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Weekend Wrap-Up ~ Part I ~ Oct. 31st

Did everyone have a great Halloween?
Did you dress up?
Did you dress your critters up?
What about handing out candy?

WE had a cold, wet Halloween.
WE didn't dress up but McKayla did.
I also didn't subject the dogs to dressing up this year.
And we weren't home to give out candy.

So what did we do? 
Let's start with getting ready. 
Shall we? :-)

Friday evening, while John went to get Chris, I worked on getting McKayla in her costume. She had originally wanted to be Elsa (like sooooo many other girls LOL) but we were able to convince her to be someone else. Partially due to the fact that the ONLY Elsa costume we could find, didn't fit her right. That doesn't count the costume we DID find, that fit her but it played the song "Let it Go" over and over and over. It. Would. Not. Shut. Up. Luckily it was even annoying HER, so she opted not to get it. Phew! Dodged a bullet there! LOL

Anyway, so the costume she picked out was Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High. I gave it a thumbs up b/c it wasn't inappropriate for her age (seriously! Why do we have to look for age-appropriate costumes for 5 year olds?!) and it sported my favorite color: purple. :-D It came with an awesome wig, an adorable dress with matching leggings and the CUTEST ears.

Kind of hard to smile with fangs LOL

There wasn't much that had to be done to McKayla to get her dressed but I did want to try adding a little make-up to complete the "look" (Clawdeen is a "teenager" and wears make-up LOL). So I went to Wal*mart and spent $7. That was a package that had 3 different eye shadow cases with about 6 shades of purple, mascara, eye liner, blush, nail polish, lipstick and lip gloss. I also got Halloween know the kind that are crayon like? I figured the make-up set wouldn't be a bust b/c *I* could use it......when I wear make-up....which isn't often LOL

So I apply the eye shadow, blush (whoa! That was a little too much, too rich....luckily it blended in well LOL), mascara and the lip gloss and we're done!

However, within 15 minutes, you can't even tell she has eye shadow. Bummer, but not a deal breaker. She also had vampire like teeth but she didn't like wearing those and only wore them for the photo-op.

So we head to church for the Fall Festival.

And guess what happens?



It was barely sprinkling and wasn't supposed to last long, so we figured we'd give it a shot. We get to the "overflow" parking and wait for the bus. As we're waiting, it's starts raining a tad harder but we still get on the bus when it arrives. We get to the church and they have a line where you enter your information to win something (never did figure out what it was and we obviously didn't win b/c I never heard anything LOL) and for McKayla to get her hand-stamped to get a bag of candy when we leave. While filling out the card, it was becoming increasingly difficult to write b/c the table was getting wet and therefore the card was too. I finally succeeded and we headed towards all the inflatables.

First thing McKayla saw was the Princess Tent and she made a beeline for it. I mean she put it in high gear and was OFF! LOL There were a couple girls in line in front of us and it's starting to rain harder but McKayla is adamant that she see the Princesses and get her picture taken with them. Priorities guys. Priorities LOL So she's hiding under Daddy's jacket b/c yeah, we're THAT family that goes out in the rain without an umbrella. Oops. Anyway, once it's her turn, she runs straight to Queen Elsa (should've seen THAT coming) and proceeds to tell her how she's her most favorite Princess of all and then she looks at Princess Anna and tells her that she likes her a lot too. <3 There was also Cinderella and Belle (I think....gotta brush up on my Princesses LOL) When it was time for pictures, McKayla wanted to be beside Elsa and Anna but we had her get in the center so she could get a picture with ALL the Princesses.

Guess how much the pictures cost.


Yup. Didn't have to pay a dime and I used my own camera. Suh-weet!

After that, McKayla wanted to go in the bounce houses and since that was the main reason we even went, we had her pick which one she wanted.

Now, it's STILL raining, the drops are getting bigger AND the wind is picking up.


So McKayla picks a bounce house. Gets stuck climbing in (wig was a little big LOL) but finally gets in. Stands up to jump......and immediately slips and falls b/c it's what? You guessed it; wet. That was the end of that! She climbed right back out and said she was done.

The rain isn't letting up, it's getting colder and we're just done. We JUST got there but we're already done. We get in line for popcorn and her candy and head through the church to warm up and wait for the bus.

While waiting for the bus, Clawdeen's best friend shows up! Frankie! What are the odds?! :-D

Once we got to the car, we decided to head to the mall to attempt trick or treating there, it'd certainly be warmer and dryer! LOL We waited in a few lines (and they were looonnnggg) and then McKayla decided she wanted to do the carnival style games instead.

First game was the elephant you fed a peanut too and in exchange, he gave
you candy from his trunk.

This one you head to break the "ice".

This one you had to blow up the balloon the fastest.

After that, we went to Ihop for their scary pancakes. In hindsight, it was a bad idea but we were hungry. It only took 15 minutes to get seated but it was more than an hour before we even got our food. They were short on staff and the kitchen was backed up. Food ended being pretty bad too but oh well.

Church goodies

Mall goodies

Other than getting rained out of the Fall Festival and the freezingly cold wind, it was a good Halloween. McKayla did pretty well too and had fun, that's what counts. :-)


  1. Aww too bad about the rain but I'm glad McKayla had fun!!

    1. Eh, it happens, we just make the most of it and keep on going! :-D


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