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Furry Friday ~ Happy Halloween!

So I'm kinda cheating on this Friday's installment of Furry Friday. I didn't dress up the dogs this year (actually, I've never dressed Katie up), so I'll be sharing one of Rio's old costumes. 

So now that my guilt about not really having anything for Furry Friday, let's continue on with the rest of the post: our melted-crayon-pumpkin. :-D

A couple of weeks ago, at our monthly Mom's Nurturing Moms night at Church, we had pumpkin crafts. We could make jar lid pumpkins, or they had real pumpkins we could decorate with glow in the dark paint or with crayons. I was originally going to do the glow in the dark paint but by the time I got over there, the paint was all gone, so I was left with the melted crayons. Melting the crayons takes awhile and we were running out of time, so I just glued the crayons on and figured McKayla could help me the next that's what we did!

This isn't a tutorial but it's a simple thing to do: break crayons in…

Throwback Thursday ~ 10 years

This Halloween season marks 10 years that John and I have been together. We met early October and had one of our first dates at a Haunted House....well, technically it's called the Haunted Caverns.....but who's taking notes LOL

So for this weeks Throwback Thursday entry, I thought I'd share a picture from our Haunted Cavern date.

Notice the stalagmites coming out of Johns pants? Haha His shirt was the same color as the green screen LOL We probably wouldn't have bought a picture but we just had to after seeing that. :-)

It's been an amazingly, wonderful 10 year journey with this amazing man. He's kind, loving and generous. He's an awesome dad and step-dad. He's my best friend and I thank God everyday for putting him in my life (maybe one day I'll tell you how we involves 'cruisin the strip' and a gas station parking lot LOL). I look forward to the next 10+ years of happiness with the love of my life. <3

Brief Hiatus and an Explanation of Sorts

I disappeared there for about a month or so and I'm sorry. I just hit this.........funk. I have/had a couple drafts wrote up and then time passed and what I was going to post about was 'old news' and I just couldn't post about them with so much time gone and I couldn't shake it.

Many of you know by now that I have a slight form of OCD. It rears it's ugly head from time to time on my blog (and other places but that's irrelevant here). I HAVE to post about things within just a day or so of them happening, otherwise it seems pointless to even blog about it.


I haven't the foggiest idea.

I just know that if I wait too long, it's too late to post it. The magic is gone or another similarly stupid idea pops in my head and convinces me it's too late.

I know that sounds ridiculous and I try to tell myself that it doesn't really matter WHEN I post about a specific event, just as long as I do. Most of the time that works, I convince myself that it&…