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A Father's Day Adventure

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend and was able to have an adventure or just visit with their Dad in some way or another. Fathers, whether we're speaking of biological, step or some other "father figure" in your life, are such an important part and are often taken for granted. Hug you Daddies closer to you, if your blessed enough to still have them around (I'm one of those :-) Love you Daddy!) and pray for those that don't have their Daddies anymore. And remember that we ALL have a Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally. :-)

Our Father's Day Adventure began with getting up at 6:00 am (yikes!) on Sunday morning and heading down South. (I was slightly bummed that we were missing Church but was happy to hear Pastor Allan's sermon on the radio. It turned out to be LAST Sunday's sermon, one I'd heard in person but it was still nice to hear Pastor Allan preach. :-) )

Where did we go, you ask?

Why, we went to Six Flags Over Georgia! :-D

Father's Day was "bring-a-friend-free" day for Season Pass Holders, so that meant we could take McKayla and wouldn't have to pay for a ticket......effectively saving $42! (Chris was with HIS Dad for Father's Day of course.)

The trip was uneventful and we made it in good time, arriving at about 10:30 (that was not leaving until 7:30 or so and a couple of stops along the way). For those of you that don't know what driving through or even NEAR Atlanta is like, you wouldn't understand me even mentioning the drive down being uneventful. LOL Suffice it to say that driving along Atlanta, GA could be likened to being in a Nascar race; people flying down the lanes, weaving in and out of traffic and if you even THINK about running the speed limit, you'll get smooshed.

McKayla was good the entire trip and kept herself entertained playing the 3DS or her "phone" (one of my old cell phones that I downloaded games for her on). She did start getting slightly bored and started playing the dreaded game of 'Are we there yet?' over and over. She eventually got tired of that game and tired period and took a nap. :-)

Aunt Leslie and Kathleen (along with my niece and Kathleen's niece) were going to Six Flags too, so the first thing I did when we arrived was to call to see where they were. They happened to be on the OPPOSITE end of the park from us, so we discussed when and where we'd meet up and we started through the park.

As we were heading to our meetup destination, we passed the Dahlonega Mine Train ride. Now, last year, there weren't many rides McKayla was tall enough to ride so I was hoping that she'd grown enough since then to ride more this time. She did, so we got to ride the Dahlonega Mine Train! She was pretty excited, bouncing up and down in the line and practically launched herself into the car when it was our time. But then when it was time for them to put the bars down, she started spazzing a tad. The lap bar wouldn't go all the way down to her legs (even if *I* hadn't been with her, it still wouldn't have) and she started flipping out over that. I told her just to hang on and John (behind us) and I kept telling her she'd be fine. I grabbed a hold of her once the car started moving and she was ok. She still wasn't absolutely convinced but she wasn't scared to death.

Let me tell you something about the Mine Train; it beats. you. to death! Oh my word! That's a ROUGH ride! It slings you from side to side, it jerks up hill and jerks going down hill. Poor McKayla, being as small as she is, was getting slung from side to side, even with me holding on to her. She was still enjoying herself (as much as you do through your fright on rides at an amusement park LOL) tho, until we get to the covered "bridge" and then you DROP into the ground. Oh wow! She did NOT like that part. At. All. I can't much blame her really, it is pretty terrifying, dropping into the ground like that but I just warned her ahead of time and told her she'd be ok. Once through that part and she was D.O.N.E Luckily, the ride is over at that point anyway, so she got her wish. When I asked if she had fun, she said no but then when I asked, jokingly of course, if she wanted to do it again she yelled YES. Haha! That's my girl!

After that, we continued on our path to meet Leslie and Kathleen. After a few fits and starts, we finally met up. McKayla was pretty excited to see them and had been bugging us since I'd told her they were coming if they were there yet and when we'd get to see them and what if they'd beat us and so on and so on. LOL Kathleen then took the girls (my niece, her niece and McKayla) to the Dodge City Bumper Cars ride while I chilled out in the shade for a few and John and Leslie went to get drinks.

I'm going to interject with one of my brief complaints about Six Flags now. Just bear with me. :-)

Ok, so let me set the stage:

It's 80+ degrees on blacktop pavement. The park as been opened now for a little over almost two hours. It's hot and people have been walking all over the park. Water fountains are few and far between and the coke machines charge you about $4 for a 20 oz bottle. Ridiculous! 

So, on our way to meet Leslie and Kathleen, John and I stop at one of the drink stations throughout the park, only to be told they're still closed. What?! Are you serious!? It's hot out and the park has been opened for quite some time now and you're closed?!

When we finally meet up with Leslie and Kathleen and Kathleen takes the girls to the Bumper Cars and John and Leslie go off to find drinks, they (John and Leslie) have to try SEVERAL drink stations before they finally find one open.

I'm still dumbfounded that they wouldn't already be open.

Oh well, on to the rest of my story. :-D

After everyone had their drinks, we tried to decide on our plan of action. We (John, McKayla and I) had all day as John had Monday (today) off but Kathleen and Leslie weren't as free with their schedule. We all decided that we REALLY wanted to go to Hurricane Harbor before they closed (6pm) but we wanted to hit a few of the water rides on the way.

So we hit Log JamboreeSplashwater Falls and Thunder River. McKayla was a little nervous at first, considering her last experience with Dahlonega Mine Train but then Kathleen told her to remember that God was watching over her and that she'd be safe. She was braver after that. :-) We got wet on all the rides, which is kind of the point LOL, but John got SOAKED on Splashwater Falls b/c he was sitting behind Leslie and she ducked at the last minute........he got the full brunt of the water. Haha! He grumbled a bit afterwards but I don't think he was too bothered by it. :-) It was McKayla's turn to get soaked on Thunder River when her and Leslie went backwards toward the waves breaking.......she was dripping for the rest of the afternoon LOL

We also rode the Sky Buckets to get from one end of the park to another. Well, all of us except for John. He ended up skipping that ride and met us as the end point.

After riding those, it was time to head to Hurricane Harbor. John and I had brought our bathing suits into the park with us (Hurricane Harbor requires bathing suits), while Kathleen and Leslie had left theirs in their car. So we parted ways and planned on meeting back at the wave pool.

We head to Hurricane Harbor only to encounter a MASSIVE crowd outside the gates. SO many people were standing around and I started asking what was going on. Finally someone told me that they weren't letting anyone into Hurricane Harbor b/c they were at capacity. Ugh. We'd deliberately waited til we were done with the rides and the hottest part of the day to cool off and now we can't get in. :-(

So we decide we can't stand there in the heat and decided to head to shade. We end up running into Leslie and Kathleen and tell them what I'd found out. Kathleen decides to try anyway as she'd seen quite a few swimming suit clad people heading away. John and I bounce back and forth on what to do and then I decide, what the heck, let's give it another shot.

This time, the crowd isn't quite so large and it's moving. There's a good sign! We end up in the wrong line somehow, mainly b/c it was just a blob of people and no real line, but luckily we were able to just meld into the group and get through the first gate. Yes, there ended up being TWO gates. :-P. We finally make it to the 2nd gate and then we're in! McKayla and I head to the changing rooms while John goes to get us a locker. Once we're done, John changes while I put up the rest of our stuff in our locker.

Then the unthinkable happens.

Our locker won't lock.

Not good. Not good at all.

I stay with the locker (that has our money, bank cards, car know, important stuff we don't want anyone else to get) while John goes off to find a worker.....easier said then done sometimes. Finally he finds someone and they punch in a few numbers and it's working. Yes!

After that, we head to Calypso Bay Wave Pool! The ONLY thing I wanted to do at this point b/c I was exhausted. I was burning up and had a massive headache and I knew that once I got in that water, I'd feel better almost immediately.

Well, they weren't letting anyone in.


They were doing some sort of test but it's over quickly and they sound the bell for us to get in.

Oh what sweet relief!

It was so nice being in that nice, cold water and McKayla had a blast with the waves coming at her. John was holding her and he'd pick her up each time a wave hit. She told him to stop picking her up and he explained why he was doing it. She still insisted he stop, so the next wave hit and you can imagine what happened. Her head went under water and she comes up gasping but laughing. She also didn't ask Daddy to stop picking her up anymore. LOL

We stayed there for quite awhile but then they kicked us out again b/c they were fixing to close. (I'm still dumbfounded they close the water park at 6 when the main park doesn't close till 9 on Sundays.) We head over to where Leslie is (she had ended up getting out of the wave pool b/c her so-called waterproof case for her phone wasn't so waterproof :-( ) John, McKayla, Kathleen and the girls, then head over to Paradise Island while I sit to chit-chat with Leslie.

They didn't stay gone long as the water park was closing and when I see them coming back, McKayla is ALL smiles. She tells me, rather proudly and excitedly that she went down the BIG slide all by herself! She had wanted to go down with Daddy but they (workers) wouldn't let her, so she was brave and did it. She ended up getting turned around in the slide tho and landed head first in the water but that didn't seem to faze her one bit. :-)

After that, it was time to part ways with Leslie and Kathleen as they needed to head home and we needed to go ride Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster as we had promised McKayla we'd go ride it before we left. It was the only coaster she could ride last time, so she knew she liked it and even defended it against Daddy when he called it a stupid ride. LOL

So we head over to it and get in line only for McKayla to say she needed to potty. We ask if she can wait, she says she can. A few minutes later it's apparent that she CAN'T wait any longer so we head to the bathrooms. On the way back (and the only reason I mentioned the potty break LOL), I hear the distinct sound of thunder in the distance. Uh oh. That's not good.

We get in line for the 2nd time and proceed to wait, all the while, hearing the thunder get louder and louder.

Then it happens.

They shut the ride down.

What a bummer.

We had promised McKayla from the beginning that we'd ride the Canyon Blaster. She'd been telling Daddy how much fun it was and how fast it went and she was sooooo excited that Daddy would be riding it with her this time and then we can't.

She handled it surprisingly well. Of course there were a few tears but once we explained WHY we couldn't ride it and we reminded her that we had the Season Pass tickets so we COULD come back again, she was better.

It was getting close to closing time and we weren't really sure what else we could do, so as we're wandering around aimlessly, who do we run into again?

Why Aunt Leslie and Kathleen and the girls!

They hadn't left yet AND they (the girls) both had on cool capes! They had "won" them in a water game. Kathleen's niece had actually won her cape (it was "fancier") but everyone who participates gets a cape.

Well that did it. THAT'S what we were going to do next.

So we said goodbye, again, for the last time, to Aunt Leslie and Kathleen and begin our hunt for an ATM machine. After getting thrown in circles, we finally find one, gasp at the surcharge and get some cash out.

We head to the first water game that had capes as prizes and make it just in time. McKayla sits down and gets prepared to "battle". The object of the game is to aim the stream of water from your gun at the target to fill up the tube. The first one to fill up the tube, wins. The bell sounds and McKayla is ready. I thought I'd have to help her hit the target but she proved me wrong and came in a close 2nd and I mean a CLOSE 2nd, maybe even a tie it was so close. She was happy tho and picked out a pretty pink Superwoman cape and proudly wore it around.

After that, John tried to find where they had the Giant Scoobys as prizes to try and win me one but we never could find them. So we just started hitting the shops, telling McKayla that she could pick out something cheap (haha! Cheap. At an amusement park? I crack myself up. Haha.) We go to a few stores before McKayla finally settles on a cute little stuffed Penguin and while we're heading to the check-out, I find this adorable little multi-colored polkadot Unicorn. Then she decides she doesn't want the Penguin she wants the Unicorn, so now we have matching ones. :-)

Even with the heat, the problems with the drink stations and the filled to capacity issue at Hurricane Harbor, it was a blast! We all had such a GREAT time. It was so nice being out and spending the time together. Being able to hang out with Aunt Leslie, Kathleen and the girls made it even better.

Sadly, I didn't get a single picture at the park. You'll just have to trust me that we had fun. I will share the picture I took in the car tho. We're heading home and had only been in the car a few minutes when I looked back at McKayla and saw this. My phone was dead, so I snatched John's so I could take the picture. I shared it on Facebook along with this caption:

"Busy day for a little girl at Six Flags. Leaving with a Superwoman cape she won, a stuffed unicorn (I got one too LOL), her own Six Flags cup and a lifetime of memories." 

I think that about sums the day up.


  1. Replies
    1. Ours too! :-) And now that McKayla is old enough (and more importantly; TALL enough), I hope to go more often! :-D

  2. Sounds like a great day together!!! I've never been to Six Flags before, but I have been to a really big, really awesome water park before that I can't remember the name of lol. It was so much fun! It's way more enjoyable (to me) when I can get in the water all day and not bake on the pavement lol.

    1. I absolutely love going to Six Flags and having Season Passes makes it so much easier (cheaper too!). I hate the hot pavement feel too but it's worth it occasionally. :-D


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