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Furry Friday ~ Zoo Trip Part II

*Picture Heavy*
Last Friday I shared the "good" pictures from our trip to the Knoxville Zoo. They're the "good" ones b/c they were taken with my actual Nikon camera. Sadly, some idiot (me) didn't bother to charge said camera the night before and so the battery quickly died. That resulted in the remaining pictures having to be taken with a boring ole cell phone. LOL
So with all that said, these pictures may not be as crystal clear as the first set, but here you go anyway. ☺
I was really disappointed the batteries died when they did b/c these owls were just too far away to get good clear shots, but I did the best I could.

We see these next critters all the time but they're still too adorable to NOT take pictures of. LOL

They had a cute little Kids Cove, a play area that I don't remember being there when I took Chris years ago (he was probably around McKayla's age when he went and he's 16 now). They had a Petting Zoo:

And a Parakeet/Budgie area…

Finally Home & Framed!

So with Rio's portrait done and finally receiving Katie's, it's time to have them framed and hung up! (I had to make sure I could get matching frames. LOL)
For a recap, here's Rio's:

And I know I just shared Katie's but just humor me, will ya? ☺

And here they are framed. 

John hung them up for me this weekend! Yay! I'm so in love with them. The portraits are simply gorgeous and the frames are pretty too! :-)
I am BEYOND thrilled that I finally have them! I keep walking by them and grin whenever I see them. Yeah, I'm a dork LOL That wall space has been bare since we moved here (other than the mirror) and was just waiting for something. I'd always envisioned something like the wall plant hanger things but when Vanessa commissioned Rio's and then commissioned Katie's, I knew EXACTLY where they were going and they. Look. Fantastic.!

Woot! Woot! :-D

Furry Friday ~ Zoo Trip!

*Picture Heavy*
I ended up taking WELL over 100 pictures and while I don't plan on posting every single one in this post, I DO plan on sharing just about every one of them.......just spread out through a few Furry Friday's :-).
A couple weeks ago, John surprised us with a trip to the Knoxville Zoo.
I say surprised ME b/c John is not one for taking long trips AND not one for crowds but here he was, planning a long-distance trip to a zoo that just so happened to be having a free admission weekend....the sole reason John decided to go. LOL
Surprising McKayla isn't hard LOL
So we got up early Sunday morning and eventually made our way. John's original goal was to arrive there as they opened at 10:00am in the hopes to avoid some of the traffic he was expecting. We actually made it by 10:30am but I don't think that 30 minutes would have made a difference b/c it. Was. PACKED.
The directions had given us several different routes as to avoid congestion on the interstate but …

Wordless Wednesday ~ I think I'm in Love

Yeah, Christmas came a little early for me. :-D

Weekend Wrap-Up ~ Nov. 15 & 16

After a busy, fun-filled weekend last weekend, this weekend was calm.......
I just realized I only mentioned ONE activity we did last weekend....Disney on Ice but haven't talked about our zoo trip last Sunday.
I must remedy that but you'll have to wait a little while I work on the pictures :-D
Anyway, as I said, this weekend was calm. We picked up Chris on Friday and spent Friday evening and most of Saturday working on holding the couch down LOL I did get up and work on the house a little, packing summer clothes away (who else cries a little when it's time to swap out summer for winter clothes? LOL) and working on a give away/sale box.
Sunday tho, was a little busier; McKayla was singing, along with her choir class, in the Sunday morning worship services. They sang for 2 of the services, 9:45am and 11:05am service (we have a total of 3) and she along with the rest of the kids (Kindergarten thru 5th grade) did a wonderful job. It takes a lot of willpower to be st…

Furry Friday ~ Can You Find Peaches?

Peaches has her own built-in camouflage in the fall. I "lose" her constantly this time of year.
Can YOU find her? :-)

Let me zoom in a bit and see if you can now......

Still can't?
Ok, I'll circle her this time for you. :-)

She's still difficult to see, I'll admit and the only reason *I* was able to see here was b/c she moved. LOL

Yeah, with her coloring, I lose her a lot this time of year and you can see why. :-)