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Weekend Wrap-Up ~ Dec. 6 & 7

Phew! What a whirlwind weekend! Prepare for a picture overload (and believe me when I say that I'm not sharing even half of what I actually took LOL) and a very lengthy post but we just had an epic weekend and I had to share! ☺

On Friday, McKayla's school was having a Parent's Night Out to allow parents to do some Christmas shopping. John and I are already done with the kid's shopping (wahoo!) but McKayla still wanted to go. They had movies, games and snacks. Duh! Of course she wanted to go! LOL So we dropped her off and had a date night instead. :-D

On Saturday, we went to the mall for pictures with Santa!!! You'll have to forgive me for not sharing those right now but I don't want Meme, Grandpa or any other recipients to see them just yet. ;-) I will say that the pictures came out extremely adorable and I can't wait to share with you. ☺

Saturday night was the Christmas Parade! Yahoo! :-D

Who's ready for a LOT of pictures??? LOL

Our cop cars always make me think of a Transformer car LOL
And I have NO idea why we need one of these around here?! LOL
This little guy cracked me up. He had his hands through the bars
waving. ☺

This one cracked me up too. It was a litter truck and it really should have been at the END of the parade b/c of all the candy wrappers people threw on the ground. Ugh. Seriously people. Why? How hard is it to put the wrappers in you pockets and then throw them away later?

Hubba Hubba with these next guys! I was ready to go home with them! LOL

I really like the small town parades. The floats may not be extravagant but I still love the personal touches. ☺

I bet this "Elsa" was FREEZING up there. Poor gal!
I also really like all the old cars that roll by. ☺

Frosty was 'droppin' low' LOL
Now THIS float went all out! But, when it's made for M&M Mars, ya kinda expect it plus all the handfuls of M&M's they threw out to the crowd. LOL

The Duracell Train was pretty cool too. It had the chugging sound and steam and the smoke stack (I guess that's what it's called? LOL) blew out bubbles! 

Look! How fun looking! A tireman :-D

Of course, Santa brings up the rear of the Parade and how cool that he comes riding a horse carriage. ☺

Sadly, I was too busy checking out the beauty pulling the carriage and didn't realize til the last minute that he was pulling Mr. and Mrs. Claus! Oops!

Then we have lots and lots of ponies. :-D

It was a fun little parade. Well, it wasn't so little with over 200 "floats" but it also wasn't the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. :-D We all had a great time, even if it was a little cold and McKayla came home with a bag full of candy, so I'd say it was worth it. LOL

Sunday was a little tamer. We went to Church Sunday morning and was treated to a wonderful guitar player and then learned about all the mission trips our Church is hoping to help with in 2015. Some right here at home (US) and then some in other countries.

BUT, Sunday was also the day that McKayla got an early Christmas Present. :-D

She's been asking off and on for the last six months or so about getting her ears pierced. We've taken her to Claire's a couple of times but when we start inquiring about prices, she backs out. We weren't going to push her on the issue, so we'd leave.

Well, this past week, she's been asking just about every single day about it. So, we told her we could go this weekend. She woke up Sunday morning asking about it and we told her we'd go after Church, figuring she wouldn't mention it again.

Boy were WE wrong! First thing she did when we picked her up from Sunday School was ask if we were still going. We ended up eating with Nanny and Papaw first and she was worried she wouldn't get to get her ears pierced, but we assured her we would. After we ate, she was ready and raring to go. So we headed to the mall. Unfortunately, they only had one person working at Claire's and I was adamant that there would be TWO people to do her ears. She was visibly disappointed, to the point of almost crying she was so disappointed. So, I called the other mall and found out they'd have 2 people there all day.

So we headed home to let the dogs out, change out of our Church clothes and get the Kia. I also went ahead and applied a few drops of PanAway and Lavender to her ears and some Peace & Calming to the back of her neck for good measure. 

Once we arrived at Claire's and ask about getting her ears pierced, I figured she'd back out once again. Nope. In fact, when the lady told her to follow her to the station, McKayla hopped her little hiney right up in the chair without being asked or told to.

And as you can see, she was ALL smiles. ☺

She was calm and grinning the entire time. She sat politely and still while they marked her ears.

And then the other lady came over to help.........

And it was over with. Easy peasy as McKayla said. :-D

I'm really proud of my girl. She was perfect. Not a peep out of her. I thought she was going to cry when they first did it but she didn't. It might have been that I had told her several times that it WOULD hurt but I didn't want to lie, so the look might have been more dread/anticipation then anything.

Afterwards, we even had to go tell Santa that she'd gotten them done and I don't think her smile could've gotten any bigger when Santa gave her a thumbs up. :-D I'm also pretty sure Santa will be leaving her at least one pair of new earrings in her stocking this Christmas ;-)

She's been great with letting me clean them and even after the first night of sleeping on them, there's not been a bit of redness or tenderness. :-D I've been adding a few drops of Purification each time I clean (3 times a day) and I believe with the PanAway and Lavender before hand and then the Purification afterwards has really helped her a lot. Usually there would be some sort of irritation or least there was when *I* had MY ears pierced.

What did YOU do this weekend? I bet it wasn't as epic as ours was. :-D


  1. Wow I waited until I was fourteen to get mine pierced and it was horrible. They only had one person and I almost walked out with only one pierced, but mom convinced me to stay and get the other one done. It hurts!! Mine also took forever to heal even though I followed their directions perfectly. I wish I'd known about the lavender and other things you used. I'm so glad she got them done and that they are healing up well.

    Also your parade is awesome!!! Ours has horses, but no wagons or carriages! The six horse hitch is impressive! They are all so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. :D

    1. I was 13 before Mom let me get my ears pierced.. I don't remember them hurting bad but I DO remember having lots of problems with my left ear. I'm sooooo happy that it's worked so well for her and she has to look in the mirror everyday to see her new earrings LOL

      Weren't they gorgeous! I'm a total sucker for the draft breeds with their feathers and size. :-)


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