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Pre-K Graduation!

Back the middle of May was McKayla's graduation from Pre-K. I can't believe the year is already over. I can't believe my baby is done with her first year of school. :-(

Anyway, I can't stop her from growing up (as much as I'd like to), but I CAN make the best of it, enjoy it and make memories.

Like making something for her teachers. I had wanted to get them something but didn't know what. I bounced around a few ideas with McKayla......she wanted to get them earrings or a necklace.......and finally settled on a home-made, one of a kind gift.

We went to the store and McKayla picked out the picture frames she wanted. We then came home and got to work......well, she did, I just took pictures. :-D

Peaches supervised. :-D

Can you guess what she's making? :-)

Ms. Pam's card and picture.

Ms. Kesha's card and picture.

The proud artist and her creations. :-)

The next day was her Pre-K graduation. They were singing a couple of songs and getting dismissed early. I got a video* but can't get it to load. :-(

After getting their certificates, the "party" was over but of course we had to get pictures with her teachers and a few of her friends (her best friend had left early, so I didn't get a picture of them together :-( ).

I apologize for the creepy, blurry faces but I didn't want to share without permission and since I can't GET that permission, the only thing I could do was to blur their faces out.

Ms. Pam

Ms. Kesha

McKayla and Jayln

Vanessa and McKayla

McKayla and Levi

*Now for my rant, as I don't know how else to end this:

The party was supposed to start at 12. I left the office at 11:30 which normally gives me enough time to get to her school. I had a few issues with traffic but made it to the school about 5 minutes till 12. I pull in the circle to park and there's a car parked in the MIDDLE of the circle where I can't get past. Ugh. So I have to back WAY up to make it around the other side and end up squeezing in between the mobile doctor clinic and another car (why can't people parallel park correctly? Don't take up 2 parking spots, please.). I jump out, grab my camera and go running to her class. Open the door........only to hear clapping b/c they'd finished their last song and were handed their certificates. I missed it. ALL of it. :-(. They had started the performance 15 or so minutes early b/c the kids were getting antsy. Ugh. I HATE that I'd missed McKayla singing and she did question but luckily she was forgiving. One of the Mom's took pity on me and tagged me in the video on FB, so at least I have THAT. Just wished I could've seen the real deal.

Oh well, she still enjoyed herself and was grinning from ear to ear. She's absolutely adorable on the video. She was belting out those songs. They sang the ABC song and the counting song. The counting song goes kinda like this:
"One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Four, five, six.
Four, five, six."
So on to 10.
They sing that twice and then switch to Spanish:
"Uno, dos, tres.
Uno, dos, tres.
Cuatro, cinco, seis.
Cuatro, cinco, seis".
And so on to diez.

They sing THAT twice too. Well, on the second "verse" of the Spanish part, no one was singing at first.....except McKayla. She remembered how it went and got the rest of the class back on track. She was a little nervous at first and afraid she'd messed up, when she'd realized she was the only one singing at first but quickly glowed in the applause and the high fives afterwards when everyone praised her.

My baby is officially a Kindergartner now and I'm not ready but I'm embracing it and going to enjoy every minute of it.


  1. Wow that really sucks that you missed it, but I'm glad you have the video! I guess there are worse things. :) Congrats to McKayla on graduating and she did a great job on the cards and pictures.

    P.S. I blur faces too. I don't feel right posting pictures of people without their permission because I wouldn't like it if someone posted one of me.

    1. Yeah, it sucks I missed it but you're right, there are worse things. :-)

      Exactly. I hate not sharing the pictures of McKayla b/c she's so cute in them but not getting permission makes it difficult. Blurring their faces makes everyone happy. ;-)

  2. Oh and I forgot, that's a really gorgeous cat!!

    1. Haha! Thanks! That's our fuzz-butt Peaches. We don't see her often.....pretty aloof.....but when she wants to be with you, she's literally RIGHT in your face (or in your way as with McKayla LOL).

  3. Oh, I'm sorry you missed the party! What a bummer. I can imagine how disappointed you were - especially when you made such an effort to get there on time. (And by the way, don't get me started on bad parking. ARGH! I hate those selfish people who hog two spaces...)

    It sounds like McKayla did so wonderfully and you must be so proud of her. She made gorgeous gifts for her teachers. I think DIY gifts are the most precious anyway - anybody can go out and buy something but it takes time & effort & thought (& heart!) to make something yourself. I just love that picture of Peaches helping, by the way! :-)


    1. Thanks Hsin-Yi! I just hope that next time, they'll start the party at the time they state so that the next parent doesn't miss this milestone. I guess I'm over it now, I can't change what happened and McKayla isn't upset, so we're all good. :-) And yes, bad parking is a HUGE pet peeve of mine......especially the soccer moms in their giant SUV's taking up more space than they need to b/c they don't know how to park it LOL

      I AM proud of her! She went from a shy, quiet girl to an outgoing, loud (but a good loud LOL) girl. Ready to try new things. :-) I like DIY gifts too. So simple to do but can mean so much to someone. :-)

      Yup, Peaches is a helper, well, kind of........LOL


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