it's freshly fallen. I love the pristine look of it. The untouched's like a blank canvas just waiting for marks to be made......although I'm weird and really hate messing up that canvas. I tend to try and walk in my footprints so as not to mar the landscape. :-D

Front yard looking toward bottom driveway.

Front yard looking toward upper driveway.

Standing in the bottom driveway looking toward the backyard.

Standing in the bottom driveway looking toward the side yard
(basically looking left from the above picture and my back to the house)

Love how the blue peeks through the trees. 

Standing at the bottom of the upper driveway looking back towards
the house.

Standing at the bottom of the upper driveway.

Standing at the neighbors driveway.

Standing in the neighbors front yard. Love how the color of my
house pops against the white.

Love how the blue of the sky looks framed in the trees.

My poor trees. :-( They used to be even with the roof.

Check out how the snow formed on top of the mailbox.

This wasn't good sledding snow, it was too wet and not slick but that didn't stop the kids from trying to sled like they did last time.

But it WAS perfect for making snow angels:

No, she didn't fall. LOL Daddy was taking pictures.....wished he'd actually
gotten a picture focused on her. Oh well. :-)

AND for making snowmen:

And once again, the neighbors dog, Sadie, was in Heaven with all the snow. She's not a water dog, she's a snow dog! She loved it! We had to chase her away from our Snowman several times b/c she kept trying to eat him LOL.

Once the snow started melting off the roads, John knew I'd like to take pictures, so we loaded up in the car and went riding around.

Mom's side pasture.

Wished the power lines hadn't been in the way. Guess I could've
removed them.....

Same mountains, better picture. :-)

The lake looks iced over.

Whoops! Looks like the rafting companies tent couldn't handle
the weight of the snow.

I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this tree! You simply can't get a good idea
of the magnitude of this tree in the middle of a pasture by pictures
alone. Beautiful.

Now to end with a few pics of the dogs. Can't have a Fur-Real post without my fur-real family. ;-)

Playing. Caught them in an awkward pose. LOL

Sadly the snow didn't last long, it never does, but we made the most of it while it lasted. :-)


  1. I'm EXACTLY like you about snow!!!! Don't want to go to sleep, but want to go to sleep quickly and not wanting to mess it up so I walk in my footprints. So I guess we are both weird LOL!!!

    I love all of the pictures. I never thought about trying to get night pictures. You did a really good job. :D

    That snowman was awesome!!! And Sadie trying to eat it is hilarious. Whose idea was it to put devil horns on him? So funny!

    Also I LOVE how tall, leggy and elegant Danes are hehe. Especially your beautiful boy! :)

    1. Haha! Too funny that we're alike in the Snow aspect. :-D

      Thanks for the compliment on the night time snow pictures. It helps having a new, GOOD camera that I keep wanting to try out new's a learning process. :-)

      We built the snowman in our neighbors yard and the Grandma brought out 3 carrots.....I didn't know what to do with the others, so on his head they went. Haha

      Rio is certainly tall and leggy, but I wouldn't go as far as saying he's elegant, he's constantly tripping over those long legs of his. LOL But we think he's beautiful too. ;-)

    2. You did well with the carrots. It cracked me up! :D

      Rio may not be elegant in person, but he looks it in pictures hehe! I've always thought Danes looked like they were built like dancers lol. I'm weird.

    3. We all got a kick out of the evil snowman LOL

      Eh, I'm not giving Rio much credit. He can be pretty regal, imposing and even graceful at times. One of the things I love most about Danes is that they can be so regal looking at times, yet so clownish other times. And you're not weird, LOTS of people think that about Danes. :-)


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