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Watch Out Road! Chris is Driving Age!

Ack! Scary thought.

And while we're on the subject of him turning 16 (!!); when the heck did THAT happen??!!

Just a couple of days ago, he was so small and tiny, he fit in my arms! Now tho, he towers over me and can literally look down at me.

Oh well.

Can't really do anything about his age but for the height problem, I guess I could wear 12 inch heels around him. Haha.

This past Saturday was his birthday. On Wednesday we took a trip to Six Flags as his big gift. He was quite alright with that gift. :-)

I didn't take many pictures and the few I did get were crappy cell phone pics. So, as most of my Six Flags posts work out, it'll be links to the rides with a few pictures scattered throughout. :-D

First ride we rode was the Dahlonega Mine Train. Chris and I got to ride first, so I was able to get a picture of John and McKayla.....well, McKayla was too tiny to see and she was also hunkered down next to Daddy.....apparently she didn't care much for the ride during the ride, but once it was over, she talked about how much fun it was. LOL

The red arrow is pointing at John.

Then it was Splashwater Falls. McKayla, once again, was freaking out before we even got on but once it was over, she was screaming how awesome it was LOL Then the kids had to hang out on the bridge to see if they could get even wetter, while John and I stayed a safe distance back. LOL

We spent several hours at Hurricane Harbor, swimming in Calypso Bay and playing at Paradise Island.

We rode Dodge City Bumper Cars twice. Both times McKayla drove with me riding and Chris in his own car....trying his darnedest to reach us and hit us LOL

Chris and I rode Ninja while John and McKayla headed to get lunch. We met up with them after the ride.

We took a ride on the old time Hanson Cars. Chris and McKayla both wanted to drive but when it came down to getting in the car, McKayla quickly decided she just wanted to ride and wanted to be in the front seat. Chris drove and I think he thought it was another version of Bumper Cars, the way he kept bouncing off the metal track LOL

After Hanson Cars, McKayla, Chris and I rode Up, Up and Away. (And WHY do I always get stuck sitting backwards on those durn things! I swear they change the direction all the time. LOL)

We FINALLY got to ride Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster this time too! The line took forever and if we hadn't promised McKayla we'd ride it (after last times fiasco), we would have left b/c by that time we were all exhausted.....well, John and I were, the kids were still running. LOL

After that, the last ride for Chris and McKayla was Tweety's Swings and only b/c it was right by the bathrooms and just happened to be waiting for more people before the ride started. LOL

At one point, the kids played a game where you squirt water at a target and the winner who fills up the tube the fastest is the winner. The winner has their choice of any cape and all the players get their choice of a few styles.

Guess who won?


She was ecstatic and went on for quite awhile about how excited and happy she was that "she finally won!". She picked out a cool black Batman (girl?) cape with a pink, sparkly, padded bat symbol as her winning prize and Chris picked out a neon green cape with a bright orange bat symbol.

We also took them shopping and Chris found a black helicopter that reminded him of Transformers and McKayla got a girl action figure.

It was a great birthday celebration and both kids were fast asleep within minutes of heading down the freeway. :-)

On Saturday, we didn't do anything fancy for his birthday, but I did take him to Toys R Us where we met Grandpa. Chris picked out Bewilderbeast, Cloudjumper, another Toothless (this one glows blue in his belly like in the movie when he was fighting the Bewilderbeast) and a couple packs with mini-dragons. He was pretty happy with his haul.

McKayla also suckered Grandpa into buying her an Anna and Elsa (from Frozen) backpack with matching lunch box AND b/c of a deal they had, another lunchbox, this time Spongebob and Patrick and then a pack of diapers for her Baby Alive doll.

Chris didn't mind his sister getting stuff too b/c he got a LOT more than she did. :-D and he made me proud when he mentioned that he understood that she was little and wanted stuff too and it was ok. <3

Happy birthday Chris! I wish you all the best and hope ALL your dreams come true! Love you!


  1. Happy birthday Chris!! Sound like a great birthday! Those old cars on tracks are hard to drive! I bounced it off the tracks a lot too and I've been driving for years lol!

    1. Yeah they are but I still have to give him grief every time he asks to drive my car. ;-) LOL


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