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Furry Friday ~ Birds

This week's installment doesn't include my personal pictures but those that my very dear friend, Vanessa shared with me specifically for Furry Friday. And it's a good thing too b/c I was at a loss of what I'd share! LOL So thanks Sis! You saved my hide on my own blog! Haha

She took these pictures while on a fishing trip on Lake Texana and Guadalupe River. And she got some ah-MAZ-ing shots!

Thanks again for saving my hide Sis! LOL

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last week I was nominated by my friend Tiffiny to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I had seen the challenges making the rounds on FB and saw it come closer and closer to me but was still shocked when I got nominated.

Enjoy the laughter I invoke by me apparently not capable of talking without blinking numerous times or moving my hands and fingers in weird ways.....guess I was slightly nervous LOL And get a kick out of McKayla performing the "challenge" too, although hers had hot water with ice so by the time she dumped it, it was lukewarm LOL

If you're not familiar with the origin of the Ice Bucket Challenge, here's a good video to watch. Warning, tho, it IS about 7 minutes long.

If you're like me, you'd heard of ALS (aka Louis Gehrig's disease) before but didn't realize how many people were actually affected by it.
Here are a few facts from the ALS website:

It is estimated that ALS is responsible for nearly two deaths per hundred thousand population annua…

Back To School ~ The 70's vs Today, A Lot Has Changed

I found this over on Wide Lawns Blog and she graciously gave me permission to share it. I found it quite accurate. ☺

Back to School in the 70's 1. Take the kids downtown to go shopping at Sears for back to school clothes the last week of August. Get everyone a new pair of corduorys and a striped tee shirt. Buy the boys a pair of dungarees and the girls a pair of culottes. No, Jennifer, you can't have that orange and red poncho. Promise you will crochet her a better one with more fringe. Get the girls a package of that rainbow, fuzzy yarn they like in their hair. You are done. You have spent a total of $43.00. Now take everyone to Woolworth's lunch counter for grilled cheeses and chocolate milk.

2. On the night before the first day of school (that would be the Sunday night after Labor Day, of course. You know, mid-September) throw the kids in the way back of the station wagon and drag them downtown to Eckerds, K-Mart, Ames, Dollar General, Drug Fair or the like and hurry them …

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a whirlwind of activities and fun:
Princesses Ice cold water Italian food A great sermon and Awana's
just to name a few of the "highlights".
Friday evening I participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but you'll have to wait for the video for that......if blogger cooperates that is. :-)

Saturday was a day for Princesses.
Saturday morning, dresses, make-up and up-do's abounded. A birthday party fit for a princess with tea and cupcakes and ballroom dancing. (But you'll have to wait till another post for details.) :-D
Saturday evening was spent at one of my favorite restaurants, Provino's, for a birthday celebration (mine if you're asking :-D). John stayed home with the kids, so it was just me, Dad, my brother and one of their friends, Clyde. I was also surprised with a cake when I got home that John and McKayla made for me. <3

On Sunday we had a sermon on phone wasn't cooperating with me, so I wasn't able…

Furry Friday ~ Making The Bed

This morning, while trying to make the bed, I encountered a very large problem. Making the bed on a normal day is a big undertaking in itself b/c it's such a big bed, which takes large covers and there's no just reaching across to fix and/or fluff, so I'm walking back and forth around the bed.
Add in a 120+ lb unmovable object and the bed making process turns into a feat of strength that only the likes of Paul Bunyan could weld.
You do the best you can, covering the object with the blankets and then grabbing the camera to document the occasion (but also so you'd have something for your Furry Friday post). :-D

Guess I'll finish making the bed later........
(Feel free to join me on Furry Friday's with pictures of YOUR furry friends and they don't even have to be furry! They can be feathered or scaly or bald. Furry Friday's does not discriminate LOL Just link back to my Furry Friday's using the picture or just typing out my blog name. Hopefully…


Between school, work, children's choir, Awana's, possibly gymnastics AND Girl Scouts, doctors appointments and scheduled maintenance for the Kia. Factor in regular housework; dishes, clothes (and the fact my washing machine crapped out the other day hasn't helped but it has since be fixed) and packing lunches, checking backpack, getting baths taken care of, dogs cared for and countless other things I can't think of right now.

Yeah, I'm a bit frazzled and this is just the first full week of school! 
I'm in trouble.

Call Me Maybe

I ran across this post on The Diaries of a Wimpy Mom blog and being a Mom, I could really relate and had to share.

Oh, and cause I'm a horrible blogger of late and can't seem to come up with my own material (well....that's not necessarily true, I do have a lot of material, just none "ready" to share LOL).



Alright DIARY,

     These past few days I've been a little overwhelmed by kids. I thought I'd re-write Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" to something that is a bit more........fitting for moms.......(Here's the official video in case you need to get the tune in your head first. Good luck getting it OUT when you're done!)

I fell in love with a man, So cute, and he had a tan, Just sporting his black Ray Bans, And now I have his babe.
A little intercourse leads, To a hefty pregnancy, Nine months of pure misery, And now I have his babe.
Your lovin' got me, Long kiss, stole my heart key. Now I am a mommy, Where you think you'r…

Furry Friday ~ Katie

Vanessa, who commissioned the graphite portrait of Rio for me, has been truly amazing and gifted me with another graphite portrait, this time of Katie. <3
Of course, I have to pick a picture I want Catherine to do, which is easier said than done. Haha
This picture has always been my favorite of her. I love the paws crossed, the head tilt and the fact that she actually has her ears perked up. My only "issue" with this picture is that her eyes are closed. In a way it adds to the overall picture but I want to see those beautiful eyes. 

So, I proceeded to take pictures of Katie the other day, in hopes of getting one that would be perfect for the graphite portrait:

As you can tell, she wasn't very cooperative and probably wondered why Mom kept pointing the flashy thingy in her face....especially when she was trying to sleep.
I like each picture, for different reasons, but none seemed suitable for the graphite portrait. Maybe b/c I was trying to hard.
I ended up asking Cath…

Throwback Thursday ~ Then and Now

(This isn't too far of a Throwback but seems fitting for what's on my mind today.)

This is McKayla, the day she was born. So small. So tiny.
And this is McKayla today. Her 3rd day of Kindergarten and her 1st day of walking into school by herself.
Every day this week, I've asked her if she wanted to eat breakfast at home or at school, if she wanted to eat cafeteria food or me pack her lunch and if she wanted me to go with in her inside the school or if she wanted me to drop her off.
Tuesday (her first day), she wanted to eat breakfast at home, eat cafeteria food and me go inside the school with her. I did and helped her find where she needed to go......students wait in the gym until it's time to go to class. (The first week or so, the Kindergarten teachers come to the gym to get the kids but once they get in the groove, they'll walk by themselves to their classrooms).
Wednesday, she wanted to eat breakfast at school, me pack her lunch and to go inside with her. We f…

1st Day of Kindergarten

If you couldn't tell by the title or the above picture, today was McKayla's first day of kindergarten.  :-D 

6:30 came early this morning as it was about 10pm before McKayla went to bed last night. She tried every trick in the book to stay awake. I knew it was from sheer excitement and she eventually fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

And I should clarify, *I* had a hard time waking up this morning (almost to the point of being late b/c I turned the alarm off instead of snoozing it. Oops!), McKayla, however, was up after only the second time of calling her name.

She ate a couple spoonfuls of cereal and said she was done and ready to go to school. She was literally dancing through the house as I gathered my stuff and she all but pushed me out the door. LOL

For this first week, I told her that I'd walk with her to the gym and sit with her until her Teacher came to get her. I'm not quite ready to let her go by herself yet, but I'll have to soon.

Her Teacher, very swee…

New Patio

John and I had been wanting a patio of sorts, with a fire pit and chairs and such. Just a nice place to sit outside and enjoy afternoons.

As those of you who have been to our house know, there's not a whole lot of flat yard around our house. You really need flat when you're building a fire pit and adding chairs and swings.......otherwise, you'd need to level everything (and make it look right) and that starts costing some $$$$$.

The only "flat" part of our yard is up beside the house on the upper driveway side. Problem was, we had a kennel we had borrowed from a family member and a dog house we'd had for years, sitting in that spot. I've been trying to get the family member to come get their kennel (and the dog house too) but it's proving to be just as difficult to get rid of as the excavator LOL.

With the road crew working around the neighborhood the last month, I took advantage of the piles of rocks they had laying around. I asked them one day what …