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Furry Friday ~ Zoo Trip!

*Picture Heavy*

I ended up taking WELL over 100 pictures and while I don't plan on posting every single one in this post, I DO plan on sharing just about every one of them.......just spread out through a few Furry Friday's :-).

A couple weeks ago, John surprised us with a trip to the Knoxville Zoo.

I say surprised ME b/c John is not one for taking long trips AND not one for crowds but here he was, planning a long-distance trip to a zoo that just so happened to be having a free admission weekend....the sole reason John decided to go. LOL

Surprising McKayla isn't hard LOL

So we got up early Sunday morning and eventually made our way. John's original goal was to arrive there as they opened at 10:00am in the hopes to avoid some of the traffic he was expecting. We actually made it by 10:30am but I don't think that 30 minutes would have made a difference b/c it. Was. PACKED.

The directions had given us several different routes as to avoid congestion on the interstate but I don't think ANY of the ways would have been free of traffic. It was that busy. We had to sit at a traffic light for awhile b/c cars coming from the other direction were heading the same place we were and kept anyone from turning left.

Finally, traffic from the opposite direction cleared up and we were able to squeeze our way in. Then it was just a matter of following the million mile long line of cars to the parking area and then park about 100 miles from the entrance........really wished they had shuttle buses running LOL

Once we parked and made the trek to the entrance, we headed in the opposite direction of most of the people and it was smooth sailing at the beginning. Quite a few of the exhibits had throngs of people around and you had to wait your turn to see and toward the end of the day, the number of people tripled and it was asses to elbows.

At first, I had my camera but then someone (ahem, me, oops) didn't bother charging the battery, so it quickly died and I had to use my phone. The pictures aren't horrible but they clearly could have been better.


These next little guys were a PAIN in the tuckus to photograph! They were zipping all over the place and the below photos were the best I could do.

With the weather getting chilly, a few of the critters weren't out for viewing, namely the giant Tortoises but McKayla still got her picture taken with one. ;-)

Some of the exhibits made it difficult to photograph the inhabitants, but I did the best I could.

And it's about this point that my camera battery died, so I think this is a good point to stop too. :-) I still have lots more to share for next Furry Friday......unless you don't want to see anymore ;-)


  1. I want to see them all! I don't care if they are phone pictures. :D Also I LOVE otters!!! They are one of my favorite wild animals hehe.

    1. Suh-weet! Well, you're in luck b/c I took a BUNCH! LOL


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