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ABC's Of Me

I ran across this on a friend's blog, Living a Farmer's Life and thought it'd be fun to play along. :-)

A. Age: 
Mid 30's
B. Bed Size:
A comfy Queen pillow top mattress on a 4 poster bed. This sucker is so big, I almost have to literally jump into bed.....doesn't help that I'm only about 5'2" Haha.

Yup, that would be my Dane, standing on his
hind legs at my bed. The top of the mattress
comes up to my hips, hence the reason I
almost have to jump in bed. LOL

C. Chore you hate:
That would have to be cleaning the bathrooms. With a teenager and a 5 year old, that makes for some messy bathrooms. Ugh.


D. Dogs:
Rio, 3 year old Blue Great Dane and Katie, a 12ish year old Boxer-Pit mix.

E. Essential start to your day:
Well, now that McKayla is on Summer Break, there really isn't a pattern. McKayla wakes me up about 8 or so, we go to the living room and she picks out the cereal she wants and then I chill in the recliner, playing/reading on my phone while I wake up and she eats. I eventually eat.....something for breakfast and then start tidying up the house.

Sometimes we lay in bed in the morning and
watch T.V.

F. Favorite color: 
Purple. Hands down. Any shade of purple. From light, almost pink to dark and every shade in between. :-)


G. Gold or Silver:
I'd have to say Gold. I think Silver is pretty but most of my jewelry is Gold and I just have a hard time meshing the two together and making it look good. LOL


H. Height:
5'2"......Yup, I'm a shorty LOL


I. Instruments that you can play:
Not a single one. I used to play the recorder in grade school tho. Haha. I'd LOVE to learn how to play a guitar or drums one day tho. :-)


Apparently whoever created/started this ABC's Of Me couldn't think of a J theme so I'll throw the first J word that comes to mind: Jesus. My Lord and Savior. Without him, I am nothing.


K. Kids:
2! Chris, who's almost 16 years old and McKayla, who's 5 years old.

L. Live:


M. Mom's Name:


N. Nicknames:
Oh wow, this could prove difficult. Let's see, there's JerJer, Jefner, Jerfer, Georgiafer, FerFer, JenJen, Jenny, Jen and I think that's about it. Oh, my nephew called me GunkGunk for awhile when he was younger.....I have NO idea how he got GunkGunk out of Jennifer but that's what it sounded like he was saying. LOL

O. Overnight Hospital Stays:
Well, if you count giving birth to 2 kids, then yes, I've had overnight stays but not for anything else.
P. Pet Peeve:
Hmmmm. I have quite a few, mainly related to driving. One is people who insist on staying in the left-hand lane, the PASSING lane and won't get over for faster moving traffic. Another is people not using exit/entrance ramps to the freeway properly and probably the last one is the overall 'I don't care about you' attitude of the drivers today. It's only them on the road, so who cares if they inconvenience you. :-P

Q. Quirk:
Ummm, I have OCD so, well, that means I have a LOT of quirks, unfortunately. Dishes in the dishwasher have to go an exact way and I don't like it when anyone else in the house loads the dishwasher. Clothes have to be hung up exactly right; my clothes on the right, facing the center and John's on the left, facing the center. There's even an order how they're hung according to article of clothing but I won't go into details LOL When I use this one towel we have in the shower (it has flowers printed on it), I can NOT wrap my hair in the towel with the printed side facing in, I HAVE to turn it around where the print faces out. I have to have certain pens for certain tasks and have been known to throw away something b/c I didn't like my handwriting or the way the pen was writing. I think I'll stop here but sadly there are a LOT more quirks. LOL

That link goes to Pinterest with a LOT more
OCD funnies, pretty much all which I can
relate to, too. LOL

R. Righty or Lefty:


S. Sibling:
One, a younger brother. 


T. Time you wake up:
Usually around 8 or 9am, that's when I don't HAVE to get up. When McKayla was in school, I was getting up at 6:30.


U. Underwear:
Do I wear underwear? What kind? A little personal but yes, I wear underwear, no one needs to know the style or kind tho. LOL


V. Vegetables you dislike:
Are peas a vegetable? LOL I DESPISE peas. They're disgusting little mush filled balls. The smell, the taste, the texture just sends me running. Blech. Nasty little things.

W. What makes you run late:
Usually myself and contrary to popular belief, I HATE running late. I HATE making people wait for me but I can never seem to make it on time. I joke that I'll be late to my own funereal LOL.


X. X-Rays:
I guess this is asking if I've had X-rays. I have. Your normal dental X-rays but I also had to have X-rays of my left wrist when I fell off a horse and me knee when I had a pool table fall on it.


Y. Yummy food you make:
That'd probably be my One Bowl Brownies. I can't take credit for the recipe as I found it on the back of the Baker's Dozen Chocolate bars but oh my my, they are delicious! Other than that, I'm just not much of a cooker.


Z. Zoo Favorite Animal:
Haha. Well, that's ONE way to get in a Z topic, think I so. ;-). That's a hard one. I like all the zoo critters for different reasons. If I had to pick one or two, it'd probably have to be the big cats; lions, tigers, cheetahs, that sort and then Giraffes and Elephants. I like the Zebras and Rhino's and Meerkats and the Pandas and monkeys. Oh fudge, I can't pick a favorite, I like them all! LOL


Phew! That was harder than I expected it to be! Sorry for all the photos, but you know me! I can't help myself. LOL

I'd love for y'all to try it out and if you do, either comment with your answers or just link back to your blog in the comment section.


  1. Oh my gosh I only vaguely remember doing this!!! I wonder if I can find it again to see what I wrote.... I loved reading your answers! So fun! I'm 5'11" so I would absolutely love how tall you bed is lol. I used to have a tall one, but we left it at the old house when we moved so I have a regular height one now and I'm sooooo bad about flopping hehehe. Thanks for playing along. I'm going to go see if I can find where I posted this to see what I wrote. :D

    1. I found where I posted this (love the search feature they added to blogs!) and it had me cracking up! I sounded hyper that day LOL!! Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. It cheered me up. :D

    2. It was pretty fun doing, if not a little harder than I expected. Haha. I had meant to actually link directly to your ABC post but for whatever reason, I didn't. LOL


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