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Wintertime Blues


That one word describes my mood for the last several days or week. They've all kinda blended together.

Just bleh.

The sun hasn't shown it's glorious face in awhile and it's been cold. Colder than I like. Of course, I think it's cold when it drops below 70° LOL and we've had days/nights in the 30°'s and even teen digits. With no snow!!! I could handle the cold if we had snow but no, we just get cold, and rain and did I mention cold?

I know. I know. We've got it made down here in the South compared to the Northern states. Y'all are getting pummeled with snow. But y'all ALWAYS do. You're used to it. We don't get it often. It's enjoyable for us......well, me anyway. I don't have to drive in it. Haha.

So I'm cooped up in the house. Staring at the same walls. Doing the same mundane tasks of cleaning, washing dishes, laundry and all the other tasks that need to be done. (The weather doesn't have anything to do with whether or not I do household chores but they just seem even more mundane when I have to do them in the winter. Don't ask. I'm just weird I guess.)

And I'm NOT one who complains when it's 100° out and that I wish it was winter. Nope. Not me. Not in a million years. I don't like winter. Never have. It's dreary and dank and sad looking. The ONLY good things about winter are Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

So, with nowhere to go and no one to hang out with, my wintertime blues have really hit. I spend my days, after taking McKayla to school, lazing on the couch watching between those mundane tasks I mentioned above, of course.

AND I'm having to watch Katie age before my eyes. She's stumbling and falling more. She's sleeping more. She seems to be losing her bearings and body awareness.....knocking up against walls and furniture. She gets on pacing kicks were she'll just circle the couch or bar over and over. She's pretty much not housebroken anymore, not letting me know she has to go and just squatting wherever and then she's walked in it during her paces and tracked it everywhere (thank goodness for hardwood flooring). She's still eating good (although she's losing weight) and drinking good and has rare bouts of puppy energy but I'm still losing her. Nothing we can really do either, unfortunately it's just life.

So I'm just in a horrible funk. I have no energy. I don't WANT to go anywhere, even if I could. The weather has been dreary and I'm watching my girl die.

Rio knows. They used to rarely lay together, now
they do all the time.


(Sorry for the doom and gloom post. I generally try to avoid sharing these kind of posts but if I'm blogging about my life, it isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it's storm clouds and rain.)


  1. You sound so much like me it is scary (cold when it's below 70, hate winter, no sunshine, etc. all makes me sad too)! I could have written this very post last winter when I was watching Storm die right before my eyes. I'm so sorry. Dang this has me crying all over again. It still feels like yesterday sometimes, even though it's been almost a year. There is nothing you can do about it except spend as much time with her as you can. I didn't think there was any way I would know when Storm was ready to go, but I did. I'm thinking of you and Katie. *hugs* Also look into vitamin D supplements for the winter blues. Most people are deficient and even though it could never make you love winter, it does make it more bearable to take vitamin D. Hang in there girl.

    1. Thanks girl. I guess a lot of us suffer around this time of year, the monotony if it all starts getting to us. I just don't remember it ever affecting me THIS much but I also didn't have an old dog to watch die. Ugh. It's awful and I didn't mean to bring back painful memories of losing Storm. It's hard. It's life and it SUCKS. But you deal with it the best you can and keep moving on. :-)

    2. It's okay. It doesn't take someone saying something to bring it back. Just letting you know I completely understand what you're going through. If you ever need to talk you can email me. Since this year is worse than normal I would definitely check into the vitamin D deficiency. It helped me a lot. :)


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