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Furry Friday ~ Critter Tracks

McKayla and I found these tracks in our yard and while walking around the block this week. The first set had me baffled but once we got home and saw more of the same, I solved the mystery.
So let's play a little game; Can you figure out what critters made the tracks we found?

This is how I was able to figure out the first set of tracks we saw. The "odd" tracks went from tree to tree.

Were you able to figure out the animal tracks? If not, here's what they were. ☺
1-3 ~ Squirrel 4 ~ Bird 5 ~ Cat 6 & 7 ~ Squirrel 8 & 9 ~ Bird 10-12 ~ Squirrel

Pocahontas ~ A Tutorial of Sorts

I'm not a crafty Mom. Well, not like I'd like to be. I see crafts on Pinterest and blogs that Moms have done and I think "Wish I could do something like that!".
My Mom would go all out for Halloween; decorations, costumes for me and my brother and so on. I wish I could do that for MY kids.
I guess I could be crafty, anyone can but MY issue is perfectionism. I have a picture in my head of how I think a certain project should turn out. However, much like in life, that rarely happens and I get discouraged and give up.
So when McKayla was asked to pick a Historical Figure to dress up as for her school's Living History Museum at their Student-led Conferences a week or so ago, I panicked.
Picking the character was easy. Coming up with a few lines would be a little tricky but the costume part had me petrified.
She settled on Pocahontas and that's when I really started sweating.
I had about 2 weeks.
I called Party City on the off chance they'd still have costume…

Furry Friday ~ NOT A Snow Dog

(Coming in under the wire for a Furry Friday post but better late than never! ☺)
Yay! Wahoo! Whoopi!
We finally got a little bit of snow!

Sure, it'll all be melted by the time we wake up in the morning. 

The kids will be bummed.
Who am I kidding?

I'll be bummed but it is what it is living in the South.
You know who is bummed about the snow but in a totally different way?
You know who doesn't care for our little dusting of snow? 
This blue guy.

He says 'Thanks but no thanks. I'm staying right here' when asked if he wants to go out.

Then curls up into a "tiny" ball......maybe in the hopes I won't see him and make him go out.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Free To A Good Home: BAD MOUSERS!

(Clarification time: I am NOT rehoming my cats. This was meant in good humour but it IS a tad frustrating to have not one but TWO cats in the house and find evidence of a mouse in the house. Start earning your keep kitties!)

Mommy Brag Moment

Thursday of last week was Student-led parent conferences at McKayla's school.
We had to arrive earlier than other parents b/c McKayla was dressed as Pocahontas for their Living History Museum (blog post with pictures coming soon!) and she needed to show us her Data Notebook before she had to take her place outside of the classroom.
The Data Notebook shows the student's progress throughout the school year; alphabet, upper and lower case, counting to 100 by 1's, 2's and 5's. It has worksheets showing progress in adding and subtracting, writing sentences with correct punctuation, word recognition and so on.
Her teacher, we'll call her "Mrs. M.",told us that she has to have one of her students read their Data Notebook to the principal and picked McKayla b/c she could read the entire thing and knew what each section was about and she's very precise and business like about it. LOL
Now for the highlights for the conference (other than her being Pocahont…

Father/Daughter Dance

I don't often post on weekends anymore but I'm making an exception for today. Too cute NOT to share, don't want to get anymore behind AND this will avoid the "after dance" post being packed with pictures. ☺
Today is McKayla's first of many school dances. She saw the note in her school folder a week or so ago and has talked about going non stop since then. She didn't even really give Daddy a chance; he was going, whether he wanted to or not. LOL
She had a whole list of what she wanted to do to get ready for her first dance:
Paint her nails ✅Do her hair ✅Wear makeup ✅Wear a pretty dress ✅
She was also very specific on what Daddy was to wear and reminded him numerous times to not forget deodorant....why? I haven't the foggiest idea. It's not like he goes days/weeks without wearing any but she was adamant he not "forget". LOL
We succeeded with all her wishes. Went shopping earlier today for the bun mold (basically, a(n) cheaters  easy way to …

Furry Friday ~ Morning Errands

Just a bunch of blurry cell phone pics from Rio's trip with me this morning.

He refused to look at the "camera". He'd look straight ahead but the minute I turned the phone toward him, he'd turn his head. The turkey. 
But I finally succeeded in getting shots of him looking at the camera. LOL

We just went to John's work, McDonald's and the gas station but at least he got to get out for a little bit.